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Let the paranoia begin

Oct. 1st
1. Sleepy Hollow*
2. I Know What You Did Last Summer*
3. When a Stranger Calls (2006)*
4. The Covenant
5. MOH: Jenifer*

Oct. 2nd
6. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer*

Oct. 3rd
7. The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)*

Oct. 4th
8. Vacancy (2007)*

Oct. 5th
9. Disturbia

Oct. 6th

Oct. 7th
10. An American Haunting*
11. Resident Evil*

Oct. 8th
12. Urban Legend

Oct. 9th

Oct. 10th
13. Poltergeist*

Oct. 11th
14. Urban Legend 2:The Final Cut (ok I think I've seen this before, but it was so forgettable that I only remember watching a few minutes of it)

Oct. 12th
15. Shaun of the Dead*
16. Young Frankenstein

Oct. 13th
17. Final Destination
18. Scream*

Oct. 14th
19. Halloween*

Oct. 15th-17th
midterms, didn't get a chance to watch anything

Oct. 18th
20. Scream 2*

Oct. 19th

Oct. 20th
21. Halloween 2*

Oct. 21st
22. Beetlejuice
23. Psycho*

Oct. 22nd-26th

Oct. 27th
24. Poltergeist 2*

Oct. 28th-29th

Oct. 30th
25. Gremlins*
26. (WC) Buffy The Vampire Slayer-"Never Leave Me"* (just happened to be where we were in series before this challenge started)

Oct. 31st
27. (WC) It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
28. Scream 3*

*First time viewing

So I didn't hit my original goal, but I'm pretty happy with what I did. Would have liked to hit 31 but oh well, I'm pretty sick of these movies, but maybe next year I wont get sick, and can play around midterms better... we shall see! Thank you for hosting a great challenge, I watched a lot movies I never would have, and actually enjoyed them.
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