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"Shadow of Destiny" (Possible Spoilers)

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"Shadow of Destiny" (Possible Spoilers)

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Well first off let me sat this game is incredible, simply beautiful. Well to those of you who have it this game has five different ending, i just finished it and attained Ending C which was cool but f*cked up. I missed alot in the game, so can anyone tell me what are the possible key points in the game that might obtain you a better or different ending. I mean for example, was there more i could of done with Mr. Eckhard or Maragarete. Just any info will be cool, for such a good game like this i wanna see the other endings.
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""HUGE SPOILERS"" This is a complete Walkthrough!!!!!

No need, i surfed the net a bit and had found a complete, walkthrough, with it ive seen ending A,B and C and im playing the game over now to see D and E. So check this info out guys if ya need help:

_Table of Contents_
04) The Story So Far...
05) Cast of Characters
06) FAQs, Gameplay, and Controls
07) Let's Begin!
08) Inventory Vault
09) Little Black Book
10) Tips for a Sucessful Game
11) Prologue
12) Chapter 1
13) Chapter 2
14) Chapter 3
15) Chapter 4
16) Chapter 5
17) Chapter 6
18) Chapter 7
19) Chapter 8
20) Epilogue
21) Secrets



CHAPTER FOUR - The Story so Far...

As Eike Kusch, a young man in a quaint German villa, you need to solve the mystery
of your repeated death with the help of an egnimatic demon named Homunculus,
and its innate powers of time travel. Through your temporal travels, you'll
uncover clues about your killer, and learn the rich underlying story about
the town's history. Will you be the one to discover the dark truth about the
shadows of destiny?

CHAPTER FIVE - Cast of Characters

Eike Kusch - Protagonist of the story.

Dana - A young lady working at the Cafe where Eike wakes up after his inital
meeting with Homunculus. Feels that no one cares about her.

Margerete Wagner - The beautiful daughter of Dr. Wagner, an Alchemist in the
Middle Ages. Bored with her life, she is curious about the
future times from which Eike hails.

Eckart Brum - Owner of the town's museum/library, where several works of art
and old books are stored. In the past, he lost both his wife
and daughter. Perhaps he holds a sheltered desire for revenge?

CHAPTER SIX - FAQs and Gameplay

Q. How many 'chapters' are there? How long is the game?
A. There are 10 chapters, which include the Prologue and Epilogue. The first
play should take you about 4 hours (lots less for some people). However,
you have to play it a bunch of times through to get all the endings/ect.

Q. How many endings are there?! My friend is confusing me!
A. There are technically 7 endings. A, B1, B2, C, D, E, and EX. See the
Epilogue section if all you need is help on obtaining other endings.

Q. Why won't my Digipad work? ARRRGH!
A. You either don't have any EUs to power it with, or Homunculus cannot warp
time from that point. You must wait until a thread of significance appears
in the timestream to use it It will blink and vibrate.).

Q. WHAT? All of the sudden I just keeled over and died! What gives?
A. Time in the present will still move on, despite your being there or not.
Remember that there is another you, and if the Present Time on the HUD
reaches what the Fortuneteller calls 'the fated hour', you will be killed
and recieve a Game Over.

Many people have described the gameplay as a 'Shenmue' without combat. Uh.
I guess. This game is a graphical based adventure/mystery game. Some examples
are Gabriel Knight, Sam and Max, Maniac Mansion, DotT, ect. Instead of verb
or action driven commands, you use X to talk to people or pick things up, quad
to access the inventory, triangle to look at the map, and circle to cancle out
of things. R1 and L1 are used to switch camera angles. During the time travel
animation, you can use the directional pad to fool around with the temporal
tunnel. That's about it.

CHAPTER SEVEN - Let's Begin!

CHAPTER EIGHT - Inventory Vault

Cellphone - Eike starts the game with this. Although you can't call out to
others, you can recieve a few calls during the game... and maybe something

Lighter - You also start the game with this, and are reunited with it after
a short time. Smoking is bad for you, but what else could you use it for?

Digipad - Given to you by Homunculus, the Digipad allows you to use the time
traveling abilities of the demon to move through eras. The Digipad runs on
energy units, which can be found throughout the game.

Energy Unit - A source of power for the Digipad. Without these, you cannot
move between eras. Later, I might add a list of EU locations, in case you
need to find some in a hurry.

Notebook - When given all this information from several time periods, how can
you be expected to keep it straight? Eike will jot down his thoughts in this,
allowing you to glance at it if you become stuck.

Red Stone - It plays an important part in the game, keep an eye out for this
key item and what you are expected to do with it.

(more items to follow!)

CHAPTER NINE - Little Black Book

(information on the extra characters in each era to be here soon, stay tuned!)

CHAPTER TEN - Tips for a Sucessful Game

Grab EU's (energy units) whenever possible. They respawn every time you go
to another era, so don't feel bad about it. Its important to have a few on
hand whenever you can, so that you can do side quests and timed events without
having to run around like a chicken without a head.

Talk to everyone you can, several times! Not only does it give you a lot
of background on the thoughts and feelings of the people in each era, but
it also stores the fact that you've heard that speech in memory, allowing
you for faster games on the next playthroughs.

(more to come!)

*Note: From here on, the CHAPTER NUMBER refers to the walkthrough chapter,
while the Chapter # refers to the game chapter.

Also, walkthroughs at present time are strictly bare-bones, to help you
figure out puzzle solutions, or speed through each chapter as quickly as
possible on playthroughs. Later, i'll redo them in nice paragraph format.


After the cutscene, pick up digipad and leave through door. Cutscene, go to
the fortune teller, as indicated on map by (former alchemist's house). When
digipad goes off, travel to before stabbing. Quickly run through the streets,
looking for The Child, The Mother, and The Old Lady. They wander through the
city, it really shouldn't bee to hard to find them. Look around the square.
Go back to time of stabbing. Large group has formed, making stabber think
twice. Save and continue.


Go to the Bar Zun Ei. Talk to the boy crouching and crying. When faced with
a choice, refuse to go in. Run to the square. After the cutscene with the
juggler, go back to the boy. Go in. When you are given the option to go back
in time, run around the bar until you see the person with the matches. You'll
put them out. Fire Averted. Save and continue.


After you get shot, restart the conversation. When you are standing there with
Dana, time travel to the past. Yes, she's supposed to come along. When you
are surrounded with people, use either the lighter or the cell phone to scare
them away. After all the cutscenes, grab the ladder in front of the bakery,
and go talk to the boy in front of the Mansion gate until he asks for a trade.
Give him the postcard you start with. He'll let you in. Use the ladder, grab the
seal, and go back to the square. Show it to the worker and decide if you want
to replace the tree with flowers or a statue, either will work. Time travel back
to present. Save and continue.


After your death, make your way to the museum. Go in, and find Mr. Eckert's
office upstairs. He'll give you the book. Look at the paintings on this floor,
then go back downstairs. When faced with a choice, ask for proof of the demon's
power. Now you have to find an EU to return to the present with. Once there,
go upstairs and ask Eckert about his daughter. Leave. Save. Continue.


Don't worry about the timer and green stuff. Just die. When you come back, go
to the new era, which is black and white (heh.). Now, go to the library. Theres
a whole bunch of cutsenes about the picture, and Papa Brum's museum. When you get
control again after the picture, go to the Photo Shop and take the sign. Then
go back, and talk to Sybila again. Now go to the present, and when the timer
appears, quickly use the sign in your inventory. Save and continue.


Go to Zun Ei. After the long cutscenes, walk outside. Soon you will die.
When you get alive again, go to the black and white era (1800's). Now, tell
Mr. Brum, who is standing outside his house, that a library would be better.
Talk to Sybilla again if you want, then go to the present. Go in the house and
into the library room on the first floor. Read the book about the medicines, and
time travel to Margarete's time (Middle Ages). If you haven't already, get some
scrap meat from the Antique Shop/Butcher, and feed it to the dog. Go in her
house, get the key, and travel to earlier that week. Unlock the lab door and
go down to talk to her father. Now leave, and Margarete will give you the
antidote. After the long walk you will be given a choice:

Tell about Ancestry - Allows you to get endings A, B, and C.
Say nothing. - Lets you get D and E, but not A, B, or C.

Either way, go back to the present, and when the timer starts, use the
antidote. Save, continue, blah blah.


After the short scene, run to the gate and get the EU. Die. When it restarts,
use the digipad and go to the 1980's (Cold day). When the man asks you for your
ideas on his movie, Your choices change the appearance of the movie poster.
your six choices are:

Movie Theme Motivation Catch
----------- ---------- -----
Time Travel Cause of Death Love Story
Meditating Man World Domination Thriller

I haven't tried Meditating Man, but the girls didn't like it, so Time Travel
is probably best. After he gives you the watch, make sure you have at least 4
EUs. After you collect them, run to the Covered Pass near the mansion. Eckert's
wife is there. Time Travel to before the shooting, then find her. No matter what
you choose, she will ignore you, and you will be blamed for her death. Now you can
either time travel to the present and not get killed because of the large crowd, or
you can travel to before the shooting again, and this time run after the wife
and make sure she is not killed. Then go to the present, you will still not die.
Save, then continue (if you want).


After the call, go to the mansion tower, and go all the way up. Ignore the rope.
Go to the top and... ow. After you come back, go to the night before, and try to
enter the tower. After finding it locked, travel to the 1800s. Get the key from
the box in the living room, and then walk around in the garden-type area, checking
the doors. Try to go upstairs, then leave the house. Go in the tower here, and grab
the new rope from the top room. Then travel to the night before, go to the very top,
and tie the rope to where you fall from. Then go to the present, and do it again.
When you get on the roof, run to where you tied the rope, and wait. Then go back down
to where the 2nd door is, where Mr. Eckert will talk to you. Save, Continue.


Now you are looking for Dana and the Red Stone. Go to the Middle Ages, and run to the
photo shop. Dana will talk with you. Now, if you told Margie about her being an
ancestor, you will be unable to ask Dana to come back with you, no harm, no foul.
Otherwise, you can either ask her to (To get ending E later on), or tell her nevermind,
and get ending D. She will 'refuse' if you ask her to, and ask you to give her boss
a message. Go to the present, and to the cafe. Pick up the memo and hold on to it.
I've found that if you take Dana to the present right away, you die? Wtf. Someone
email me if I screw this part up, please. Go back to the middle ages, and instead
of giving Dana the note right away (she is next to the towne hall, btw), go to
the Alchemy House and give him the stone. Then travel to 10 days later. (Is Dana still
there? Next to the hall? Bleh.) Go in the basement of the house, and:

If you brought Dana back already: Margarete is there. Asks you to find Hugo.
If you haven't brought Dana back: No one should be there now. You want to find
both of them.

Either way, go to the present. You get a call, and are asked to go to the towne
square. Go. After the cutscenes, you have more choices to make.

If you told Margarete about the ancestry: You can either:

Go to the middle ages and burn the research notes, the go back to present square,
watch cutscenes - C ending.

Go to the fourtune teller fast, then come back to the towne square - B1 ending.

Go to the Cold Day, and find Homunculus near the stairs south of towne square,
then come back to present and go to square - B2 ending.

Do both, but find Homunculus first - A ending.

If you didn't tell Margarete:

Go to the past and burn the notes in the basement, then come back to present square
and watch the cutscenes without having brought Dana back. - D ending.

Go to the past and give the memo to Dana, then burn the research notes? - E ending.
(I'm sorry, but I have problems with bringing Dana back right now, Homunculus
tells me i've tangled the threads of destiny too much, and cannot time travel
anymore If I try bringing her back before Hugo travels to the future. Someone
else have this problem?)

Save if you want to after your designated cutscene, or at least in a different


This chapter just basically shows your ending. Sit back and enjoy the fine cutscenes
you've earned. Maybe later I'll describe the endings here. Personally, D is my
favorite of all, very cool. After the credits, you have the option to save a
'Completed' file on your card. I think this is needed to unlock Extra mode (see
next chapter).


AFter beating the game, reset the Playstation 2, and have a memory card with the
'Completed' file on it in a slot. Now the main menu should have an Extra option,
which allows you to view 3 secret movie trailers for Shadow of Destiny from various
gaming press shows.

Movie 1 - Spring Tokyo Game Show, unlocked by beating the game once.
Movie 2 - Fall TGS, unlocked by getting all 5 normal endings.
Movie 3 - Winter TGS?, unlocked by beating the EX mode (all 6 endings).

There is also an option to watch the Ending Files again.

The third option is Game % Complete, or somewhat like that. This lists your
% complete per chapter. I despise these, they make me feel bad for not having
100% in everything As I figure out how to do it, I'll write a perfect completion

After beating the game with all 5 endings, using the Completed file, you get
the option to play the EX Mode game. This is a mini-game of sorts, where your
goal is to create the Elixer of Life, and save Mrs. Wagner. This game has 2 endings,
and is very cool. More info on this as I play it more.

More to come!

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I finished this game about as quick as I have ever finished a game......B ending.....

Did not have enough replay value for me to concentrate on the other endings but I did enjoy playing the game the first time through!!!

Try Onimusha...this game is awesome!!! Will probably keep this title....
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Originally posted by djones6746
I finished this game about as quick as I have ever finished a game......B ending.....

Did not have enough replay value for me to concentrate on the other endings but I did enjoy playing the game the first time through!!!

Try Onimusha...this game is awesome!!! Will probably keep this title....

I have Onimusha and have ended it also. I finished it with all the perks you can get but i dont think that it was enjoyable as Shadow of Destiny.
You said you ended it with a B ending right, you really have to try the other endings, they are all real good, the best are A, D and E. B wasnt that good. But when you play through it again and go about things differently, everything happens differently. Then after you obtain all 5 endings, you get to play the game looking for the Elixer of Life instead of the Philosphers Stone as an extra. You also have to save Ms. Wagner.
You should really try playing it again, trust me!

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