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Beebs 2010 Horror Fest!

Mrs. Beebs and I are back for our third year. Will finish formatting list soon. Have two goals this year. One, 100 movies which is gonna be tough given my schedule, and two, at least 1/3rd new movies.

Previous Year Results and Goal
2008 - 104
2009 - 97
2010 - Goal 100+

October 1st
001. Maniac [1980] I think it is a testament to how grisly movies are today that the violence in Maniac seems sedate where the mania of the killer seems more out there than anything today. Regardless, this is early shared movie experience between Mrs. Beebs and I and as recognition we kick off this year's challenge with this 1980 splatterific misogynist slasher. Netflix DVD on 42" Plasma
002. Quarantine [2008] I like this remake of [REC], and it's one we saw in theaters the first year of the challenge. A nice way to follow-up the previous title that has personal meaning to us. Beebs Collection Blu-ray on 106" screen
003. Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [1953] Made on the downward slope of their career, this movie features few bits and more atmosphere and new humor for them. I grew up watch these guys Sunday afternoon and still love them for a little simple fun. Beebs Collection DVD on 25" TV

October 2nd
004. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever [2009] new! The best part of this movie are the crude animation sequences and the quirky upbeat song that goes along with them. Comcast OnDemand
005. Night of the Creeps [1986] This is such a well done light horror movie. Slither clearly owes it's killer slug design to this one. Comcast OnDemand
006. Body Snatchers [1993] Much more enjoyable than the recent remake, I think. But not a match for either of the former movies... although the effects are excellent. Comcast OnDemand
007. Killer Pad [2008] new! Scariest thing here is that the sexy succubus has a penis. Comcast OnDemand on 42" Plasma
***. The Warriors [1979] Took the night off and watched a couple of great drive-in features. At the Drive-In
***. Machete [2010] At the Drive-In

October 3rd
008. Child's Play 2 [1990] new! Never seen this one before. I find this series more amusing than scary. Comcast OnDemand on 42" Plasma
009. Signs [2002]Seems like this is the last good movie from Mr. Shyamalan so far. Beebs Blu-ray on 105" Screen
0010. Final Destination [2000] A modern horror series I like going back to again and again. This first one feels the most cinematic and polished, but the later movies work just as well. Beebs DVD on 105" Screen

October 4th
011. Deadline [2009] new! Just okay spooky house story. Mrs. Guru wanted to see Ms. Murphy's last few movies, too.
012. Them! [1954] new! Great creature feature from the 1950s. I like the way make these movies feel massive in scope with some stock footage and some modestly okay sets. These days this sorta movie would cost $100M at least.
013. Kolchak/The Night Stalker: Ep01: The Ripper / Ep02: The Zombie [1974] Still great after all these years. McGavin does an amazing job of narrating these in such a way as to give them a tangible creepiness. Stories are well done, and played straight... and I never tired of four or five cops getting thrown around some supernatural killer.

October 5th
014. Fiend Without a Face [1958] new! This was a Criterion disc from the library. Am I the only one who finds a good number of their collection are more important than entertaining. Too much of this picture goes by before you get any clue what is doing the killing.
015. Tales of the Crypt Loved to Death/Carrion Death/Abra Cadaver/The Trap [1991] Wow what an amazing series. I scored this lone set during the Big Lots box set sale last holidays, and it turned out the be one of the best find there. Beebs Collection DVD on 25" TV

October 6th
016. Christine [1983] I had not seen this early King movie by Carpenter in some time. It was more entertaining than I thought it would be. Comcast OnDemand on 42" Plasma
017. Stevie [2008] new! Random pick from Fearnet OnDemand that ended up being a snooze fest. I'm guessing the doll house was supposed to be scary. Not. Comcast OnDemand on 42" Plasma

October 7th
018. The Uninvited [2009] new! A new movie I hadn't seen yet from OnDemand. Looks much more promising than Stevie. Comcast HD OnDemand on 42" Plasma

October 8th
Night off to attend a concert.

October 9th
019. Let the Right One In [2008] Better the second time. Wonderful vampire tale. Netflix Streaming on 42" Plasma
020. Kolchak/The Night Stalker: Ep03 / Ep04 [1972] Still great after all these years. Netflix Streaming on 42" Plasma
021. Zombieland [2009] Emma Stone as a badass. Nice. Not sure why the founder of Facebook is in this one, though. Netflix Streaming on 42" Plasma
022. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (movie) [1992] Amazing amount of recognizable faces in this 90s comedy horror. Netflix Streaming on 42" Plasma

October 10th
023. The Descent: Part 2 [2009] new! I found this one very enjoyable, despite the story changes it makes you accept. Redbox DVD on 42" Plasma
024. A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984] Introducing Mr. Depp... wow, that's some nice 80s hair. Library DVD on 42" Plasma
025. The Crazies (remake) [2010] new! Fun remake of an overlooked Romero movie. Redbox DVD on 42" Plasma
026. Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit [2005] I never grow tired or too old for this one. A lavishly animated miracle that full of fun ideas, wonderful characters, and a were creature. Beebs Collection DVD on 42" Plasma
027. Tremors [1990] One of my all time favorite movies to watch when I don't know what to watch. Bacon and Ward really work so well together here. Surprised no one put them back together at some point. Beebs Collection HD-DVD on 42" Plasma

October 11th
028. Final Destination 3 [2006] I really like the movies in this series. Don't know why, just enjoy them. Library DVD on 42" Plasma
029. Dreamscape [1984] Nice little sci-fi shocker that hasn't aged all that well. Library DVD on 42" Plasma

October 12th
030. Frozen [2010] new! I don't know if this is a horror or not, so I'll use a wildcard on this one. But it's close enough in my book. Redbox DVD on 42" Plasma
031. Young Frankenstein [1984] Nice little sci-fi shocker that hasn't aged all that well. Beebs Collection DVD on 42" Plasma

October 13th
032. Dexter Season 5, Episode 1 & 2 [2010] new! Everyone's favorite serial killer with a heart of gold returns for another season. Great show. SAGETV on 42" Plasma

October 14th
033. Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge [1985] A teenager's descent in darkness and flame. Along for the ride, Freddy. Library DVD on 42" Plasma

October 15th
034. The Alphabet Killer [2008] new! Creepy serial killer flick full of has-been actors. That's a recipe for good stuff. Library DVD on 42" Plasma
035. The Cave [2005] new! Good-looking predictable monster in the dark flick. Beebs DVD on 42" Plasma

October 16th
036. Spellbinder [1988] new! Yawner from the 1980's with Mrs. Travolta as a catnip who turns out to be a witch on the run. Impact HD OnDemand on 42" Plasma
037. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors [1987] My favorite from the series. Library DVD on 42" Plasma

038. Final Destination 2
039. Resident Evil 4 (at the drive-in) new!

October 17th
040. Jaws
041. Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

October 18th
042. Cirque de Freak: Vampire's Assistant new!
043. Wolf-man (original)

October 19th
044. Tales from the Crypt S3, EP5-8.

October 20th
045. Ghostbusters
046. Drag Me To Hell

October 21th
047. Wishcraft new!
048. Dexter S3 Ep3/Ep4 new!

October 22th
049. The Mummy (S. Sommers)

October 23th
050. Last House on the Left (remake) new!
051. Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master
052. The Collector new!
053. Beetle Juice

October 24th
054. Shaun of the Dead
055. The Stepfather (original) new!

October 25th
056. Tales from the Darkside: The Movie new!

October 26th
057. Silence of the Lambs

October 27th
058. The Tingler
059. Son of Kong new!

October 28th
060. Zombie Strippers new!
061. Se7en
062. The Mist
063. Hellboy
064. An American Werewolf in London

October 29th
065. Wolf
066. Monster on Campus new!
067. Carrie
068. The Shining
069. Hellboy II

October 30th
070. I Am Legend
071. Lost Souls new!
072. Nightmare & Dreamscapes - Ep1 "Battleground" / Ep2 "Crouch End" new!
073. Nightmare & Dreamscapes - Ep7 "Autopsy in Room Four / Ep8 "You Know They Have a Hell of a Band" new!
074. Monsters Inc.
075. The Thing (Carpenter)

October 31st
076. King Kong (Peter Jackson)
077. The Hunger
078. Kolchak: Nightstalker Ep05 "The Werewolf" / Dexter Ep05 "First Blood"
079. Fright Night
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