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Old 08-10-17, 02:59 PM   #26
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Re: The Letters Pages

Originally Posted by milo bloom View Post
It never, ever occurred to me to actually write in to a comic. I just had no desire and to be honest, I probably had some doubts that they were *real* letters.
They had Russian bots even back then?
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Re: The Letters Pages

Originally Posted by davidh777 View Post
They had Russian bots even back then?
I don't know about that

I wasn't a dumb kid, but there were sometimes things that just never occurred to me to do. Writing letters to the comic books was one of them. I had no desire to see my name in the book or have a question answered.

Probably related to my lack of interests in autographs. I have literally never had the desire to chase down a celebrity and get them to sign something. I have Star Trek DVD set signed by Connor Trinnear, but that's because the autographs were part of the convention package (which is another thing, I've only ever been to like 2 conventions, and the second one I got in via press pass from a friend because I did a panel with them.)
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Old 08-11-17, 06:03 AM   #28
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Re: The Letters Pages

I wrote to G.I. Joe in the mid-80's, copying the style of published novelty letter, and was confounded when it wasn't published.

I had better luck in the late 90's when I had 3 letters published in Detective Comics and a couple of Star Wars titles, I think, in the span of just a few months.

Originally Posted by dfmaverick2 View Post
Also, Obi-Wan Jabroni's post in another thread reminded me, anyone ever win a Marvel No-Prize?
Oh, wow. I thought my only letter attempts were the above, but now I remember that I made several attempts to win a No-Prize. Never was successful.

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