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12-12-02, 05:40 PM
Hi can anybody help me out. I am desperate to get some Akira Kurosawa Movies on DVD(well all of them actualy) and have been cheking out some Auction sites(Ebay , etc). I know of the quality of US released DVD's . However most ofthe early DVD's and obscure DVD's are region 0 releases from Hong Kong.
What i need to know is what is teh quality of the English subtitles.
I only ask as i have bought HK dvd's in the past (AKira) and the tranlation of teh dialog in the subtitles was terrible. Well actualy they did add an extra comic level to a film i know inside out. I just do not want to buy a load of DVD's to only hate them due to the bad translation. Not that this will greatly affect the quality of Akira's direction or the preformances of the actors and actresses.... but it will make it more dificult to get my wife to watch and fully appreciate teh depth and beauty of these movies.

Most of the Ebay listings are released by a company called: Mei Ah .

Thanks for the help

no pants
12-12-02, 06:02 PM
try looking at www.asiandvdguide.com the reviews and see if any are listed there.

12-12-02, 08:32 PM
I owned Throne of Blood and thought the DVD was watchable especially since this was the only way to see it on DVD and the disc was cheap at www.DDDhouse.com. However, Criterion is supposed to release this one in 2003. I bought the R2 version of Stray Dog, but have not watched it yet and own all of the Criterion Kurosawa movies. Criterion is definitely the way to go!

12-12-02, 08:48 PM
thanx for the info- looks like i will get the more obscure Akira fims from Hk and criterion for the ones they release.

12-12-02, 09:02 PM
Don't forget to pick up the new version of Ran when it comes out next year. Do not buy the current release as the video is poor. I have the limited edition boxed set which came out this year and contains the new version of Ran. It is a great improvement over the old one.

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