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12-17-06, 05:33 AM
"Kill Gil, Vol. 1 & 2"
Homer gets into a brawl at a holiday ice-skating show; Gil accidentally gives away a gift meant for his boss's daughter.
Originally Aired: December 17, 2006

12-17-06, 10:44 PM
The Christian Charity porn star name comment from Homer was pretty funny

Michael Ballack
12-17-06, 10:57 PM
Was it just me or were the Simpsons writers referencing Boss Nass with Gil's bosses?

12-17-06, 11:25 PM
the gungan from tpm? yeah, i got that feeling too.

xmas theme credits was nice. krusty ice skating was pretty funny. thought they overdid it with the calendar flip thing.

Michael Ballack
12-17-06, 11:43 PM
the gungan from tpm? yeah, i got that feeling too.

Glad it wasn't just me, I watch too much Star Wars still, but at least I'm not psycho. :D

12-18-06, 01:35 AM
You know, I'm amazed that they hadn't come up with the holiday opening credits sooner.

They really haven't done everything...yet. Nice to see the Ribwich Rib-it and Poochie!

12-18-06, 03:13 AM
Pretty good episode. Solid story, lots of laughs and not too much plagiarizing of previous episodes.

That's, like, two good ones in a row.

12-18-06, 03:43 AM
Wow, Gil is probably what my deadbeat ex-roommate who loves crappy movies will turn out like.

12-18-06, 08:24 AM
It would be great to see themed opening credits more often :up:

Matrix Poochie. :lol:

12-18-06, 08:27 AM
Thought that was a great episode.

12-18-06, 09:05 AM
I felt the begining of the Episode was clasic Simpsons.

But the 2nd half - the joke went on too long.

But great ice skating, nice to see more of Gil.

The Bus
12-18-06, 09:15 AM
I thought this episode was fantastic and the Matrix Poochie had me fucking rolling. :lol:

I didn't like how Gil was used for this episode. He was always a pretty sympathetic character, someone who was down on his luck and couldn't get it together. Now that we know how he really acts, it kind of destroys that fantasy and makes him less one-sided.

12-18-06, 09:17 AM
That whole grinch (or whatever they called it) was weird! Seemed like something Family Guy would do (and drag out another couple minutes).

12-19-06, 06:04 PM
I wasn't a big fan of the overall story, but this was loaded with a lot of great stuff. The Holiday credits were awesome... in fact, I noticed the snow effects throught the episode were kinda pretty, almost like they upped the animation quality a bit. Maybe it was a test run of techniques for the upcoming movie?

12-20-06, 12:49 PM
Anyone catch Maude Flanders in the opening credits? She was with Ned, Rod and Todd in the front yard of the Flanders house. (We slow-mo'ed the intro on TiVo).

Made me wonder: was this opening new, or an old, unused one?

12-20-06, 07:00 PM
Overall I wasn't a huge fan of the episode, but there were some funny bits here and there. My favorite however was the sign when Gil went in the back room that said "Santa is out making presents" and showed the Santa sitting on the john. Yeah it's potty humor, but I thought it was good.

Brent L
12-20-06, 10:45 PM

12-21-06, 07:36 AM
Made me wonder: was this opening new, or an old, unused one?

When a show is going on 2 decades, it's hard to remember if it's been used before. ;)

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