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Re: The 6th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***The List Thread

My spot!

Challenge Comparison:

2010 Tally...............2009 Tally...............2008 Tally
17 Blu-rays...............19 Blu-rays...............08 Blu-rays
13 DVDs...................39 DVDs...................59 DVDs
37 DVR.....................37 DVR.....................11 DVR
52 Streaming.............18 Streaming.............20 Streaming
02 Theater................02 Theater................02 HD-DVD
01 Stage...................----------................-----------

Total First-Time Views: 111

Oct. 1

01. ☼ Pontypool - This is a film I read about a long time ago and had been wanting to watch ever since. I thought the concept was fascinating. People are turning into zombies, and it's being transmitted through language. I'm a writer/editor and love zombie films, so I thought this could be perfect. Well, not so much. It had its moments. It certainly wasn't bad, and it was refreshing to see a totally different take on the zombie story, but it just didn't end on a very good note for me. Overall, I don't think the film ever really rose to the concept, but it was interesting to watch nonetheless. DVR

Oct. 2

02. Prince of Darkness - I watched this last year and wanted to give it one more spin this year. Last year, I felt like it all went a bit over my head at times. Then again, I was on movie overload at that point. I know this film is much maligned by many, but I will stand by it. Like Pontypool, I respect that it wasn't content to just be another dumb horror movie. It actually makes you think. That can be rare in this genre. DVR

Oct. 3

03. ☼ The Stepfather (remake) - I wasn't expecting much from this one, and it delivered on that promise. I guess it wasn't as bad as I figured it would be. It doesn't come near the original, though. Like most of the recent remakes, this one is pretty toothless. It could have used a bit more brutality. I think it could have also used someone else in the stepfather role. I like Dylan Walsh; I just didn't see him as the crazy stepfather. DVR

04. ☼ The Shortcut - I was pretty shocked to see that this was produced by Adam Sandler. Huh. Overall, the film was pretty forgettable. The story is straight out of Horror Basics. Don't go down that shortcut because there's an old killer the town talks about who lives there. Pretty predictable stuff, even though it tried for a twist in the end. Yep, that was pretty predictable, too. DVR

05. ☼ Trauma - I was hoping for more with Argento directing. Overall, it was pretty ho-hum, though I did find the decapitations to be pretty unnerving. DVR

06. ☼ The Toxic Avenger - So this is the franchise that built Troma? I can't believe I hadn't seen this one before. It was gory fun. It was pretty bad (this is Troma after all) but in a really fun way. Streaming

07. ☼ Saw V - I know I've expressed this every challenge because every challenge I have watched at least one Saw film, but I'm just not a big fan of the franchise. I love gore and all that but something just has never clicked with me about this franchise. Still, I'm compelled to watch every single one of them. Maybe the 3D entry will be fun to view, but this was another boring entry in the Saw franchise for me. DVR

08. ☼ The House on Sorority Row - I'm pretty disappointed about this one. I'm usually a fan of horror films from this time. That's not to say it was bad; it just didn't do as much for me. It just never felt like this movie got moving. Streaming

Oct. 4

09. ☼ The Wolves of Kromer - Not good at all. There really wasn't much horror in this one. The hook of the film is that the "wolves" in the film are actually gay men. It's a pretty obvious statement on homophobia and discrimination. Blah, blah, blah. Maybe it would have been more effective if they had brought more horror into the movie. I mean, when your wolves are just guys with fur coats with tails on them, you're just not trying too hard. Streaming

10. ☼ The Collector (2009) - This was more like it. I know many people will compare this to Saw, but I enjoyed it a lot more. There was gore galore and some fiendish booby traps. There wasn't much to the plot, but if you just wanted to see some blood and violence, this might be a good call. DVR

11. ☼ The Witches of Eastwick - I don't know how I grew up in the '80s and never saw this film. I remember seeing and hearing so much about it during that time. Well, the film was certainly perfectly cast. Jack Nicholson is a hoot, as are the supporting ladies. It was pretty good and had some funny moments, but I don't see myself revisiting it too often. DVR

12. ☼ The Toxic Avenger Part II - Here we go again ... another entry in the Toxic Avenger series, but Toxie goes to Japan in this one. What can you say? The film is what it is. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as good as the first one. Streaming

13. ☼ October Moon - Another low-budget entry. I think there's a seed of an idea in this one, but the filmmakers -- and certainly the poor actors -- didn't know how to handle it. Two gay college students decide to take revenge on other stuck up college students through murder and abuse. Definitely an uncomfortable movie, but I think that has as much to do with the poor production values and acting than anything else. A word of caution: Netflix is missing about the last 30 minutes of this film. It just ends. Find it elsewhere if you're interested, though I wouldn't recommend it. Streaming

Oct. 5

14. ☼ The Beast of Yucca Flats (MST3K) - How can you go wrong with an MST3K selection? Answer: you can't. The movie was horrible, but the episode was pretty funny. This is a nice break from the regular horror that has been on tap. DVD

15. ☼ Severance - I read a description of this that it was like The Office mashed together with a slasher film. That's a pretty apt description, but the humor is not nearly as sharp. It leaves the film with a very uneven tone. It never quite succeeds as a comedy or as a horror film, although I thought it picked up some pace toward the end. DVR

16. ☼ Red Sands- Every challenge I record a bunch of unknown titles from Showtime and The Movie Channel, and every year I watch a lot of bad movies. This falls into the pretty bad category. It actually reminded me of a Korean film that we watched for the Horror Club here, but the name is escaping me. While this wasn't a remake, the Korean film was much better. DVR

17. ☼ I Sell the Dead - Well, at least this one was better than the usual stuff I record. Dominic Monaghan stars in this one. You might remember him as a hobbit or a junkie on Lost. This actually wasn't too bad. I had a couple of funny moments to it. It's not really scary, but it might be worth a rental for some people. DVR

Oct. 6

18. ☼ Halloween II (2009) - Yes, everything that everyone has said about this movie is true. It really is that bad. I'm NOT a Rob Zombie fan at all. I hated House of 1,000 Corpses and didn't care much for Devil's Rejects, though I do see it as an improvement. The first Halloween he directed I actually thought wasn't THAT bad. I think it might have liked it much better had it not been a Halloween remake and been able to do its own thing a bit more. So, I actually thought this movie could surprise me. Well, it did. I didn't think it could possible be as bad as it turned out to be. At times, it was just downright silly. Other times, it was just ridiculous. DVR

Oct. 7

19. ☼ The Thirst - Here we go with one of those modern takes on the vampire. Don't worry, though this movie has a romantic subplot at its heart, it's no Twilight. There was a lot of blood in this one. Not a completely toothless vampire entry, but it certainly doesn't rise to the top either. DVR

20. ☼ The Haunting of Molly Hartley - Just boring. I didn't expect much, but I thought I would at least be entertained a bit. I just really didn't find much to care about in this movie. DVR

21. ☼ Wrong Turn - Here's another franchise that I had never seen for whatever reason. I remember watching a few minutes of this on HBO or something one night and getting into it. I decided to save it for a time when I could watch the whole thing. Well, the whole wasn't as good as I thought it might be. I'll give it up some credit, though. I liked how intelligent the inbreds in the film were. They really knew how to hunt. Plus, I respected the fact that the movie didn't always go where I thought it might, and I don't even mean plot-wise, which was pretty standard. I guess an example of that for me would be the chase that happens up in the trees. It just seemed a very different set piece for a horror film. Blu-ray

22. ☼ Wrong Turn 2 - One of my biggest surprises so far. I'm not going to sit here and say it's a horror masterpiece or anything like that. It certainly cribs from a lot of other, better movies (Deliverance, Texas Chainsaw). But it was fun and gory. There were some really good kills, and it had Henry fuckin' Rollins. I think I actually preferred this one to the first one. Blu-ray

23. ☼ Wrong Turn 3 - This is certainly a step down from the first and second entries in this film. I didn't care about the characters or the story. There were some good kills, but it's not enough for me to recommend it. Blu-ray

Oct. 8

24. ☼ Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie - This was a big improvement over the second of the series. I liked the anti-corporation satire in the film, even if it was a bit silly. But hey, what do you expect from a Troma film? Streaming

25. ☼ Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger Part IV - This might be my second favorite of the series. It certainly felt like they were trying to throw everything out there for this one. The concept puts good Toxie in a bad world and bad Toxie in our world via a dimensional rift. It gets pretty zany and over the top, but that's everything I would expect. Streaming

26. ☼ Pandorum - I thought this film looked interesting from the previews. Well, it wasn't. It was pretty slow going for much of it, and then it was just pretty standard action scenes to fill up the rest of it. Not one I would recommend. I'm happy I recorded it rather than wasting a spot on my Netflix queue. DVR

27. ☼ The Toolbox Murders (1978) - I splurged on the Blu-ray just for this challenge. I guess it lives up to its reputation as a pretty sick film. It didn't really grab me until the last 30 minutes or so. I liked it enough for me to be curious about the remake. Blu-ray

Oct. 9

28. ☼ The Living Dead of Manchester Morgue - I bought this for last year's challenge and had never gotten around to it. A very solid entry in the admittedly crowded zombie genre. I really liked it and look forward to seeing it again after this challenge is over. I do love zombie movies. Blu-ray

29. ☼ Skeleton Crew - I thought this film about a film crew filming a horror movie started out sort of interesting. Then it just started getting too meta and post-modern for my tastes. It wasn't a total waste of time, despite some of the questionable acting, but I wouldn't watch it again. DVR

30. Red Hook - Argh! I wasn't sure if I had seen this one before. Sure enough, about 20 minutes into the film, I realized I had ... and it wasn't very good the first time I saw it. It's just another low-budget horror entry with questionable acting. It attempts the twist ending, but you probably won't care when you get there. DVR

31. ☼ Santa's Slay - I realize by the name and the fact that a pro wrestler was playing Santa that this was supposed to be a comedic horror film. I just didn't anticipate just how over-the-top comedic it was supposed to be. It can be way too slapstick-y for my tastes, but the film, as a whole, wasn't nearly as horrible as I figured it would be. It keep a sense of humor about itself; that can make up for quite a bit. There were actually quite a few recognizable acting faces as well, perhaps because Brett Ratner was a producer. Streaming

32. ☼ The Hunger - I'm usually not a fan of Tony Scott's movies, but I have to admit that I enjoyed this one quite a bit. It's always nice to see a different take on the vampire tale, and this one comes with some pretty choice actors, especially Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve. I had long heard that this was one of the steamier vampire films, and I think it lived up to that billing. Streaming

33. ☼ Creatures from the Pink Lagoon - By the name, you would think this would be a gay spoof on the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Instead, it's a zombie film. I know, pretty misleading title. The film revels in stereotypes. I guess it's fairly innocuous, but that doesn't make it any good. Streaming

34. ☼ The Ruining - I don't know if it was the film style or a poor Netflix connection or a poor transfer, but this movie just looked awful to me. I think that was the point, though. I think this is one of those films that is supposed to look really old and tattered. Patrick Warburton's (Seinfeld's Puddy) part is billed highly, but he really doesn't do much. This was actually a pretty strange movie. I guess it gets points for being so bizarre and trying something different, but I wouldn't recommend it too highly. It was still pretty boring. Streaming

35. ☼ Skull & Bones - Really low budget film here. It's actually pretty amazing how low budget some of the films that are streaming on Netflix are. A gay couple from a community college decide to spice up their lives by torturing and killing college students at an Ivy school. The plot has something. I can see this being a very uncomfortable, potentially disturbing movie. As it's handled here, though, it's uncomfortable for all the wrong reasons. Skip it. Streaming

36. ☼ Bad Biology - Another really strange movie. I'm not quite sure what I think of this film, but I was certainly entertained by it. It's a Frank Henenlotter film, and he's usually good for some strange but entertaining movies. If you think you might be interested in seeing a strange, out there, sexually disturbing film that might make you laugh and wince, this is one of those to watch. Streaming

Oct. 10

37. ☼ The Haunted World of El Superbeasto - I've tried. I really have. I've tried to like Rob Zombie movie, but I just can't bring myself to do so. I really thought this one might be different. I thought the animation could be the bridge I needed to get into his films. Turns out I was wrong. The style of the film reminded me of a Tex Avery film drawn by ultra-horny 14-year-old boys. The same could also be said for the script. It's all boobs and butts -- both visually and in the jokes. Really big waste of time. DVR

38. ☼ Repulsion - I always thought that I had seen this movie before, but it turns out I was wrong. I've always been a big Roman Polanski film, which makes it even more strange that I had never gone back to this one. Needless to say, I really liked it. The Criterion Blu-ray is a real knockout, and Catherine Deneuve delivers a great performance. There's some really spooky images in this one. You can really feel the character's mind unraveling. Blu-ray

39. ☼ Carnival of Souls - I've heard about this film for a long, but for whatever reason, I just had never seen it. While I wouldn't call it in the least scary, it manages to maintain this creepiness throughout the entire film. That's no small achievement. This isn't one of those horror films that's going to slap you on the face, but I would still very much recommend it. Streaming

40. ☼ Shock - I threw myself into Mario Bava films during last year's challenge, so I figured I should try to watch some more this year. While I wouldn't put this one among his absolute best films, it's still really good. You'll probably recognize Daria Nicolodi from other Italian films, like Suspiria. The kid is really freakin' creepy. Where did all these Italian directors find such creepy kids? Streaming

41. ☼ Dexter - episodes "Hello Bandit" and "Practically Perfect" - I love this show. I don't think this season could possibly be as good as last season, but it seems to be developing nicely. We'll see where it goes from here ... DVR

Oct. 11

42. ☼ Orphan - I was completely anticipating watching this and hating it. I really was. It just looked so dumb. I have to admit, though, that I quite enjoyed it. Let's be honest here, it IS pretty dumb, but the film was so nutty that it didn't really matter. There was some surprising gore, and while the story unravels much the way you would expect, there are some surprise twists at the end that you probably didn't see coming. DVR

43. ☼ The Uninvited - This film feels like another one of those junior horror films. You know the type, the ones that are perfect for 12 and 13-year-old girls because it's not too graphic or anything like that. Plus, the lead is a young teen as well. Not sure what I thought about Elizabeth Banks here. I'm usually a fan, but something just didn't feel right. Maybe it was just that it was pretty boring and shamelessly tried to steal from J-horror films. The twist at the end was interesting, though probably a bit too strained. Why does there always have to be a twist? DVR

44. ☼ The Haunted Palace - DVR

45. ☼ Return to Horror High - DVR

Oct. 12

46. ☼ Class of Nuke 'Em High - Streaming

47. ☼ The Devil's Ground - DVR

48. ☼ The Telling - DVR

49. ☼ Flesh Freaks - Streaming

Oct. 13

50. ☼ The Brides of Dracula - DVR

51. ☼ Frankenstein - Streaming

Oct. 14

52. ☼ The Video Dead - Streaming

Oct. 15

53. Poltergeist II - DVR

Oct. 16

54. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - DVD

Oct. 18

55. ☼ Blood Waters of Dr. Z (MST3K) - DVD

56. ☼ Eaten Alive - DVD

Oct. 19

57. ☼ King Cobra - DVR

58. ☼ Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers - DVR

59. ☼ Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland - DVR

60. ☼ Return to Sleepaway Camp - Streaming

61. ☼ Revolt of the Zombies - DVR

62. ☼ Terror Firmer - Streaming

63. ☼ Class of Nuke 'Em High 2 - Streaming

Oct. 20

64. Student Bodies - DVR

65. ☼ Class of Nuke 'Em High 3 - Streaming

66. The Crazies (original) - Blu-ray

67. ☼ The Crazies (remake) - Blu-ray

Oct. 21

68. ☼ Otto; or, Up With Dead People - Streaming

69. Return of the Living Dead - Blu-ray

70. ☼ Dead Snow - Blu-ray

71. ☼ Frozen - Blu-ray

Oct. 22

72. ☼ Event Horizon - Blu-ray

73. ☼ The Exorcism of Emily Rose - DVD

74. ☼ The Crawling Eye (MST3K) - DVD

Oct. 23

75. ☼ The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide - DVD

76. ☼ Sugar Hill - Streaming

77. ☼ Camp Fear - Streaming

78. ☼ Train - Streaming

79. ☼ Blood and Lace - Streaming

80. ☼ The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror - Streaming

Oct. 24

81. ☼ Pervert! - Streaming

82. ☼ Paranormal Activity 2 - Theater

83. Cujo - Blu-ray

84. ☼ Dexter - episodes "Beauty and the Beast" and "First Blood" - DVR

85. The Descent - Blu-ray

86. ☼ Strange Behavior - Streaming

Oct. 25

87. ☼ Mark of the Witch - Streaming

88. ☼ ThanksKilling - Streaming

89. ☼ Gone the Way of Flesh - Streaming

90. ☼ Blood Bath - Streaming

91. ☼ Savage Harvest - Streaming

92. ☼ Slaughter Party - Streaming

93. ☼ Wrestlemaniac - Streaming

94. ☼ The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (2005) - Streaming

95. ☼ New Year's Evil - Streaming

96. ☼ Intruder - Streaming

Oct. 26

97. ☼ The Thing With Two Heads - Streaming

98. ☼ Blacula - Streaming

99. ☼ Staunton Hill - Streaming

100. ☼ City of the Living Dead - Streaming

101. ☼ Saw VI - Streaming

102. ☼ Planet of the Vampires - Streaming

103. ☼ Zombie Nightmare (MST3K) - DVD

Oct. 27

104. Mad Monster (MST3K) - DVD

105. ☼ Halloween TV - It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and episodes of Raising Hope, Modern Family, The Middle

106. Maniac - Blu-ray

107. ☼ The Unearthly (MST3K) - DVD

Oct. 28

108. ☼ The Stink of Flesh - Streaming

109. ☼ House on Haunted Hill (RiffTrax live) - Theater

Oct. 29

110. ☼ Evil Dead: The Musical (wildcard) - Stage

Oct. 30

111. ☼ Pieces - DVD

112. ☼ 100 Tears - DVD

113. ☼ Carnage for the Destroyer - Streaming

114. ☼ American Nightmare - Streaming

Oct. 31!!

115. ☼ Meadowoods - Streaming

116. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (audio commentary) - Blu-ray

117. ☼ The Beyond - DVD

118. ☼ Halloween TV Part 2 - episodes of The Office, Community, Outsourced, Paranormal State

119. ☼ Jason Goes to Hell - Streaming

120. ☼ Halloween TV Part 3 - one episode of Dexter, two episodes of Paranormal State

121. ☼ Halloween TV Part 4 - The Walking Dead, one episode of Paranormal State

122. ☼ Halloween (RiffTrax) - Blu-ray

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