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re: PS4 Release Thread: Kill Launch App #Driveclub due October 2014!!!

Originally Posted by Gooter View Post
I think he agrees with this... that it was a terrible show. No good reveals at all.
I should clarify, I did DVR the show, and I watched the salient parts this morning. Obviously I skipped commercials and interviews of people in line.

No, I think an Uncharted 4 reveal is a pretty big deal, and so is the Destiny beta. Those will be two of the biggest games next year, and if that had been a new Gears or Halo announcement, the tone here would be entirely different.

I think that if you were excited for the PS4, the show was no more embarrassing than most other "pre-whatever" hype shows and had a few cool announcements along with a couple of new trailers. But if you were cynical about it, I'm sure it was the worst thing since the Star Wars Christmas special.

But whatever. The console itself seems pretty great, and it has all kinds of potential to grow over time.
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