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Re: The 11th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Threa

*= first time viewing
blue= personal BluRay
red= personal DVD
green= streaming
orange= theatrical presentation

September 30th

* 1. The Green Inferno: 1 and a half stars.
This had potential as I do enjoy some of Eli Roth's work, but man was this hard to get through at times. The comment about the main female character being white (she really didn't look white), the annoying characters (hardly any was likable), the ending, etc. just made the movie annoying to watch and you wanted them all dead. I will say, the way the tribe looked was nice watching on the big screen. Whoever Eli hired to do that, he needs to keep on his team.

2. They: 1 star
Since I gave The Green Inferno 1.5 stars, I couldn't say this movie was better and gave it a one. This movie just continued to drag and I was tempted just to shut it off. The monsters do look pretty cool, but Laura Regan just isn't someone who can pull this off. Had some interesting moments, but the actors just don't bring the idea and story to life. There is potential, but it just never delivers.

October 1st

3. Sleepy Hollow: 3 stars
Movie started out pretty slow, outside of a few nice kills from the Headless Horseman. Was going to give it 2.5 out of 5, but near the end really picked up. Love the witch craft in the movie, the costumes, and the nice killing. Story was so-so, but once you get to the last 30 or so minutes, your eyes become glued to the TV to see what happens next. And always nice to see a young Johnny Depp in film.

* 4. Night of the Demon: 1 star
This was so bad. Outside of 80's music and some ok kills for the time period, this was trash. Movie just continues to drag and while there were some fun flashbacks, overall, this movie should be skipped and never mentioned again. Waste of time.

* 5. Burying the Ex: 3 stars
Started off a bit slow (really disliked the main character's half brother) but ended up being a really funny horror comedy. Not a lot of horror until maybe the last 20 minutes or so when things go pretty dark, but if you are looking for good horror comedy, this is worth a look. Always enjoyed Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene was fun and fell in love with Alexandra Daddario (I actually take that back. Looking up her credits, HATED her in Texas Chainsaw 3D but True Detective and San Andreas made me a fan of hers. Plus she's doing a movie with Kate Upton).

* 6. The Omen (1976): 3 stars
Finally got around to seeing this. I know it is considered a classic and I love Mister Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird, but I felt he wasn't as good in this as the classic literary tale. There was some decent acting, but I felt it had some parts that did drag. For the time, the beheadings and killings were cool, but it just shows what technology has done in the forthcoming years. Kid was a bit creepy at times, but felt, for the AntiChrist, he could have done more. Left me a bit unsatisfied, but still worth a watch.

October 2nd

7. Tales from the Darkside: The Movie: 2 and a half stars
This movie was so-so. It had a really good opening, Lot 249 and then drops in quality. Cat from Hell was ok as was Lover's Vow but nothing too memorable. The in between parts with the boy and witch was kind of lame, but overall it was a decent film, but Creepshow is still the better of these types of films.

* 8. Asylum of the Dead: 2 stars
Interesting flick. The kids at the start are annoying and so bad. However, once you get to the people filming, you can tell they actually have some experience. Loved J. Larose in this. Hope he gets more roles. Interesting to know that Michael Rooker directed this. Besides some bad casting choices (probably not on him), for a director, he isn't bad. Better than most indy films. However, movie doesn't have many scares and nothing to remember. But the movie isn't as terrible as reviews have it.

* 9. The Happiness Of The Katakuris: 1 and a half stars
I really don't know what I was watching. It's unique, that's for sure, but not something I would go out of my way to watch or have people watch. I was ok with some of the songs, but it just didn't give out the horror vibe. Some of the characters weren't likeable or enjoyable either and I hope they had died (which they didn't). Looked better making this film than actually watching it.

October 3rd

* 10. Frankenstein (1931): 3 stars
Love me some Frankenstein. Amazing acting and set, but there were a lot of dead parts in the film, even for being just over an hour. Loved the ending, loved the monster, but the parts without the monster were pretty much boring. Personally, I'd rather watch Young Frankenstein as I find it more enjoyable.

* 11. The Mummy (1932): 2 and a half stars
While the acting was really good, the story itself wasn't as good as expected. I knew most of the story, but it just couldn't hold my attention and wasn't as scary as I had hoped. Again, wonderful acting and for the time, great set, just focusing on the story, I lost interest.

* 12. The Invisible Man (1933): 4 stars
I thought this was a lot of fun. It gets your attention from the start and besides a few snags, keeps your attention. The Invisible Man is a man that wants to make people go crazy and to kill. This is something I love! It's a rollercoaster of a ride and probably one of the best Universal films out there.

* 13. The Taking of Deborah Logan: 3 and a half stars
This was a lot better than expected. Even with 4 stars on Netflix, you can never be 100% sure. I have liked Anna Ramsay on Secret Life and Dexter so that's why I gave this a chance. While found footage films have been done to death, the idea of studying someone with Alzheimer's is interesting. Spoiler, I really thought Harris would have been part of Henry Desjardins team, who looked like Alfred in the Dark Knight Batman series, but I was wrong on that account. The middle towards the end does drag a but, but overall, start is really good as is the end part, though I hate how they do endings like that. And kudos to the character of Gavin as it is about time someone smartens up and gets the hell out of there once trouble keeps happening.

* 14. Odd Thomas: 5 stars
My favorite movie thus far. I really love the book (need to read some of the newer sequels) and thought the movie did a lot of justice to it. I feel like Anton Yelchin played Odd to a T and is a very talented actor while I adore who they had as Stormy, Addison Timlin, who is a knockout (and is friends with Miss Taylor Swift I found out). But they didn't write her character like the novel, which is a small disappointment and why it didn't get the full 5 stars. Bummer it was panned and probably will never have another film as it is a damn good character.

* 15. Creep: 3 stars
I'll give this 3 stars as I did enjoy this for the most part. Had some creepy elements and then it held its ground until the end, which you KNEW was going to happen, but you may be shocked at how. My biggest pet peeve is basically the guy holding the camera. Pete from The League was believable as he's a creep and fool on the show, but the guy holding the camera is one of biggest idiots ever, and that's including those dumb guys and girls in typical crappy horror films. The decisions and his actions are something that you want to scream at them at which is why I can't give this a higher score.

16. The Wicker Man: (1973) 3 and a half stars
I really enjoyed this film as I thought Christopher Lee was perfect in his role, the police officer played the Christian role to a T, and the lead blonde woman was smoking hot. I have no idea how the officer did not get with her other than he held onto his Christian morals better than most. The singing wasn't too bad either. I remember my first viewing that I hated this, but it grew on me. They played the officer like a fiddle as well. Could have had a bit more scares and drama, but overall, a really decent film.

October 4th

* 17. The Den: 3 stars
I thought this was well done and before Unfriended, this movie had the entire shot on webcam, phone, etc. I was entertained, even for a found footage film. The actors were believable and something like this, while highly unlikeable, there is always a chance for it to happen. The only bad parts were, as always, police don't believe you while the friends think you are crazy and some of the camera angles sucked. Otherwise, good acting and a decent story. Wish there was a bit more of a backstory, but it happens.

* 18. The House October Built: 1 and a half stars
It's an interesting theory, to tour the world for the best and scariest haunted houses. And that part was entertaining, but it just kind of falls flat with the workers and the ending just falls flat. Nothing too memorable or exciting about this film at all.

* 19. The Sisterhood of Night: 2 stars
The two lead actresses, Georgie Henley and Kara Hayward, make the film. I just wish there was more head to head battle between the two girls, which given the circumstances of the film, there should have been. It does have a sad ending which brings up the topic of cyber bullying. Overall, I just don't think the movie knew which way they were going and it kind of falls flat. Would have enjoyed more conflict towards the middle to really give it that extra push at the end.

20. Lizzie Borden Took an Ax: 2 stars
Thought the movie was interesting with some good to decent acting, but overall, the movie just kind of went flat. No huge motive but some questions about it (was Lizzie in love with her dad/wanted to be touched by him/did he touch her/jealous of her step-mom) but they did paint a picture of Lizzie not being right in the head. Not too much on the actual family, though. Some brutal scenes, but not a whole lot of closure. Overall a so-so movie.

* 21. Bad Ronald: 2 stars
This movie had a good premise and idea, but because it is in the 70's, it doesn't hold up too well and didn't give a lot of information involved Ronald and the sudden death of his mother. Just like Lizzie Borden, the movie just isn't too memorable or exciting, like typical made for TV movies.

October 5th

* 22. Damien: Omen II: 1 and a half stars
This movie was pretty dry and the kid actors were terrible. Very forgettable and easily could pass over. Some ok scenes, but just nothing exciting like the first film.

23. We Are What We Are: 2 and a half stars
This movie had a way better payoff than the build. Mainly giving the rating due to the ending. Sex scene was interesting as well. Very interesting story with some good actors, but the script does get dry leading to the build up and payoff at the end.

* 24. The Shrine: 1 star
I have no idea what this movie was going for. Outside of some brutal scenes of a mask hammered to face, there isn't anything memorable or amazing about this film.

* 25. Zombies of Mass Destruction: 1 and a half stars
Thought the gay couple was the most interesting part of the movie. Otherwise, pretty boring. Would have been nice if the lead actress showed some skin (that would be exciting) but otherwise, gay couple and lots of blood were the only good parts of the movie.

October 6th

* 26. Cold Prey: 4 stars
Probably my most favorite of the subset list so far. Interesting to watch a different culture react, say things a certain way, as well as do things a certain way. Good tension, lots of realistic things that people would do (I would have bolted too), but ending fell a bit flat as you don't learn much about the monster. Otherwise, really good film.

October 7th

27. The Mist: 3 stars
I enjoyed it and it was fun watching The Walking Dead actors before they blew up. Interesting story and concept, especially watching it in black & white. My only problem, like others, is the ending. Seemed like a rash decision, not a whole lot of emotion (where is the screaming) and could have had more conflict there.

October 8th

* 28. Eyes Without a Face: 5 stars
I really enjoyed this film. A few moments that were questionable or didn't explain too much, but the overall tone and style of the movie was amazing as was the acting. This is easily one of the better films to watch and will leave you freaked out. And probably was the influence of Face/Off which I also enjoyed.

October 9th

* 29. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead: 3 stars
While I am over the whole zombie phase, this was an interesting movie. Kind of felt like I was watching two different movies as the style for the brother storyline off in the land was different than the whole Dr./sister thing happening, which I think the Dr./sister storyline was much better and interesting. Loved how much of a badass the sister turned out to be and would love to see her continue to go on in the story.

* 30. The Stepfather (1987): 5 stars
So far, my favorite movie of the challenge. The stepfather was creepy and disturbing, just perfect for this role. Had a lot of suspension and he made you scared just from watching. Interesting that there is a nudity scene with Jill Schoelen that was pretty random (just a random shower scene) but a win for all the ones watching. To me, there really isn't anything wrong with this movie.

31. The Stepfather (2009): 3 stars
Wasn't AS good as the original, but the acting and characters weren't too bad. Dad was still scary, but kind of miss the daughter being the main star instead of a son. Still worth a watch for a couple of scares, but the original is the way to go with this one.

* 32. Mockingbird (2009): 1 star
Unique idea, but the director makes the same types of movies where it leaves you wondering, people just did this for fun? Ending really made no sense (kind of like The Strangers) and it was really a waste of time. Glad I didn't buy this when I saw it. Liked the guy playing the clown and the other actors were ok, just storywise, nothing memorable or exciting.

October 10th

* 33. Horror Express: 2 stars
While I enjoyed the actors, felt this movie kind of just dragged and there wasn't a lot of entertainment to this film. Could have had a few more shocks and scares. It wasn't terrible, but wasn't the best film from anyone in the cast.

* 34. Stoker: 2 and a half stars
I thought the movie had some good acting and an interesting story, but the ending kind of ruined it for me. They could have went for a redeeming factor or all out crazy, but felt like they wanted to do both for no reason at all. Did have some creepy moments, but the ending killed it.

35. Curse of Chucky: 3 and a half stars
While some of the characters were just awful and I wanted them gone, I enjoyed what they did with Chucky and the story tying into the entire series. Nice cameos and was a lot of fun to watch. Really hoping we get more Chucky in the future.

October 11th

36. The Last House on the Left: (1972) 3 stars for movie, 1 star for actors commentary
I really enjoyed this film and enjoyed some of the acting. However, this turn, I watched the actors commentary and it was awful. They just dissed on everyone, Fred Lincoln sounds like a douchebag who thinks he has sex with everyone, and really there is nothing good about listening to those jerks talk. Probably one of my worst decisions of the challenge.

* 37. Straw Dogs (original): 2 stars
Enjoyed the acting, but the characters were just made to be awful. There was no one to cheer for and the actions they did were very questionable. I'm not sure why there is a lot of praise to this movie. I could think of better revenge movies.

* 38. Straw Dogs (remake): 2 and a half stars
Personally I found this better than the original. While the acting wasn't as good (still some decent performances), at least there was some characters you could cheer for and fixed a couple of mistakes I had with the film. Strange ending, but just a bit better than the original.

October 12th

* 39. Dr. Terror's House of Horrors: 4 stars
Truly amazing acting and most of the endings were fun that made you think. Writing was top really good as well. Wasn't scary, but the typical stuff you read in kid's horror story books. Def worth a watch as it is a fun ride for all the different stories.

* 40. Haunt: 3 and a half stars
This had a really good ghost story feel to it. Characters were pretty good and while you could kind of guess the ending (maybe not the entire thing, but you had a thought or two), they pulled it off pretty well. A couple of loose ends about certain topics, but overall, a good scare and a good story.

* 41. Housebound: 3 stars
Kind of reminded me of Bad Ronald but instead of being evil, he helped. Wasn't too bad of a film with some laughter. Scared to see the American remake when it comes out, though. Likeable characters, some good laughs, and a few scares. Worth the watch.

October 13th

42. Texas Chainsaw 3D: 1 and a half stars
Annoyed with this when I saw it in theaters (one of my favorite franchises) but second viewing, wasn't as painful. Still not a good film and it is completely filled with cheesy lines, but the beginning is pretty cool (throw it back to the older stars) and some of the kills are good. But those awful lines and Leatherface throwing his chainsaw (really???) just make me dislike this film soooo much.

* 43. An American Ghost Story: 1 and a half stars
Nothing memorable or exciting about this film. I honestly cannot remember much about this film, which isn't a good thing. Easily skip this movie without any thought. Wish I had done the same.

44. The Addams Family: 5 stars
An amazing film that can be watched by the entire family. Great twists, amazing comedy and just wonderful acting. May not be scary, but love the gothic feel and just the fun that you get from watching this.

October 14th

* 45. Nightbreed: 2 and a half stars
I watched the Director's Cut and thought the beginning was amazing. Loved the concept of the monsters and how they looked as well as the story. However, as time ticked on, the movie got off track and it was hard to follow and keep up with everything. Mister Barker has an amazing mind for f'd up creatures and land, but he just can't get his ideas to produce a coherent story for an entire movie. Still worth a watch at least for the first 30 minutes or so.

* 46. Exeter: 2 and a half stars
Film started out slow, but it picks up. Interesting twists, possessions, and a few laughs. Film just gets pretty messed up and a bit hard to follow at times, but overall, a film worth watching once. Director is the guy who remade Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th which are both decent films. Not as good as those, but for the budget, still a decent film.

* 47. The Stranger: 1 and a half stars
Man, Eli Roth is just not having a good time for me lately. I like his wife (very beautiful) but the story is boring and the acting just isn't there. Loved Cabin Fever but he just hasn't made a movie in quite some time that I have enjoyed.

* 48. Intruders: 2 and a half stars
Some parts did drag and were a bit boring, but there was a decent twist and tie in between the two stories. Easily worth a watch once. Some may actually enjoy it while others might find a bit boring. Might be better in the second watch when you know all the details of the story.

October 15th

* 49. Contracted: 2 and a half stars
Decent acting, but if you miss the very beginning, like the entire shot, you may not know what is happening throughout the film. Not much detail about the disease and what is going on, which is pretty frustrating. Lots of scenes to make you squirm or look away. Decent film and worth a watch, but that's about it.

* 50. Clownhouse: 2 stars
Decent film, but something that has done before (and much better). Still, a decent clown movie with kids and if you are scared of clowns or the pre-teen or under age, this is a decent film to watch to introduce you to the horror scene.

* 51. Screamtime: 1 and a half stars
This was dull and extremely boring. I lost interest throughout the film. Had no idea what the tie in was and nothing made me interested in what was happening. Outside a cool puppet, this dragged forever. Much better anthology films out there.

October 16th

* 52. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night: 3 stars
This movie was interesting, I just don't know if it is good interesting or bad interesting. There were a couple of scary images or scenes in the film, but it is truly a slow burn with a romantic overtone to it. Visually, it's beautiful. Has a good soundtrack and the acting is good. The story and drawing us in, not so much. A lot of the characters I hated and I enjoyed watching them go down, but the people that live, there's not a real emotional connection with them. The story really doesn't go anywhere. The movie kind of just ends and that is it. It leaves you empty.

* 53. Mr. Jones: 2 stars
This started out really good. Had a good feel to it, but that last 30 minutes killed the movie and made you think you wasted your time. An interesting documentary about nature and then about a man which turns into a dreamland vs here in the now type of movie that makes you think you are on a acid trip. If the last 30 minutes were different, this could have been special.

* 54. Megan is Missing: 2 stars
Another film that was interesting, but then the last 30 minutes killed it. While I didn't care for the party scene (watching "15 year olds blow other 15 year olds" isn't my type of thing) it had an interesting premise. Teenagers on chat rooms falls for a guy that pretends to be someone they are not and danger happens. Just the ending was, while disturbing, kind of annoying. The lead actress just wasn't believable, which killed it.

* 55. Crimson Peak: 4 and a half stars
Amazing film. Great acting and was so beautiful to watch. Very interesting story and the only thing that bugged me was the lead actress falling down from the top floor, hitting her back on a staircase and then down on some snow below. To me, she wouldn't be able to walk. But somehow she makes it up and is able to fend off the attacks. To me, that was awful to watch. Otherwise, wonderful film that needs to be seen.

October 17th

* 56. The House by the Cemetery: 2 and a half stars
Decent film with some good nudity at the start as well as a nice kill. However, bits and parts don't go together too well and it's a bit of a mess. Kid is also pretty annoying. Still, there are fun and creepy moments in the film that makes it worth a watch at least once.

* 57. The Quiet Ones: 2 stars
Another interesting story, but the ending was kind of flat. Had some good scares and the acting was decent (for the most part), but how everything tied together was kind of lame and didn't make a whole lot of sense. And the ending felt like it was just a way to continue the story and make a sequel. No thanks.

* 58. A Haunted House 2: 3 stars
First off, if you don't like Marlon Waynes, you won't like this. Is it a dumb movie? Yes. Is it crude humor? Yes. But damnit, I was laughing my ass off. I loved the dig at the Scary Movie franchise and how it got bad without the Waynes, which is true. Found it funny that Marlon was having sex with the doll. Lots of funny and crude jokes, which I loved. If that is your humor, you will love this. If not, stay far away.

* 59. The Damned: 1 and a half stars
Interesting story, if you read the plot and what happens. However, watching it done on film, not so much. Not the greatest of acting or recording. Pretty boring and easy to get lost. Not the greatest of films to watch. Probably better as a book than movie.

October 18th

* 60. Stigmata: 2 stars
As a person that believes in Christianity this movie made me cringe a few times. Sometimes because of the visuals, but also because of how misleading and bad it was. The biggest issue (besides the whole stigmata thing itself) is that I don't think a priest would go into a body of another human being. It's a slow burn movie with some good visuals and kind of ok acting at times, but the religious side of this is just so bad and if I wasn't a believer, would be laughable.

* 61. Alone with Her: 2 and a half stars
Nice nudity, good suspense, and decent acting. However, not Colin Hank's finest film. Some of the shots were bad, some things not really explained, and no real reason for why Hanks does what he does. Average film, might be worth a watch if you enjoy a stalker film or Hanks.

* 62. Mercy: 2 stars
Decent ghost film but whoever told Chandler Riggs he could act should be tortured. Some boring parts throughout the film and not the best acting by the cast (Dylan McDermott and Mark Duplass have had better films) but it is an interesting story once they get into it. Still, very messy script and doesn't really explain a lot about what is going on.

* 63. R.L. Stine's Monsterville Cabinet of Souls: 2 and a half stars
Love the clown and makeup for the monsters. When they got to the actual people in the horror show, that was fun and had a few good jumps. However, the actors just aren't that strong and you could tell what was happening a mile away. Still, a decent film for the kids, but overall, average movie at best.

October 19th

* 64. Dance of the Dead: 2 stars
There's some funny moments (like zombies skyrocketing out of their graves and freshly turned zombies making out) but overall, this movie has way too many one dimensional characters and simply loses its appeal as this type of thing has been done before and much better. There's much better comedy zombie romance teenage films out there. Skip this.

* 65. Mad Monster Party?: 5 stars
Amazing film and I am deeply saddened this was my first time seeing it. I've been missing out. The team behind Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer can do no wrong. Lots of fun, great animation, and lots of adult humor. This is a must watch for anyone.

* 66. The Harvest: 3 stars
This was pretty spooky. You had a feeling SOMETHING was up, but just couldn't place your finger on it. Samantha Morton did an amazing job as well as the rest of the cast. Some jumbled parts here and there, but easily worth a watch or two.

October 20th

* 67. What We Do in the Shadows: 3 stars
I thought it was a well done movie that was clever with good music and acting. It's an interesting take on vampires and werewolves. The beginning was just a bit too slow, which made the movie, as short as it is, seem kind of long. There wasn't too much of a hook or anything to draw you in right away. Outside of that, it was pretty funny and interesting. Worth a watch.

68. Oculus:3 stars
I've watched this in theaters and it took me a bit of time to remember it, which is a good thing. It is a very interesting story, but the ending and pay off just falls a bit flat. They could have done it a bit stronger instead of making the guy look crazy once again. You feel bad for him, especially with the pressure from his sister. Some scary moments, but again, some of the plot is a mess. Still, worth a watch at least once as it is a bit different than the average horror film.

* 69. Martha Marcy May Marlene: 3 stars
Another one that got some good reviews but felt it didn't live up to the reviews. Had a couple of scares and WTF moments, Olsen did do a decent job, but the plot just kind of flies all over the place and doesn't have much of an ending. While I'm ok with open endings, if I invest time in something, I do want some sort of payoff. This one just didn't do it for me.

70. You're Next: 2 and a half stars
Not as bad as I remembered it as I hated it when I saw it in theaters. This time, while the acting still bugged the hell out of me, the story wasn't AS bad as I remember. The lead actress still kicked major ass, but I remember when the biggest praise was about how finally we got a female lead chick that did damage (Evil Dead to me did a better job). But still, the death scenes are amazing and that alone is why this should be watched.

October 21st

* 71. Creature From the Black Lagoon: 2 stars
It's an interesting story and I'm sure it was really good for the time period, but nowadays, it just isn't that good of a film. It's a bit dull and slow. The acting isn't as good as most of the Universal monster films nor as scarier. Maybe a modern adaption that is rumored to happen will spice it up a bit.

* 72. The Awakening: 2 and a half stars
Interesting ghost story, but kind of loses appeal towards the middle and is a bit of a mess. Has an interesting ending and makes you wonder, though the director does state what happens in an interview. Might be worth another watch wide awake and knowing what the director had in mind for the end.

* 73. Life After Beth: 3 stars
I thought this was pretty funny. I like the main actors, though the parents of Beth, not so much. It's why I didn't buy it from Walmart when I saw it. However, watching it, much better than I expected. Had a few questions that they didn't answer, but going in knowing what it is, it is a good time.

October 22nd

* 74. Ghost of Goodnight Lane: 2 stars
Good cast (Lacey Chabert, Danielle Harris, and Brina Palencia) but story was eh. It is your typical trashy horror independent film. I may have to rewatch this again, now knowing who is in it, but the story felt kind of like a mess and it wasn't the greatest of endings. Maybe watch it just for the people mentioned, otherwise skip it. Not to mention it has a random Charles Manson name drop, ugh.

75. Devil: 3 and a half stars
Very decent acting and an interesting story. If it is your first time, it isn't extremely predictable of who is doing what. There is a decent backstory as well. However, the ending is eh. I was hoping for a bit more chaos instead of forgiveness and leaving it at that. Otherwise, it was enjoyable, even for a second watch (which it has been a while, so forgot who the killer was).

* 76. The Sitter: 2 and a half stars
Otherwise known as While the Children Sleep is a Lifetime Network made for TV film. This was pretty decent, for what it is. I don't think the main character is as HOT as they make her out to be, but it has a couple of jumps and interesting plot. The plot doesn't make a whole LOT of sense, still a lot of story that could have been dug up for the main star, but for a made for TV film, it is watchable.

77. District 9: 3 and a half stars
More enjoyable the second time I've watched this. Still some parts drag and make it a bit boring, but it's an interesting take on aliens and how we treat one another. Easily worth a watch and the aliens look pretty awesome. Sad that there isn't a sequel to this yet as I would be on board.

October 23rd

* 78. Pontypool: 3 stars
Very interesting and love the premise of it. Shock jock turned radio host hyping up danger. Reminds me of this talk radio show my friend listens to. Loved the acting as well. Just felt the story kind of died towards the middle of the end and there wasn't much of a closure or a reason as to why it was going on which is why it gets 3 out of 4+.

* 79. Return to Sender: 3 stars
I love Rosamund Pike. She is an amazing actress. And the rest of the cast wasn't too bad. It's an interesting rape/revenge type movie, which there are a lot of. The way Rosamund's character takes a turn, though, and some of the writing makes it just a 3 star movie. Check it out for Rosamund, but that's about it.

* 80. Dark Summer: 2 stars
Decent acting and so-so story, but left a lot of plot holes. Like how he got into trouble stalking when the girl actually liked him. And the whole curse thing. Lots of holes which left a bitter taste in the mouth. Still, it was fun for a bit and ok acting, so it wasn't too terrible.

* 81. Shakma: 2 stars
Thought the first 30 or so minutes was a lot of fun, but then somewhere along the movie just crapped out after the first 1-2 kills. Interesting idea with a monkey and doctors playing an RPG game inside the hospital, but after the gimmick, it doesn't know where to go. Such a shame too as I was really enjoying the start.

October 24th

82. The Terror: 1 star
You would think a movie with Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson would be amazing, but this isn't. It's slow, boring, and one loses interest way too fast. Maybe it was the rushed production or just a bad script, but there is nothing good to this film outside the names.

* 83. The Bride of Frankenstein: 2 and a half stars
It's an interesting movie, but really thought, this being titled with the word Bride, there would be more to that. Sadly, there's not a whole lot of scenes with the bride of the monster, but I guess you can say there is of the bride of Dr. Frankenstein. There's some good scenes with the monsters, but the pacing seems a bit off and it doesn't really get good until the end. Still a classic film to watch, but not one of the better Universal films in my opinion.

* 84. The Wolf Man (1941): 2 and a half stars
Some good scares and interesting for its time. There's just nothing too memorable that stays with you (maybe it's because, after 80+ horror films, things begin to blur together). But nonetheless, it's a good story, but needs to pick up the pace just a bit.

* 85. Phantom of the Opera: 2 stars
I was hoping this film would be scary and have some frightening moments as, while I have heard about this before, it was my first time viewing this. However, it was more of a comedy (Anatole and Raoul easily stole the show with their comedy) and it wasn't much horror. And the singing, while I understand Opera, just didn't sound amazing to me.

86. The Conjuring: 3 stars
Not as great as I remembered, but still some really good scary scenes and acting. Maybe it has lost its appeal since the first time I watched it, but still a decent haunting film.

October 25th

87. Annabelle: 2 stars
I remember watching it in theaters and not being too impressed. Watching it again, I have the same opinion. It's a decent story with decent acting, but nothing amazing compared to when I first watched The Conjuring. It seems like this was kind of rushed and just thrown out there by demand. It could have been a lot scarier and a much better movie, but instead we get a mediocre story without it being based on much of a true story, which I was hoping for.

October 26th

* 88. Next of Kin:

October 27th

89. Paranormal Activity 3: 3 stars
I enjoyed learning the story of Katie and Kristi as they were kids. Yes, it is the same scares and what not, but being a fan of the story, I felt they expanded on a few things (and one of the main questions in that film was answered in The Ghost Dimension. And the acting wasn't too bad either. One of the better Paranormal Activity films in the series.

90. Paranormal Activity 4: 1 and a half stars
This was probably one of the worst in the franchise (until The Ghost Dimension). Acting was so-so, but this didn't do much to expand on the series and left a LOT of unanswered questions in the series (why was Wyatt/Hunter adopted, who is Robbie, why introduce a new family, etc). It would have been an ok film, but with this being the 4th in the series, it didn't do much for the story and left a lot of questions.

91. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones: 2 and a half stars
With this being a spinoff, I didn't expect a whole lot and thus, I wasn't disappointed. It was a decent film, for a spinoff, and added a bit to the story. The acting was ok and the story wasn't too bad. Had a lot of promise had they been able to continue with this (which they sadly did not).

* 92. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension: 1 and a half stars
I honestly would have given this more praise, but with this being the final film in the franchise, it did not live up and deliver as promised. One kind of expected that as, before this was announced as the end, it was mentioned this needed 3 films to tie everything together to end it. But nope, we were promised this would give the answers and it did not. Decent story and acting, but so many questions left unanswered that when the credits hit, one has a sour taste in the mouth for being a fan of the series for so long.

October 28th

* 93. Subject Two:

October 29th

94. Drag Me to Hell:

* 95. Alien Abduction:

October 30th

96. Pet Sematary:

* 97. Under the Skin:

* 98. Spring:

October 31st

99. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Original):

100. It:

101. Shutter Island:

102. The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Select 10 actors:
--- Lionel Atwill -or- Jack Palance -
--- Linda Blair -or- Billy Drago -
--- Marilyn Burns -or- Heather Langenkamp -
--- Jodelle Ferland -or- Emmanuelle Vaugier - They
--- Gunnar Hansen -
--- Irwin Keyes (R.I.P.) -or- Patrick Macnee (R.I.P.) -
--- Monique Gabrielle -or- Laura Gemser -
--- Macarena Gómez -or- Mary Elizabeth Winstead -or- Christina Ricci - Sleepy Hollow
--- Anne Gwynne -or- Elsa Lanchester -or- Anne Nagel -
--- Richard Johnson (R.I.P.) -or- Michael Rooker - Asylum of the Dead
--- Udo Kier -
--- Christopher Lee (R.I.P.) - Sleepy Hollow
--- Traci Lords -or- Robert Picardo -or- Sam Neil -
--- Harriet Medin -or- Alida Valli -
--- Dick Miller - Burying the Ex
--- Betsy Palmer (R.I.P.) -or- "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (R.I.P.) -or- Alex Rocco (R.I.P.) -
--- Michael Pataki -or- Angelo Rossitto -
--- Andrew Prine -or- George Zucco -
--- Debbie Rochon -
--- Tom Towles (R.I.P.) -or- Robert Z'Dar (R.I.P.) -

Select 2 film composers:
--- Richard Band -
--- Fabio Frizzi -or- Jerry Goldsmith -
--- James Horner (R.I.P.) -or- Paul Zaza -
--- Fernando Velázquez -or- Christopher Young -

Select 5 directors:
--- Al Adamson -or- Eddie Romero -
--- Charles Band -
--- Jeff Burr -
--- Roy Ward Baker -or- Don Sharp -
--- Darren Lynn Bousman -or- Neil Jordan -
--- Edward L. Cahn -or- William Beaudine -
--- Wes Craven (R.I.P.) - The Last House on the Left
--- Mario Caiano (R.I.P.) -or- Ryûhei Kitamura -or- León Klimovsky -
--- Lloyd Kaufman -or- Andy Milligan -
--- Eli Roth - They Green Inferno

Select 2 makeup effects artists:
--- John Chambers -or- Giannetto De Rossi -
--- Sergio Stivaletti -
--- Chris Wallace -
--- Kevin Yagher -

Select 2 producers:
--- Chris Bender -or- Joel Silver -
--- Mark Burg -or- Rob Tapert - Texas Chainsaw 3D
--- Michael Carreras -
--- Roy Lee -or- Irwin Yablans -

Select 2 writers:
--- Clive Barker - Nightbreed
--- Adrián García Bogliano -or- James Wan - The Conjuring
--- Simon Barrett -or- Eduardo Sánchez - You're Next
--- David Cronenberg -

Select 30 of the following sub-genres / types:
--- *3-D Film - Texas Chainsaw 3D
--- Anthology Film - Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
--- Appears on BFI's 100 European Horror Films List -
--- Appears on Video Nasties List - Night of the Demon
--- Based on a Novel - Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
--- Cannibalism - The Green Inferno
--- Cinema Inspired By: Stephen King - Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
--- Cinematic Titanic / Horror Host / MST3K / RiffTrax -
--- Comedy / Spoof - Burying the Ex
--- Criterion / Masters of Cinema Version Film - Eyes Without a Face
--- Death by: Drowning - They
--- Distributor / Studio: Arrow Video - The Happiness Of The Katakuris
--- Documentary -
--- Extraterrestrial / Takes Place in Space -
--- Found Footage - The Taking of Deborah Logan
--- Frankenstein - Frankenstein
--- From a Face Off Judge (Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, Neville Page Patrick Tatopoulos or Michael Westmore) -
--- Ghost / Haunting - Asylum of the Dead
--- Giallo -
--- J-Horror -
--- Killer / Evil Animal - Shakma
--- Killer / Evil Child - The Omen
--- Killer / Evil Doll - Curse of Chucky
--- Made-for-TV Movie - Lizzie Borden Took an Ax
--- Monster / Creature Feature / Godzilla - Night of the Demon
--- Mummy - Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
--- Musical / Rock ‘n Roll Horror
--- Nation of Origin: Canada, 2 - Pontypool
--- Nazi -
--- Psychological - They
--- Rape / Revenge - The Green Inferno
--- Slasher / Psycho / Homicidal Maniac - Creep
--- Takes Place on a Holiday - Burying the Ex
--- Takes Place on or Under the Sea -
--- Three Installments in a Franchise - The Omen
--- Vampire - Mad Monster Party?
--- Werewolf - The Wolfman
--- Witchcraft / Satanic / Religious - Sleepy Hollow
--- With Commentary - The Last House on the Left
--- With Two or More Horror Legends - Sleepy Hollow
--- Zombie - Burying the Ex

Watch films in at least three formats:
--- First format, Theater, The Green Inferno
--- Second format, Netflix, They
--- Third format, DVD, Asylum of the Dead

Watch films in at least three languages:
--- First language, English, The Green Inferno
--- Second language, Japanese, The Happiness Of The Katakuris
--- Third language, Norwegian, Cold Prey.

Select 8 decades of film history:
--- 1890 -
--- 1900 -
--- 1910 -
--- 1920 -
--- 1930 - Frankenstein
--- 1940 - Phantom of the Opera
--- 1950 - House of Wax
--- 1960 - Eyes Without a Face
--- 1970 - The Omen
--- 1980 - Night of the Demon
--- 1990 - Sleepy Hollow
--- 2000 - They
--- 2010 - The Green Inferno

Select 4 ratings:
--- G -
--- PG - R.L. Stine's Monsterville Cabinet of Souls
--- PG-13 - They
--- R - The Green Inferno
--- X / NC-17 -
--- Unrated - Asylum of the Dead
--- M -
--- GP -

Attend a live event (convention, play, haunted house, ghost tour, etc.):
--- (insert event). OPTIONAL

Venture Into the Literary World:
--- Read a Horror Novel or Novella (insert title). OPTIONAL
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