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Wildo1966 09-19-06 09:32 AM

Grease Rockin Rydell Edition 6.99 @ KMart (YMMV)
Hello All,

I just returned from my local Kmart. The local mall in my area has a Walmart and a Kmart, Walmart is extremely slow putting out the new release dvds so I took my business to Kmart (this Kmart is on life support, Walmart is burying it, it is very sad) and I found all their new release dvds. They had the leather jacket clad Grease Rockin Rydell dvd and it had a $14.99 price tag. I know Best Buy has it for $12.99 so I take a copy (the electronic dept. is a ghost town, not one employee anywhere) to the price check scanner and I check to see if it is on sale..WOW, it sure is on sale....$6.99 for it! I look closely and sure enough it says "Grease Rockin dvd 6.99". Needless to say I scooped a second copy and head to the nearest checkout. A nice elderly lady takes my 2 Grease dvd's, scans them and tells me the total: $14.68 with tax for 2 copies! I am not sure if this is a local screw up or what but I recommend checking any local Kmart in your area! I know Rain Man says "Kmart Sucks", but this Kmart sure did NOT suck today!

digitalfreaknyc 09-19-06 09:57 AM

I will definitely have to check this out after work. Thanks :)

pinata242 09-19-06 10:07 AM

Curse Target for having the exclusive Pink Ladies Jacket and their no PM policy :(

Wildo1966 09-19-06 10:20 AM

In all honesty I think this was a pricing mistake, the retail of the dvd is $19.99, even $9.99 would be stretching it. They had 5 or 6 copies with the new releases. The $6.99 price was not listed in the sales flyer so please call your local store if you are interested!

Spiderbite 09-19-06 12:49 PM

Originally Posted by Wildo1966
...so please call your local store if you are interested!

I think that would be a bad idea.

bhauge 09-19-06 01:14 PM

Deal confirmed at the Corvallis, OR store :) Agree with the previous poster, DON'T call the store.

digitalfreaknyc 09-19-06 01:21 PM

So what should we do? Walk up with it and see what it rings up as?

pinata242 09-19-06 01:23 PM

Originally Posted by digitalfreaknyc
So what should we do? Walk up with it and see what it rings up as?

Yeah, and walk away if you're not happy with the price.

densusano 09-19-06 01:39 PM

confirmed in RI as well...they have price scanners throughout the store which are helpful.

Wildo1966 09-19-06 02:48 PM

Yes everyone, be sure to go to the price check scanners in the store, make sure it is 6.99 before you purchase it. Does Kmart enjoy giving things away?
Sorry for the bad advise about calling Kmart, that would not be advisable!

Karman 09-19-06 03:33 PM

I picked it up this morning. My store even had a $6.99 shelf tag!

The Valeyard 09-19-06 03:38 PM

Confirmed at the Northridge, CA store.

Thanks for the 411, Wildo!

And welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

Brent L 09-19-06 03:51 PM


It looks like this is a nationwide deal. I just picked it up at the K-Mart here in Seneca.

UBFGUY 09-19-06 04:36 PM

For all those "Grease" fans in South Florida, the K-Mart in Davie on University Drive has the DVD for $6.99.

GMan2819 09-19-06 05:18 PM

Thanks for the heads up. Snagged a copy at the Fairfax, VA store. They still had 5 copies left on the shelf.

Kocheese99 09-19-06 06:26 PM

hmm i'll have to swing by tomorrow on my way to work. I already grabbed the "Pink Jacket" version at target, but these can be X-mas gifts or something.

ericn101 09-19-06 06:35 PM

Fantastic deal. Confirmed in Salem. Thanks Wildo.

Wildo1966 09-19-06 07:16 PM

Wow, I am happy so many people were able to score this bargain! I guess it was not a local Kmart mistake, I guess Kmart really wanted to undercut the other super stores! Enjoy everyone!

Pizza 09-19-06 07:19 PM

Got one in Cleveland. Thanks OP!

edstein 09-19-06 07:51 PM

:crap: I'd pay full price before I bought anything at KM. Most of those stores are nasty. Sorry for the crap.

ramivic 09-19-06 08:07 PM

Thanks OP Wildo1966 - let me tell the tale of searching for the right Kmart in Chicago. The Kmart (Sears Branded with Appliances Kmart) on Ashland and Division have a smug employee in Electronics who did not want me to leave to scan the price. He said he would do it - just after his break .... I waited - looked around and came back. He siad the price is on the front of the Grease dvd - I asked him again if either I or he can price scan it - after a large grunt - it came up as $14.99. "See I told you - the price is clearly on the package". I left.

Travelled to the second Kmart (this one is a Big "K") dirty, not converted over to Sears branding yet - the dvds were behind glass and no one to be found for help. I waited. I walked around for help. No one!!! This Kmart is located at 51st and Kedzie for those keeping track.

The last one - and I mean last Kmart I would visit - since the price of gas will start to outweigh the savings on the dvd - was at 68th and Pulaski. This Kmart was very clean - a Big "K" with the new Sears branding. They had 10 copies with the $14.99 sticker and an "ADVERTISED SALE PRICE for $14.99 ad slick" underneath. Took my chances, the Electronics Dept had a nice young guy at the counter - very enthusiastic about movies (Kmart???) and he quickly price checked it - $6.99!!!

Got a copy for my mom and my wife! Thanks OP - took my price matched copies back to Best Buy (Ford City) - PM'd them with Fry's ($11.99).

Note: I took a look at the Pink Ladies Target Special Edition Grease - the jacket looks okay - the "Grease" emblem was silk-screened on a lycra-polyesther looking jacking as for the "T-Birds" jacket - the emblem is embroidered.

Just my 0.02 cents and thanks for listening - 68th and Pulaski for those near Midway Airport and South Chicago!!!

TLeeTx2012 09-19-06 09:38 PM

Went to the one and only K-Mart here in Winchester, KY and they had 3 copies. Price checked it and sure enough....$6.99! Grabbed the 3 ( 2 early Christmas gift buys ). May check the 1 that remains in Lexington to see if they have any as I could use 1 more for a Christmas gift.

digitalfreaknyc 09-19-06 10:16 PM

Didn't work here in NYC :( :( :(

SPiRAL 09-19-06 10:20 PM

No go in LA. It was $14.99 :( damn

Dabaomb 09-19-06 10:45 PM

Originally Posted by digitalfreaknyc
Didn't work here in NYC :( :( :(

yup $14.99 at Astor Place. Manhattan KMarts never have any sales...everything is always regular price.

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