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09-20-00, 11:03 PM
ive been noticing a burning in of blue and yellow on the sides of the screen on white backgrounds when a dvd is playing. such as the matrix. and a bunch of others. more specifically: blues hues on the left and yellowish hues on the right. i have a toshiba 3109. has anyone heard of this?

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09-21-00, 12:15 AM
Do you have a RPTV (rear projection TV)? If so, you probably need to align the tubes. I don't know much about RPTVs, though, as I have never owned one. Mayve some of the other members can help you.

09-22-00, 10:35 PM
a panasonic 32 inch tv. a new one. regular television

fran spelled backwards is narf!

09-23-00, 02:33 PM
Sounds like it may be "blooming". Do you have a set-up disc such as Avia or even the THX otimode tests on one of your DVDs? You may have to turn down your contrast/picture setting.

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