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The late 80's/early and mid 90's in comic books

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The late 80's/early and mid 90's in comic books

Ok, moving this from the general comic book discussion by request. We've had discussions in the Liefeld sucks thread about how bad early Image was in the early 90's. Here's my assessment of Marvel in the mid 90's.

Originally Posted by fujishig
Didn't include that because I thought that was around the early to mid 90's... really, after the Image guys left and before the Marvel Knights guys came (and Buseik and Perez took over Avengers), the Marvel universe seemed to be in disarray. I didn't collect all the titles, but from what I remember:

Avengers: Basically consisted of the Black Night, Sersi, Quicksilver, the Vision, and a couple of other second stringers... with rather plain art by Epting. I think around that time the West Coast Avengers disbanded. Then we got Force Works. Ugh.

Fantastic Four: Alicia masters turns out to be a skrull, thus nullifying her marriage to Johnny Storm and putting the real Alicia back with the Thing. Franklin Richards from the future came and joined the team. Double Ugh.

Captain America: somehow Cap got exposed to a drug that forced him to purge the super soldier serum from his body. Then he got depowered and had to use a suit of armor to fight with, before the Red Skull, who was in a cloned body of Steve Rogers, saves him by giving him a blood infusion. Wha?

Iron Man: turns out he's really been under the control of Kang and is evil, so they go back in time to get a teenaged Tony Stark to become the new Iron Man. Ah well, at least it gave Cheung a start at artistic duties.

Spiderman: spidey clone saga. The new costume was ok, but that horrid vest on the Scarlet Spider?

X-books: Much ado about nothing in the Legacy Virus. Peter David leaves X-factor and it becomes a team consisting of Forge, Mystique, Sabretooth, Wild Child (hey, because AoA was popular!), some facsimile of Bishop's sister, and who knows what else. I did enjoy Mad's run on Uncanny, the Age of Apocalypse, and Generation X (back when I could kinda understand Bachalo's work)

We also got Marvel 2099, which had some cool concepts, but ultimately fizzled into nothing. Marvel purchased Malibu and pretty much destroyed the Ultraverse. Onslaught and Heroes Reborn (say what you will about it, it at least allowed them to retcon the mess they made out of the non-X titles).
Note that very few of these titles have been collected, even with the glut of tpbs today.
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but the real question would be... Should they be collected?

I enjoy the Generation X storyline... to a certain extent, but during this run I was in HS and my collecting at that time pertained to the gimmicky stuff...

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