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View Full Version : Thora Birch's Hole....Are the Weinstein's having their way with it? (A sore subject)

09-22-04, 02:33 PM
Ya know, "The Hole", starring Thora Birch and Keira Knightley. That's what I'm talking about. What else would I be talking about?

This movie has been on region 1 Canadian DVD for over a year and a half.

My question is...Do you think Dimension will have it's way with it (Chop the film into an unrecognizable mess, as they love to do with films they acquire). That is, if this film EVER sees the light of day in the US.

09-22-04, 03:26 PM
Looks like it is being released on October 19. (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000ARD7T/qid=1095880827/sr=8-1/ref=pd_csp_1/002-7429771-2805607?v=glance&s=dvd&n=507846)

09-22-04, 03:55 PM
All talk about Thora Birch's hole should probably be in the mature forum.

09-22-04, 04:07 PM
haha...The tagline is actually "Once you get in...You can't get out." Of that dang hole...

09-22-04, 05:03 PM
Nice thread title. :lol:

I've seen the Canadian DVD. Not a bad little film. I think that Miramax isn't quite as bad with the editing of English language films, so you might be OK. (unless they're worried about Keira's quick flash of her underage boobies ;) )

09-22-04, 05:07 PM
I doubt they're worried about that....The cover that Miramax is using (on Amazon) says something about how Keira will make your pulse race...even though she was about 15 at the time of filming.

09-22-04, 05:09 PM
Yeah, as long as they have the parents' written permission and such, it should be OK. (but then again, this is Miramax we're taking about here, so all bets are off :D )

09-22-04, 05:38 PM
Anyone know the tech specs on this new disc? The Canadian disc had a decent amount of extras and was anamorphic. the only thing lacking was a Dolby Digital track, which would be the only thing that would make me double-dip on this disc.

09-22-04, 06:05 PM
"A sore subject"


Green Jello
09-22-04, 06:14 PM
This should be discussed on Movie Poop Shoot .com

09-22-04, 06:44 PM
"Balloon Knot...." - George Takai

09-22-04, 06:58 PM
If that's the US cover, then they're already ruining the release.

09-22-04, 07:53 PM
Agreed. It looks like a beginner photo shop job.

The Nature Boy
09-23-04, 03:35 AM
Do you think Francis Coppola's raggedy noodle savagely penetrated young Miss Birch?

09-23-04, 12:55 PM
I think its a good little flick.I own the CANANDA DISC,that i ordered a couple years ago. the cover is better,then the supposed cover of the usa release the US cover looks like a cartoonish pictures plastered on it.not very creative if you ask me. wonder if the region 1 US release will have the same extras,diffirent ones, or no extras at all. maybe a commentary by Birch would be nice.but some how I dont think it will have one. it might,but it probably will be a directors commentary.

I hope the US cover gets a facelift,it looks horrible. they could have used better pics to create a nice cover,but no, they had to go for this lousy,IMO is a cartoon cover art.

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