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$7.77 Blu's

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$7.77 Blu's

courtesy of TSXer over at for this list

The following blu rays are available for $7.77 each plus shipping, which I believe is $2.95. I haven't gone through the whole checkout process yet, but I imagine that the more you buy the cheaper the shipping

I personally haven't used them and from what I've read there is mixed reviews about them, particularly the way they ship the movies.

2001 - A Space Odyssey (Blu-ray)
300 (Blu-ray)
A Clockwork Orange (Blu-ray)
Alexander Revisited - The Final Cut (Two Disc Special Edition) (Blu-ray)
Any Given Sunday (Director's Cut) (Blu-ray)
Batman Begins (Blu-ray)
Batman Gotham Knight (Blu-ray)
Blood Diamond (Blu-ray)
Boiler Room (Blu-ray)
Constantine (Blu-ray)
From Dusk Till Dawn (Blu-ray)
Full Metal Jacket (Blu-ray)
GoodFellas (Blu-ray)
Justice League - The New Frontier (Blu-ray)
Scooby Doo - The Movie (Blu-ray)
Superman - Doomsday (Blu-ray)
Superman - The Movie (Blu-ray)
The Ant Bully (Blu-ray)
The Departed (Blu-ray)
The Last Samurai (Blu-ray)
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (Blu-ray)
Training Day (Blu-ray)
Troy - Director's Cut (Special Edition) (Blu-ray)
Wonder Woman (Blu-ray)
10.5 Apocalypse (Blu-ray)
Africa's Elephant Kingdom (Blu-ray)
Angel in the Family (Blu-ray)
Artie Lange's Beer League (Blu-ray)
Blackbeard (Blu-ray)
Countdown - Armageddon (Blu-ray)
Cruel World (Blu-ray)
Doomsday (Blu-ray)
Dragonquest (Blu-ray)
Final Days of Planet Earth (Blu-ray)
Fracture (Blu-ray)
Gettysburg - The Battle and the Address (Blu-ray)
Imax - Under The Sea (Blu-ray)
Law Abiding Citizen (Blu-ray)
Mars - The Quest For Life (Blu-ray)
Mortuary (Blu-ray)
Mysterious Island (Blu-ray)
Rambo III (Blu-ray)
Righteous Kill (Blu-ray)
Salem Witch Trials (Blu-ray)
Salvage (Blu-ray)
Shall We Dance? (Blu-ray)
Shoot 'Em Up (Blu-ray)
Sin City (Blu-ray)
Supernova (Blu-ray)
The Big White (Blu-ray)
The Colt (Blu-ray)
The Curse of King Tut's Tomb (Blu-ray)
The Day the Earth Stopped (Blu-ray)
The Final Patient (Blu-ray)
The Last Sentinel (Blu-ray)
The Man Who Saved Christmas (Blu-ray)
The Poseidon Adventure (Blu-ray)
The Ten Commandments (Blu-ray)
The Woods Have Eyes (Blu-ray)
The World's Biggest and Baddest Bugs (Blu-ray)
V for Vendetta (Blu-ray)
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Re: $7.77 Blu's

FYI, expect at least some of these to be Canadian versions.
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Re: $7.77 Blu's

Originally Posted by joltman View Post
FYI, expect at least some of these to be Canadian versions.
Sin City certainly is. That was part of my one and only order from INet. I still have the lousy 1-disc package. The company has improved since that order, but I just had a really bad experience with them (that wasn't the deal breaker...just one of the many reasons (breakage, packaging, etc)). Heck, I don't even know what to do with it now , Frisbee perhaps?
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Re: $7.77 Blu's

Originally Posted by joltman View Post
FYI, expect at least some of these to be Canadian versions.
Exactly why I don't order movies from them any more. It was bad enough to have the French and weird cover art, but I thought as long as the disc is 100% identical to the US version, why not save a couple bucks? That was until I tried to trade in 1 of those Canadian BDs to FYE and they said they wouldn't accept it because their system doesn't know the UPC. Besides, with Inetvideo's outrageous shipping charges, their price is rarely sufficiently cheaper to justify the risk of getting stuff you're stuck with forever (except perhaps eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon trade-in (someone once said they take some Canadian versions but I never checked)).

A bunch of HD-DVDs which were really cheap and I knew I'd never be able to trade in anywhere anyway were the only things I really bought from Inetvideo after learning about the danger of getting Canadian versions (and the majority of the HD-DVDs and handful of BDs I ordered from them were all Canadian versions). I haven't ordered anything from them for quite a long time. When I think about ordering from them, I think of Doug & Bob and say "like, no way, eh".
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Re: $7.77 Blu's

They used to sponsor DVD Talk until the sticky was hijacked about a discussion on their ridiculous shipping charges. The inet guy said he'd look into our concerns, but of course we never heard from him again. A week or so later, they stopped their sponsorship of DVD Talk.

Sometimes I get emails from them with prices that seem good, but then I remember their PH policy. Usually when a company has a really great deal, I look around for other stuff to buy. "IF" they ever have something I can't live without, I would never waste my time perusing their website for other items. They charge PH prices in line with someone who has to pay fees. In fact, if I see that they may have a bargain, I will often buy it off Amazon MP or eBay, just to make them pay their fees. (If it's the same price). A little vindictive, but it's companies like this that really disgust me. I'm surprised they even stay in business.
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Re: $7.77 Blu's

I personally don't care about duel language covers but the shipping kills the deal for me. $11 for 5 films even after a 15% discount on shipping.
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