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Titmouse 03-24-01 06:46 PM

About the only reason I still go to arcades, but I like playing a good game of pinball even more so than videogames.

xmiyux 03-25-01 12:26 AM

Oh man i love pinball. I'm especially partial to machines that let you work them a little bit without tilting - you know make my gaming a workout ;) I was super good at the ST:TNG machine and the Theatre of Magic one. Unfortunately i haven't found a decent arcade with some good flippers since i've been in this hellhole called salt lake city.

DarthMaul420 03-25-01 12:34 AM

I think everyone was good at the Star Trek one. I loved it! :D

KrackerBox 03-25-01 04:47 AM

not in a while...but i loved them when i did play them.

Spicollidriver1 03-25-01 08:39 AM

I still play when I can. The Start Trek game was real cool, I also really liked the world cup soccer game that was real fun. Oh and Jurassic Park.

Scott27 03-25-01 01:04 PM

I hardly ever go to arcades anymore, but if I did, I'd play the pinball games there. In fact, when I go to Chicago in June for a wedding, one of my uncles has a pinball game in his basement that I play when I go there, so I'll play that, at least. -smile-

PinwiZ 03-27-01 09:40 PM

You don't see many new pins anymore, mainly because there's only 1 company making them anymore. Most of the great games of the late 80s/90s were made by Williams/Bally (including the above mentioned Star Trek:TNG, and Theater of Magic), which went out of business last year. So, the only company left now is Stern Pinball (formerly Sega Pinball, formerly Data East Pinball), and Stern doesn't have the same financial backing that Williams/Bally had, so the pins aren't quite the same.

Hopefully pinball will make a comeback at some point, but as of right now, it's in the dumps.

Giles 03-28-01 07:53 AM

It's on my highlights of my summer is going to Rehobeth beach DE, and playing all the pinball games on the boardwalk. I love the Jurassic Park pinball game where the T-rex would eat your ball, emit the loud dinosaur scream and the table would shake... way cool. I could play pinball till my fingers fall off.

BillaRockStar 03-28-01 08:12 AM

i go to lunch at adrians pizza, and they have a pinball machine, its call JunkYard, made my Williams, and it is the greatest game i've played in a while, and i have a ps2...i love it, it will let you slap it around a bit, and it hardly ever tilts, unless you smack it a good one. It is most excellent....

kvrdave 03-30-01 10:36 AM

I just sold my ST:TNG pin last fall, but I kept my ST:TOS by Data East one. They are great fun.

Feneant 03-30-01 10:41 AM

Damn I thought this said paintball :(

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