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Twiztid 03-31-01 12:20 PM

Is there any game based Sex games for PS2? Like on PC I have a game called Phantasmagoria .. I witch I hope they will make into a PS2 game soon. Its an awsome game.

I was wondering if they had any games like this? RPG with a little a little bit of sex scense in it? Or is there any more computer games like Phantasmagoria ? Thanxs !!

djones6746 03-31-01 12:26 PM

Are you serious????

Twiztid 03-31-01 12:59 PM

yea is there any ps2 games out for mature mature adults? That have any sex related stuff in it? Like Phantasmagoria is awsome .. I thought they was coming out with something called Beavis Butt or something? Something to do with sex for computer or ps2. I forgot. Anybody know of anything?

Jackskeleton 03-31-01 01:11 PM

You have to look for Imported games for the sexual content..

remember, Japan has all those Virtual Girlfriend games for PSX and Saturn. :p

Twiztid 03-31-01 01:30 PM

yeah .. I know but were can I find some at? I want some any for PSX or PS2 ... help me find some please??!!??!!??!!

chitowndvd 03-31-01 02:01 PM

If possible, please use the mature tag on similar type discussions in the future.

Twiztid 03-31-01 02:58 PM

ok my bad..

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