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04-02-03, 10:45 PM
on the region one dvd of 24 season one, is there the "previously on 24" for each episode and are there chapters? thanks

04-02-03, 10:48 PM
No and no.

04-03-03, 12:59 AM
Originally posted by evitagen
No and no.

Pithy! I like it! From what I understand, Fox rushed the dvds to market before season 2 so they could recoup some of their investment, since syndication isn't a great idea for this show. I guess they just didn't have enough time to put together a comprehensive set with 5.1 sound, chapter stops, lots of extras, etc.

04-03-03, 10:15 AM
I just hope they are able to add these on the Season 2 set out Sept. 2nd (according to Amazon).

04-03-03, 12:04 PM
Why would you really want the recap? When watching the DVD's you literally just saw what happened.

04-03-03, 12:14 PM
True, recaps are mostly neccessary on the show when its on tv because sometimes more than a week passes betweens shows. If these recaps were on the discs, id skip past them the same way I skip past show's intros on DVD.

04-03-03, 12:17 PM
Why would you really want the recap? When watching the DVD's you literally just saw what happened.

That's not necessarily true. What happens if you watch a few episodes of the series and then you don't get around to watching another one til a few weeks later? That "Previously on" segment isn't such a bad idea now.

I love what Fox has done for TV series on DVD and their pricing structure is unbelievably low. But if there's one thing they do that drives me nutz, it's removing the "Previously on" intros to all their shows. It's part of the episode and it should not be edited out. This is the main reason I've decided to stick with the R4 set of Buffy Season 3 instead of replacing it with the R1 version.

04-03-03, 05:26 PM
Let's just hope they don't put the promotional "THIS week on 24" previews that ran during week on FOX TV at the beginning of each episode :).

04-03-03, 06:41 PM
All I really want for Season 2 is chapter stops, though of course I'd take 5.1 as well...

Michael Corvin
04-03-03, 10:27 PM
here is different reason re-caps are good:
I have been watching NYPD Blue, my fiance started out with me. But I like to watch more often than her. So the next time we watch one together, she is 3 episodes behind me so we can watch the re-cap for her and then the episode.

make sense?

04-03-03, 11:59 PM
Guys, if you can play region 2, pick up the R2 "24." It has chapter stops, previously on's, and extra scenes not in the R1 version that make the finale have a bigger impact. I had the R1 but sold it and some other dvd's and picked up the R2 (enroute to my house)

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