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Any comic books fans out there?

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I've been out of the comic book loop for a while. What are you guys reading? What's good?

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I love comics but trying to get ALL the VARIANT COVERS soon became a joke to me and the hobby got tedious.

I still keep in touch with comics through WIZARD magazine and on the Net.

I just read the NOVELIZATION of BATMAN: NO MAN'S LAND. This book was GREAT. I zipped right through it within a few weeks because it so interesting. I think part of it was the fact that I'm familiar with the characters.
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I'm a pretty big comic book fan. I suffered a burnout similar to Giantrobo's when I was about 12, but in the past two years I've rejoined the fold. I'm 18 now.

Right now, some of the standouts I'm reading are:
100 Bullets
The Authority
Tom Strong
Age of Bronze

All are great.
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What killed it for me was all of the crossover story lines. You would basically have to buy about 20 different comics a month to keep up with everything going on. Marvel completely burned me out with that and I quite buying over a decade ago. Also the higher prices just to get a hologram cover were driving me crazy too. Finally I am slowing picking up a few again. An Avengers or Spiderman here or there. I doubt I will ever get fully caught up in it again.
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I was big into collecting comics in the early 90s, but dropped out of it for a few years, mostly because my favorite comic, Spider-Man, burned me out quite a bit (return of peter's parents, death of aunt may, spider-clone, jackal & gwen stacy's "return", etc)...but I've since come back. Some of the stuff I read regularly and always enjoy:

Savage Dragon
Just a Pilgrim
100 Bullets
Ultimate Spider-Man
Ultimate X-Men
Midnight Nation
Rising Stars
JMS's run on Amazing Spider-Man

I also read Fathom, Aphrodite IX, and Battle Chasers, but issues of those are few are far between. I also wait on quite a few series and just get the TPBs (Transmetropolitan, Tom Strong, Authority, & Powers).

I read both Green Arrow & Marvel Knights, but I have mixed feelings on them....

I'm sure I've told you more than you wanted to know
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thanks for the replies.

i used to read all of the x-titles but i stopped a few years ago because it was just too hard trying to keep up with all of the storylines. i also read bone and any frank miller series that came out but i figured i'd just wait for the trade paperbacks to come out.

btw, i did read battle chasers for a while. what issue are they on now? the last one i had was #4.
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Battle Chasers #9 should be out soon...or so its promised
Issue #8 came out earlier this was about a year and a half between 7 & 8, from what I've read. There's a cool TPB/HC of issues 1-5 as well.

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Well I consider myself to be the comic book authority around these boards. I have a friend that co-owns a store so I get everything for free & I know exactly what's hot.

If you ever had any interest in the X-men then now is the time to get back into them, all the books have been relaunched w/ some of the best talent in the business & they are doing things w/ them that have never been done before.

Maximi. is right, some of the best books out right now are newer books you may not be familiar with, Powers, Planetary, the Authority, Top Ten are all amazing & you should really try to pick up some trades.

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Aside from the titles that have been mentioned, I would also recommend Batgirl, which is always a great read and has great art. Vampi is another title that is always worth the price of admission. Finally, a new series by Humberto Ramos called Out There just hit the racks last week, you might want to check it out.
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Some more recommendations:

You're pretty safe with anything by Brian Michael Bendis. (Powers, Ultimate Spiderman, Torso, Fortune And Glory). He's hot right now so his books seem to fly off the shelves. Luckily, most of his work is also available in trade paperback.

Although I hesitated picking his books up, J. Michael Straczynski (Rising Stars, Midnight Nation, The Amazing Spiderman) is quite reliable.

Chris Ware's Acme Comic Novelty Library has been reprinted in the hardcover collection, "Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Boy On Earth" and is well worth piscking up. Funny, depressing, and bizarre, this book lives up to the hype.

There are several good noir-influenced crime titles available right now. "100 Bullets", David Lapham's "Murder Me Dead" and "Stray Bullets", and the occassional books by Ed Brubaker ("Batman: Gotham Noir").

Alan Moore remains a master of the art form. His America's Best Comics imprint lives up to it's title. And don't forget the huge "From Hell" collection, in another printing to coincide with the upcoming film.

Warren Ellis continues to dominate the world of intelligent, cynical, darkly funny sci-fi with "Transmetropolitan" and "Planetary", which gets better with each issue. Plus, with Darrick Robertson and John Cassidy, he is working with two of the most underrated artists today.

Mark Waid, in my opinion, is very inconsistent, but his run on the JLA has been stellar. And the art by Brian Hitch and Paul Nearly is superb.

Other titles worth checking out:
Box Office Poison - No longer around, but a new collection is on the way
Lethargic Lad (when it comes out)
Dork (when it comes out) and just about everything else by Evan Dorkin many others that have slipped my mind at the moment.

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I have a bunch that I get each month.

Though, some of those haven't had a new issue in a while.

I read the following:

Danger Girl(long been MIA)
CardCaptor Sakura(manga comic)
El Hazard (manga comic)
Gundam Wing(various series, manga comic)
Area 51(kind of a neat sci-fi comic)

I'm sure there are others, but I can't recall them off the top of my head.
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I thought Danger Girl ended with issue #7, which was released earlier this year??
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The did release 7, but I am not sure if it was supposed to be the end, or just another issue. The comic has always been slow to release. I'll have to re-read #7 and see.
It was a good read while it was coming out, but very slow for these 7 issues, in the range of like 2-3 years I believe.
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Reid Flemming: World's Toughest Milkman

I pulled the collection out of the basement to read these this week. They made some new ones a few years ago, but I only ended up getting one of them. I might have to go back-issue hunting.
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