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joltaddict 03-30-01 08:11 PM

When I bought my house I decided I was making the ultimate gameroom. All my old consoles worked fine except for my colecovision. Even the Atari which was much older. It's killing me cause I got all the old carts on the shelves. It's like they're mocking me.

I might bay one, but I was wondering, anybody have one thats still working?

AOD 03-31-01 03:14 AM

I don't have one, but you can purchase one at http://www.4jays.com
Hope that helps.

MrKen 03-31-01 02:01 PM

I have one. But I wouldn't be selling it. The controllers are actually still in pristine condition, because I never had that many games. I think DKJ, Carnival, and maybe that was it?

joltaddict 03-31-01 04:33 PM

Zaxxon started my life-long love affair with Sega. :)

Donkey Kong Jr rocked. I like the Rocky boxing with Mr T too.

joltaddict 03-31-01 04:37 PM

greddy1, thanks for the link, $65 is petty good, I was just gonna bay one but at $65 I may just go with this.

Thanks :D

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