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dvdfiend 02-23-01 02:31 PM

I know of Tee Off( weak but passable) but anyone know if Sega is supposed to release a decent golf game?

mmconhea 02-23-01 03:16 PM

no, but when Bleemcast comes out next month you can play any PSX game on your DC. - that's about 40 golf games right there.

Danimal 02-23-01 04:29 PM

That's IF bleemcast comes out...It was supposed to be released August of 2000 and has been delayed since then. I'd really like to get one of those Bleempad controllers. The DC controller seems too big and bulky sometimes.

TaTTooD 02-23-01 05:14 PM

Originally posted by Danimal
The DC controller seems too big and bulky sometimes.
Aint it the truth. :mad:

Liquid Death 02-24-01 01:21 AM

I lucked out and got Tee Off Golf for the mere price of $.41 (w/ tax! - pricing error where I work...and I didn't fix it ;) Its not a bad game for what I paid :)

Though besides that, I dunno if they are any other DC golf games - none spring to mind.

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