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tha_dvd_man 03-27-01 05:09 PM

I've been playing Rogue Spear and its Urban Ops mission pack continuously ever since they were released. I love the game, but I'm getting pretty tired of the maps and hence the game itself. What are some really good and original maps to download, and what are the links to them? It seems every time I d/l a "new" map it's just an old one with a bunch of barrels and cars everywhere.

And yes I'm aware of Covert Ops, but for the supposedly one good map, it's not worth paying $25 for. Is there a place I can download the map?

Mitsurugi 03-27-01 05:22 PM

check out http://www.fileplanet.com/ and do a search for rogue spear.
Noticed you only wanted Covert Ops...might be there

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tha_dvd_man 03-27-01 05:55 PM

Thanks I'll try that. And no, Covert Ops isn't all I'm looking for. It's unlikely I'd be able to get CO maps easily on the net.

bulletproof 03-28-01 04:35 PM

I would suggest searching over at http://www.planetrainbowsix.com or http://www.tacsim.com or http://www.roguespearnews.com just for a few...

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