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Re: Seventh Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge LIST THREAD April 1-30, 2016

The 7th Annual Drive-In/Exploitation Challenge

2010 B-Movie/Exploitation/Drive-in Movie Challenge List - 104
2011 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 105
2012 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2013 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2014 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 64
2015 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 86


1) Drive-In Madness! (1987) (Mutant Sorority Pictures) - Trailer compilation with some interview clips with famous people mixed in here and there. Not a bad little time-waster.
2) Viewer Discretion Advised (1991) (Mutant Sorority Pictures) - Sketch comedy. Had a couple of laughs. The horror movie parody with the self-aware douchebag character who knew the horror movie rules wasn't bad.


3) Raiders of the Shaolin Temple (1982) - While the badguys are kicking Shaolin ass, two monks (the two "differently abled" guys from Crippled Masters (1979)) use some goofy looking mechanical horses to train a stable boy to fight.
4) Kung Fu Genius (1979) - Guy opens a Kung Fu school in a town and fights a bunch of people. This was one of those kung fu flicks I don't like where the fight scenes just look like the guys are doing fancy dance routines. I think it was supposed to be a comedy, maybe.
5) Mama's Dirty Girls (1974) - Black widow, Mama (Gloria Grahame), and her three daughters (Candice Rialson, Sondra Currie, & some other chick) travel the country looking for men for Mama to marry and kill so she can collect the inheritance. Unfortunately for Mama, their latest target has a similar idea. This one started out promisingly, then trudged along to its rather predictable conclusion. Not bad, but nothing special.
6) Autumn Born (1979) - Dorothy Stratten plays a wealthy, teenage orphan whose uncle pays to have her kidnapped and imprisoned in a basement, where she's tortured and raped. Even without any full frontal nudity, and with lesbian scenes that were nothing more than a few light kisses, this was one sleazy, nasty flick.
7) Bad Girls Dormitory (1986) - Typical WiP flick; a few "innocent" girls get arrested, get locked up, and have to deal with lesbians, rapist guards, catfights, shower scenes, etc. This movie was not at all shy with the nudity.
8) James Batman (1966) (YouTube) - World organization recruits Batman and Robin and James (Bond?) to stop an evil organization called Claw from destroying the world. Doesn't work as a Batman or James Bond parody, but it does kinda, sorta work as a silly, low budget '60s action movie. Still can't say I'd recommend it.


9) Morgane et ses nymphes (Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay) (1971) - Two girls run out of gas on a lonely road and spend the night in a barn. The next morning, one girl wakes up alone, then follows a hunchbacked dwarf to a castle where she meets the title characters. It took me a few tries to make it through this one. (I shut it off and took a nap. Twice.) Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for subtitles.
10) Nathalie (Nathalie rescapée de l'enfer) (1978) - French Naziploitation flick. A Russian doctor/spy is arrested after a Nazi general in her care is murdered. Then she gets assigned by her superiors to find and rescue, or kill, a British spy who is imprisoned in a Nazi whore house. I have another, much shorter version of this film with the same title, but with a couple of alternate, clothed scenes, and without the full frontal nudity, the sex, or the torture scenes. Not sure where the tame version was intended to play since it's dubbed in English too.
11) The Red Nights of the Gestapo (Le lunghe notti della Gestapo) (1977) - Italian Naziploitation. A bunch of guys are suspected of plotting against Hitler, so the Nazis recruit a bunch of women to seduce those guys and get them to confess. At least it had something a little different from the usual "Love Camp" storyline.


12) Alyas Batman en Robin (1991) (YouTube) - Another Filipino Batman movie. This time a guy dresses up as the Joker, and along with his Uncle Penguin they rob banks and kill a bunch of people. Soon a couple of brothers dress up as Batman and Robin and go after them. Oh, and there's singing and dancing.
13) Pussycats Paradise (The Nudist Story / For Members Only) (1960) - British nudist camp movie. Strait-laced businesswoman, Jane, whose late grandfather was an "enthusiastic naturist" has to decide if she will renew the lease on grandad's nudist camp, or sell the property. So, of course, she spends a weekend there. This one had something I've never seen in a nudist camp movie before: nude synchronized swimming.
14) Pretty Peaches (1978) - Peaches goes to her father's wedding, gets drunk while playing slots, and drives off and crashes into a tree, losing her memory (that's a lot of setup for a porn flick). Then the sleazy shit starts. Turns out I'd seen a second or third generation VHS copy of this over 30 years ago, but I had forgotten the title (I thought all that sleazy shit happened in Inside Désirée Cousteau, which is a different film with the same star - I assume it was on the tape too).
15) Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975) - Shaw Brothers/Warner Brothers blaxploitation/chopsocky mashup. Government agent goes to Hong Kong to find two missing agents. Norman Fell plays Cleo's boss, and Stella Stevens is the main villain, the Dragon Lady. I was going to say Tamara Dobson should've shot the makeup person (Cleopatra Jones looked like some kind of alien clown because of all that crap on her face, and those wacky costumes just made it worse), but she's listed as "makeup artist," so maybe she wanted to look like that. This film should've been a lot better than it was.
16) "Manos": The Hands of Fate (1966) - Decided to watch the Blu-ray I won back in Oct. A man, his wife, and their daughter, driving to somewhere, stop at the Master's place, where they encounter Torgo (who takes care of the place while the Master's away), the Master and his six constantly bickering (and occasionally catfighting) wives, and thousands of moths.


17) The Night Hustlers (1968) - A writer, looking for ideas for his next novel, talks to a couple of cops who tell him some dull stories. Occasionally, the phone rings, and the writer steps away to talk to one of his topless girlfriends.
18) Woodchipper Massacre (1989) - Mildly amusing, no-budget, shot-on-video dark comedy. When their father goes away for a weekend business trip, leaving them with their bitchy aunt, three teens soon have to find a way to dispose of a dead body.
19) The Girls on 42nd Street (Fleshpot on 42nd Street) (1973) - Surprisingly not unwatchable Andy Milligan flick. Following an argument with the guy she's shacking up with, a young lady returns to hustling on the streets, and eventually hooks up with Harry Reems.
20) Censorship U.S.A. (1971) - "Documentary" featuring interviews with various people in the business of making and selling pornography. The copy I saw was obviously heavily edited (you could occasionally hear a few seconds of the porn scenes that were removed), but since the runtime on IMDb was the same as the one I watched, I think it's safe to assume that no more complete copy exists.


21) Pornography in New York (1972) - A "crack team of investigative reporters" put together this "documentary" about sex and pornography in New York City in the early '70s. I think I saw Buck Flower in a trailer included in this movie (as an example of modern pornography), but he isn't listed in the cast for that other film on IMDb.
22) Not of This Earth (1957) - Roger Corman movie about aliens invading earth to steal our blood. Dick Miller showed up about halfway in playing a vacuum cleaner salesman.


23) Target Earth (1954) - After a failed suicide attempt, a woman wakes up to find herself in an empty city. She soon finds a few other people, and together they discover that the city had been evacuated due to an invasion by robots from Venus. Whit Bissell is in the B story as a military scientist working to stop the robots.
24) The Telephone Book (1971) - Oddball sex comedy about a girl who gets an obscene phone call and then goes looking for the caller. Made odder by all the familiar faces in the film.
25) Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) - Five astronauts land on the dark side of the moon, then go into a cave where they discover a few remaining members of an ancient civilization now living in the "bowels of the moon." I watched a really rough, washed out 3D copy (occasionally frames were missing from one eye or the other), but the 3D was still pretty good. Much better than the old anaglyph VHS copy I have.


26) Swingers Massacre (Inside Amy) (1975) - Lawyer badgers his wife into becoming a swinger. After they go to a party (with Rene Bond and Marsha Jordan) where he fails to rise to the occasion, he decides to kill the men who were at the party. Uschi Digard was also in this, for about a minute or so (in the Filthy McNasty scene).
27) The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio (1971) - Someone is killing people at a nursing school. Rene Bond and her lesser half, Rick Lutz, are in this one. What's with the calliope music?
28) The Impossible Kid (1982) - The guy from For Y'ur Height Only (1981) is back as an Interpol agent working to catch a terrorist called Cobra who is threatening to kill several wealthy business owners if they don't pay him off.
29) The First Nudie Musical (1976) - After their last few porn flicks failed to make money, the money guys want to close the studio and build a shopping center, but the studio head convinces them to give him two weeks to make one last film. Remarkably similar to Let My Puppets Come, released the same year, but with Cindy Williams instead of puppets. Ron Howard shows up for a few seconds in a scene. I saw this one a few times on cable in the late '70s and early '80s, but hadn't seen it for over twenty years, yet I still remembered most of the words to most of the songs.


30) Chained Heat (1983) - Another flick I saw a few times on cable in the '80s, but hadn't seen in a long time. Linda Blair goes to prison, gets naked, etc. Great WiP movie that hits most, if not all, the standard plot points. Plus the cast is an exploitation movie lover's dream: Tamara Dobson & Stella Stevens (together again), Henry Silva, John Vernon, Sybil Danning, and lots more familiar faces (and other body parts).
31) A Night in Hollywood (1953) - Burlesque show. The last reel (with Tempest Storm) is in color.


32) "B" Girl Rhapsody (1952) - More burlesque. The sound on this one was not so good. It was kind of hard to make out the jokes.
33) Everybody's Girl (1950)- Even more burlesque. At least this one had good sound.
34) French Follies (1951) - And another burlesque show. These things were made by the same company and they use a lot of the same music. After a while, I started looking forward to the comedians.


35) Midnight Frolics (1949) - You know what I haven't seen in a long time? A burlesque show. This one was produced by Dan Sonney. I guess the others were too. The title crawl calls burlesque a dying art, yet Sonney kept making money off it for several years after.
36) Drive-In Delirium: Volume 1 (2010) - Disc 1: "Chicks in Chains / New World Nuggets / Psychic Terror / Undead and Loving It!" - Lots and lots of trailers. An entertaining compilation so far.
37) Born Innocent (1974) (Shout Factory TV) - Linda Blair plays a 14 year-old, six-time runaway sent to reform school after her parents sign her over to the state. This was pretty rough and sleazy for a TV movie. After a promising beginning, it lumbers into a slow second half, but not too bad.


38) The Curious Female (1970) (Shout Factory TV) - In the year 2177, on the island of Los Angeles, a group of people gather for an illegal underground movie night where they watch a soft-core comedy about three virgins. This might be the only thing, besides that one Star Trek episode, that I've seen Angelique Pettyjohn in. Julie Conners was the only other person I recognized.
39) Women and Bloody Terror (1970) - A housewife cheats on her husband, is stalked by a sleazy, fat garage mechanic, and seduces her daughter's new boyfriend (Gerald MacRaney).
40) Night of Bloody Horror (1969) (YouTube) - The second half of the double feature, featuring most of the same folks from the last one (including Gerald MacRaney). Girl takes a guy who was hit by a car to her home, and they soon become a couple. People get killed, and the identity of the murderer isn't exactly hard to figure out.
41) Ai nu (Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan) (1972) - Girl is kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Eventually she seeks revenge, ending in a big, bloody end battle. Shaw Bros. picture looked great projected in my HT. I was tempted to "grindhouse" it and watch it dubbed, but I "cheated" and watched it subbed.
42) Refinements in Love (1971) - Hardcore "documentary" about sex. Actually I'm not sure if they really tried to pass this off as a documentary or if it was all a joke. An odd film overall: The opening credits didn't appear until 45 minutes into the film. Rene Bond has a penetration scene with a guy other than Rick Lutze (even though he is in the movie). On the plus side, Rene Bond had her original boobs in this one.
43) As Taras Do Mini Vampiro (As Taras de Um Minivampiro / Little Vampire Taints) (1987) - Brazillian porn flick about a little vampire with bad teeth, a film crew that wants to shoot a documentary about him, a vampire slayer who wants to kill him, and the town's mayor who wants to turn him into a tourist attraction.


44) Klito-Bell (Bathman dal pianeta Eros) (1982) - Italian Batman porn parody. Two aliens, Erotikon and Klito-Bell, are sent to earth from the planet Eros, and become Batman and Bat-Baby.
45) Reform School Girl (1957) ( - Female passenger in a stolen car driven by Edd "Kookie" Byrnes gets sent to reform school.


46) Reform School Girls (1986) - New World Pictures over-the-top, tongue in cheek WiP flick. Girl driving the getaway car when her boyfriend commits a robbery is sent to reform school for three years.
47) Where's My Man To-nite (Marching On!) (1943) (Rewind) - An "all colored cast" movie written and directed by Spencer Williams. Young guy's fiancee breaks up with him because he doesn't want to join the army and he's jealous of a soldier. After he gets drafted and screws up in bootcamp, he goes AWOL and has an adventure. The movie isn't very good, but there's lots of footage of extras who were most likely actual WWII era black soldiers, so it's worth a watch just for its historic value.


48) Beware (1946) (Rewind) - Louis Jordan gets stuck in a small town that just happens to be where he went to college. When he visits the college, he finds out that it will soon close, so he helps out by putting on a show. Really just an excuse for Louis Jordan and his band to perform a bunch of songs.
49) The Giant Behemoth (1959) - Radioactive waste dumped into the ocean creates a giant radioactive monster that threatens London.


50) The Flying Serpent (1946) - George Zucco plays an archeologist who found Montezuma's lost treasure, which is guarded by Quetzalcoatl. He uses the flying serpent to get rid of people who tick him off.


51) Yarasa adam - Bedmen (Turkish Batman & Robin) (1973) (YouTube) - Batman listens to a tape and gets a mission from his boss, then goes after a gang that's killing women, or something. It would've made more sense with English subtitles. This copy is much better than the one on
52) Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy (1976) - Group of women investigate after the sister of one of them is abducted and killed. Lots of familiar faces in this one. Just about everyone in it I recognized from some other, better movie.
53) King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) - A submarine runs into an iceberg, thawing out Godzilla, who heads to Japan. Meanwhile, a couple guys working for a pharmaceutical company capture King Kong and take him to Japan. Eventually the two monsters fight.


54) Olga's Girls (1964) - Audrey Campbell is back as madam and drug kingpin, Olga, still torturing prostitutes in her basement.
55) London in the Raw (1965) - "Documentary" about London in the '60s. Not much to see here, but the hair plugs operation scene was pretty disgusting.
56) Drive-In Delirium: Volume 1 (2010) - Disc 2: "Bad Muthas / Read 'Em Their Rights / Ninja Fu" - More trailers.


57) Groupie Girl (I Am a Groupie) (1970) - Teenage girl runs away from home, stowing away in the back of a band's van, and becomes a groupie. The twins from Twins of Evil are in a few scenes. Surprisingly good, depressing film.
58) Me, a Groupie (Ich - Ein Groupie / Higher and Higher) (1970) - Ingrid Steeger plays an English groupie who decides to follow a band to Berlin. She smuggles hash, rides with the Hell's Angels, and hooks up with a bunch of guys along the way. Much lighter than the last movie.


59) Prison Girls (1972) - The girls take a shower, have a cat fight, and then go on a weekend furlough and visit old friends. "Ushie Digard" was one of the prison girls and "Rick Loots" had a small part as a member of a motorcycle gang. This was originally released in 3D, so I tried to watch it in simulated 3D, but the copy I have was too washed out and most of the 3d effects didn't work.
60) Angela is the Fireworks Woman (The Fireworks Woman) (1975) - Slow-moving porn flick directed by Wes Craven. Angela is in love with her brother, the father at a nearby church. She gets whipped, goes sailing, is raped, screws a few people. Wes Craven was in the movie. I wasn't expecting that.
61) Come with Me My Love (1976) - Laconic porn flick directed by Doris Wishman. Ghost rapes a woman and kills anyone she has sex with. Viewers fall asleep.


62) Psychos in Love (1987) - Occasionally amusing comedy about two serial killers who meet and fall in love.
63) The Love Statue (1965) - Artist takes LSD, thinks a statue is alive, then later finds his girlfriend dead in his apartment.
64) Monsturd (2003) - A little girl tells her dad a bedtime story about a killer who escapes prison, hides in the same sewer where a mad scientist had just dumped his latest experiment, and turns into a shit monster. Really stupid horror comedy.
65) Retardead (2008) - Sequel to the last piece of crap. The girl tells her dad another story. This time the mad scientist performs experiments on some "mentally challenged" students. This started out okay, with some fake snack bar ads and trailers, but quickly turned into another Monsturd.
66) Pot Parents Police (The Cat Ate the Parakeet) (1972) - Young boy having problems at home meets a couple of hippies who turn him on to pot and wine. Not bad, sort of an After School Special type movie.


67) The Big Score (A Ton of Grass Goes to Pot) (1972) - A group of friends go to Mexico to get a ton of pot which they plan on smuggling back across the border using a hot air balloon. I started watching this yesterday, but shut it off and didn't get back to it until today. Turns out it fits both 4/20 themes, because out of nowhere, there's a weird nazi fantasy/dream sequence.
68) Sadomania (El infierno de la pasion) (1981) - Man and his wife on their honeymoon drive near a prison and are grabbed. The warden sends the man away and keeps the woman. Leave it to Jess Franco to make near-constant nudity, catfights, lesbianism, etc. boring.


69) The Dirt Gang (1972) - Dirt bike gang stumbles across a film crew shooting a western in the desert and proceeds to terrorize them. A bunch of familiar faces in this one. I think this was the fourth or fifth movie I've seen Uschi Digard in this month.
70) Drive-In Delirium: Volume 1 (2010) - Disc 3: "Nature Gone Wild / Stalk 'n Slash" - Tons of horror movie trailers in this one.
71) LSD-25 (1967), Your Amazing Mind (19??), Crime in the Streets (1972), The Prowler (1957) - A few educational shorts that were extras on a couple of DVDs I've recently watched. Chuck Norris is in Crime in the Streets for a few seconds.


72) The Black Godfather (1974) - Guy who runs criminal organization in black neighborhood tries to stop white criminals from selling heroin there.


73) Black Hooker (Street Sisters) (1974) - Oddball little film was really about the black hooker's white son who she left behind to be raised by her parents.
74) Girl on the Run (1953) - Reporter wanted for a murder he didn't commit, and his girlfriend (the girl in the title), hide out from the cops in a carnival.
75) The Naked Road (1959) - Model is kidnapped by Ronald Long (sort of a poor man's Sydney Greenstreet) who wants her to work as a whore.


76) Velvet Smooth (1976) - After a few attacks on his gang, a crime boss hires a female detective to investigate.
77) Super Soul Brother (The Six Thousand Dollar ******) (1978) - Two criminals, working with a scientist who has invented a serum that gives super strength but kills within a week, grab a wino to use as their guinea pig. Mostly just an excuse for Wildman Steve to tell a bunch of jokes, but I enjoyed it.


78) The Seventh Commandment (1961) - After a car accident, a guy gets amnesia and meets a traveling preacher. Seven years later, he's a successful fire & brimstone spouting faith healer when his sleazy girlfriend catches up to him and blackmails him.
79) Fear No More (1961) - Woman traveling by train is falsely accused of a murder and takes off to try to prove her innocence. Pretty good movie with a rather silly ending.
80) Fallguy (1962) - Teenager who witnesses a syndicate hit is arrested for the murder, then escapes and is chased by the hitman and a crooked cop.
81) Stark Fear (1962) - Woman married to an abusive, jealous asshole, can't decide if she wants to be rid of him after he says he wants a divorce and leaves, so she goes looking for him.


82) Jive Turkey (Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes) (1974) - Another black crimelord vs. white crimelord movie. I think I've seen it before, but it wasn't all that memorable.


83) Thunder and Lightning (1977) (YouTube) - Moonshine runner (David Carradine) and his girlfriend (Kate Jackson) take off after a load of bad liquor belonging to her dad (Roger C. Carmel). The two stars seemed a little old for their roles, but I liked it.
84) Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015) - Ian Ziering fights more tornado riding sharks. This one's pretty much an ad for Universal theme parks, with lots of product placement for various other stuff (even Archie comics!) thrown in. I think I liked this one better than the second one (which isn't saying much).


85) The Candy Tangerine Man (1975) - Pimp battles criminals and cops on his way to a big score. I figured I was probably in a for a good time when I saw C.D. La Fleuer in the opening credits. Luckily he had a substantial supporting role as one of the vice detectives who was after the main character.
86) Drive-In Delirium: Volume 1 (2010) - Disc 4: "An Eye For an Eye / Shaken Not Stirred / Pop the Clutch / Tune In. Turn On. Drop Out!" - Last disc in this huge set of trailers. A really fun collection. If you're a fan of drive-in flicks, you owe it to yourself to get a projector and a big screen and a big ol' set of trailers like this and just sit back and enjoy the ride.
87) Children of the Night (1985) - TV Movie allegedly based on actual events. Woman working on her dissertation about teenage prostitutes ends up turning her home into a halfway house.
88) Black Shampoo (1976) - Blaxploitation, sexploitation, crime drama, romantic comedy about a black hairstylist who runs into trouble with some gangsters.
89) Black Heat (1976) - A black cop and his white partner are after criminal mastermind Russ Tamblyn.
90) Stigma (1972) - A VD movie with a racism subplot (or vice versa). Philip Michael Thomas plays a doctor, just released from jail, who is called to a small island to help his mentor fight an epidemic.


91) Terminal Island (1973) - After the death penalty is abolished, convicted murderers are sent to live out their lives on an isolated island where two groups of convicts battle over the few female prisoners.
92) Nudes of the World (Nudes of All Nations) (1962) - Starts out with a beauty contest where Miss England wins thanks to of "her wonderful suntan." She tells the other girls that she's a nudist and they all decide to join her. Eventually they open their own camp, and later on they hold a nudist carnival, featuring among other activities, nude Bingo! Apparently volleyball "is a popular game in nudist camps." Who knew?
93) Take Off Your Clothes and Live (1963) - Frightfully boring travelogue following a bunch of women traveling to a nudist island in the south of France.
94) Swinging Barmaids (1975) - (CrypticTV) Detective William Smith investigates the killings of a few waitresses. Easily the worst video presentation I've seen this month. This often pixelated, wobbly, oddly pulsating copy of a third or fourth generation VHS copy with burnt-in Dutch subtitles was barely watchable.
95) Hillbilly Blitzkrieg (1942) - Private Snuffy Smith is among the soldiers guarding an experimental radio-controlled rocket from spies.
96) Kyonyû doragon: Onsen zonbi vs sutorippâ 5 (The Big Tits Dragon) (2010) - A group of dancers finds The Book of the Dead in a basement under the theater where they are performing. One of them reads out of it and revives the dead. Then we get Japanese porn stars killing zombies for an hour or so.


97) Le déclic (The Click / The Turn-On) (1985) - Guy's mad at his boss for whatever reason and takes it out on the boss's wife using a box that makes the wife horny whenever he turns the dial on the box. There's Milo Manara art in the end credits.
98) Sex in the Comics (1972) - Live action recreations of "Tijuana Bibles." Ric Lutze as "Dogwood" had me Includes several shots of panels from "Tijuana Bibles" and comic strips from the '30s and '40s.

First time views: 88
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