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Comics Review Thread

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Comics Review Thread

This thread is for your own personal reviews of comics. Please post covers when necessary (i.e. for non-big name books, obscure titles, or covers without the titles explicitly labeled).

New books:

Suburban Glamour

I have mixed feelings about this book.

The art is wildly inconsistent, though better than average for the majority of the book. The first panels are incredibly clean and tightly drawn, with good character detail and definition. The contrasts are extremely varied in this book and it serves it themes of duality well. The opening panels depict the perfectionist yet dreary nature of suburban life well, with pastel tones. Our intrepid heroes, however, are drawn with thick borders and intense, vivid colors that reflect their personalities; Astrid is drawn with dark hair and deep reds and purple tones that sets here apart from her peers, who look straight out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog, with their blonde hair and pastel tones. Dave is depicted with more earth tones from his brunette hair to his clothing, reflecting, obviously, that he is more down to earth and real.

However, later panels are either too busy or look rushed, with too many events going on that overpower each frame. Given the frantic nature of the events, and how out-of-place the protagonists feel, it is fitting, though still jarring. Some panels just come off as weak with poor perspectives, anatomy, and flow. Otherwise, the art is truly a great effort and serves the story well.

The story also follows the same pattern as the art, in that it is mostly inconsistent. The first issue highlights the boredom and frustration of suburbanites, but what sets the protagonists apart is that they refuse to give in to the sublime and artificial reality that their peers are more than happy to indulge in. They feel lost, alienated, and detached from society. Their personalities are more fragile and tangible but they're definitely more interesting than their otherwise flawless peers.

When the story takes it twist in Issue #2, some serious pacing problems show up. The introduction of the major plot twist seems rushed, hurried, and hackneyed. Aubrey serves as nothing more than a plot device, which really hampers her further growth as a character, revealing way too much for these characters, especially after such a sublime entrance. Books like Y: The Last Man are great because they always retain some element of mystery, and even if revelations seem insubstantial and unsatisfying, it does not matter because what really matters are the characters. So here we have a book that has the potential of becoming a serious character work examining the alienation of modern teenage youth and the hope that few of them hold on to that they might achieve some semblance of satisfaction without sacrificing their own integrity, quickly descending into a typical amoral fantasy tale where resolutions will be quick, neat, and ultimately cheap. And I don't think that our heroes really want a cheap ending.
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