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06-20-12, 04:45 PM
So I'm moved into my new bigger apartment, but space for my dvds could still be a problem. Right now about 50% of my collection is in a storage building, and I don't like leaving them in their with these 90+ degree temps.

I need to find a good dvd media rank where I can display my collection, and it will hold a lot while not taking up a lot of real estate.

I've bought a couple of cheapos at Walmart and Target, but they usually only hold 100 at most and feel very shakey and flimsy. I need something that can hold a lot more, and not cost over $100. If I'm spending over $100, I might as well go buy a nice bookcase.

The Man with the Golden Doujinshi
06-20-12, 06:17 PM
I'd start by searching Amazon for DVD storage. Other than that, I frequently check local department stores for the 200+ units. They come in and out of stock frequently compared to the smaller ones.

06-20-12, 06:41 PM
How many is "a lot more". And why not get a proper "bookcase"?

I have this one in black, holds several hundred discs:



06-20-12, 09:17 PM
I have 3 of these:

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51k7rAnNeZL._AA300_.jpg (http://www.amazon.com/Atlantic-38435617-Oskar/dp/B002UOPRPC/ref=pd_cp_e_0)

They are fairly sturdy with adjustable shelves. I like them very much and need a couple more. Problem is I can't find them for the true bargain I got them for originally ($35 each from Hastings a couple of years ago during Christmas). I have trouble paying the current asking price for particle board shelving units. For the current price I can purchase the materials and build my own from solid wood rather than plywood or particle board.

06-20-12, 09:49 PM
I love my spinners:


06-20-12, 10:35 PM
May want to look into building your own if you aren't opposed to the bit of work it'll take. You can get a real wood shelf and stain it while having it hold much more than a store bought particle board shelf would and only pay a fraction of the cost. Just takes some time. That is what I did with my main shelving unit now (didn't go through the trouble of staining it though) and it works out just fine. It's also nice because I built it taller than any store bought shelf I could find so it'll fit more in a more confined space.

06-21-12, 09:30 AM
You can find ideas here.


06-21-12, 07:10 PM
Whenever I need more storage space for my DVD Collection, I'll look for wood people are throwing out. Finding some, I'll put it in my Truck, take it to a store such as Home Depot and have them cut it to specified lengths. I'll purchase some Angle Irons and some Screws, return home, assemble the Rack, and Viola! :D

06-22-12, 01:01 PM
I know a lot of people like cover artwork, slip cases, etc. But my experience from 15 years (egads, is that right?) of DVD collecting, I just throw the cases away, store the artwork in a binder, and then file the DVDs in a 200 CD organizer case.

I have just moved my entire 2000 DVD collection from one house to another. Took me literally 20 minutes of loading and unloading.. Moved 8 binders, and a box full of special packaged DVDs (boxed seasons,etc.).

Everything fits under one corner of a desk.

For me, this is the only way to go..

06-22-12, 03:03 PM
I alwaysworry about the discs getting scratched in those CD binders. Are some binders better than others?

06-22-12, 03:26 PM
I alwaysworry about the discs getting scratched in those CD binders. Are some binders better than others?You're being OCD. Consider the abuse Netflix discs take, and most are still perfectly playable. Now consider how carefully you treat your own discs. Do you really think carefully sliding them in and out of a binder designed for that purpose a couple times a year (if that) will cause harm?

06-22-12, 05:51 PM
If you're close to Ikea (not common, I know), the Billy bookcases are not that expensive and pretty solid.

06-22-12, 07:31 PM
I have 3 of the one numanoid posted packed to the brim. It's really a sight to behold, just a wall of films. Check those out or to save money and still get a large enough shelf you can try building one.

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