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View Poll Results: Whose work do you prefer?
Steven Spielberg 30 37.97%
Martin Scorsese 49 62.03%
Voters: 79. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-02-10, 06:31 PM   #51
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Re: Spielberg or Scorsese?

Steven Spielberg. I love them both dearly... each director has made many of my all time favorite films. But Spielberg is one of my top favorite director's period. He is the natural choice for me. The simple truth is that I love his movies more than Scorsese's.
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Old 08-02-10, 06:33 PM   #52
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Re: Spielberg or Scorsese?

Body of work, Scorcese by far, but gun to my head if I had to choose, Spielberg just based on two films alone. Jaws + Raiders, nothing can really top that.
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Old 08-02-10, 06:43 PM   #53
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Re: Spielberg or Scorsese?

Originally Posted by FRwL View Post
Spielberg for his pure entertainment over Scorsese's character studies. Scorsese i only like taxi Driver and Casino because it's so hilariously over the top, and for Spielberg don't care for his post-80s stuff, but solely for Duel/Jaws/Raiders he's the winner!
Maybe..but..they're still entertaining.
Old 08-02-10, 06:57 PM   #54
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Re: Spielberg or Scorsese?

Scorsese. While I enjoy and respect some of Spielbergs movies, Scorsese wins this one.
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Old 08-02-10, 07:27 PM   #55
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Re: Spielberg or Scorsese?

Spielberg, by FAR. Love Goodfellas and Casino, but neither can hold a candle to all-time faves Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Close Encounters, Duel, and E.T.
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Old 08-02-10, 08:04 PM   #56
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Re: Spielberg or Scorsese?

Originally Posted by Boba Fett View Post
Scorsese is the better filmmaker, Spielberg's movies are much more fun.
I'll agree with this overall - but because his movies are more fun, Spielberg is much more dear to me (pretty much my hero)...
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Old 08-02-10, 09:08 PM   #57
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Re: Spielberg or Scorsese?

Scorsese's films explore what is; even his works of pure fiction feel like documentaries. Spielberg's films explore what might be; even his films based on real events have an undertone of adventure to them (yes, even Schindler's List, though obviously not as fancifully as others).

I'll say this about them both: I love to hear either of them talk about film. Not only have they each clearly dedicated themselves to learning their craft, but the history of that craft, as well. They are both as knowledgeable as they are enthusiastic about movies, and while this thread pits them against one another, I think cinema has benefited greatly from the efforts of both men over the years.
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Old 08-02-10, 09:43 PM   #58
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Re: Spielberg or Scorsese?

I had trouble with this one so I used this equation using my three faves from each man:

Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull > Jaws, Raider of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan

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