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What are you preordering in Previews this month?

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What are you preordering in Previews this month?

I don't know if anyone else uses DCBS, or does the old fashioned fill-out-the-Previews-sheet in store, but for anyone that doesn't, basically stores fill out an order sheet two months in advance. They get a big magazine from Diamond called Previews which has information (as much as it can) on all the stuff coming out, and if you want you can buy the magazine, or just get an order form. Sometimes the stores will give you a bit of a discount if you pay up front, because they no longer have to guess whether or not you're going to buy stuff two months from now.

Anyway, when I was with my old mailorder place, they unfortunately stopped giving out free Previews with my orders. When they went under and DCBS stepped in to take their orders, they gave me a Previews with my first order; I had forgotten what it was like to look through the catalog, and as I had long ago stopped doing monthly comics, I usually just searched on the site for big collections or toys. I'm still not completely sold on starting the monthly grind back up, but I'm going to dip my toes in. I'm starting with the DC kids pack, since I realized that while I don't mind digital, I do want my kids to at least try physical copies.

So I thought I'd start a thread, mainly to see what others are ordering/interested in, because it's really really hard to stand out in the catalog, and I miss a lot of stuff.

Orders are already due for July, but I'll start with that, since I'm still mulling through what I want to order:

July (May Previews):
DC Kids pack
Absolute Batman Inc: I haven't bought an Absolute in a while, but 50% off is no joke. Still thinking about it, I didn't get the earlier Morrison Absolute so it seems weird to get this one.
Astro City Victory HC: I finally got around to reading the first collection from the now-Vertigo-labeled series, and this is the second collection. I've always loved Astro City. I don't mind paying the premium for the HC.
DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe: this was delayed and resolicited for reasons I don't know, but for 50% off I'll pick it up.
Fables v. 20: I think I stopped getting Fables around v. 17 or so, but I'm going to fill in the gap soon.
Forever Evil HC: Still debating. I haven't really been following the new 52 for some time now, but again, 50% off for a major crossover to see what I've been missing? It's expensive on a per issue basis at cover price, but I'm tempted.
Teen Titans #1: I hated the initial new 52 version of the Teen Titans. But I still love the Teen Titans and I want to believe that this revamped series will be better. I have absolutely nothing to base that on except for some cover art.

That Groo vs. Conan first issue is also really tempting, but at this point I'd rather have the collection...

Also tempting is Remender and Tocchini's new Image series Low.

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Re: What are you preordering in Previews this month?

Back in my monthly $200+ years I did Previews a few times. I sort of miss those days, but just don't have the room for the temptations anymore.
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Re: What are you preordering in Previews this month?

I miss getting the copy of Previews from mailordercomics too back when I used to use them for my monthly needs. Oh well, those days are over for me.

I am an Absolute mark, so I will probably pre-order Absolute Batman Inc at the very least.
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