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Diablo II Question for Barbs

Old 02-22-01, 01:46 PM
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Hey anybody play diablo 2? Is this worth any thing?
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Old 02-22-01, 01:55 PM
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No expert but "very slow attack speed" would tell me not to use it.
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Old 02-22-01, 02:20 PM
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Yeah..I agree...slow attack speed outweighs really any benefit you get from that weapon. It is better to have a very fast attack weapon that does smaller damage. In fact, the damage from that weapon isn't even that great because you have a wide range there, so even if you hit the monster, you might only do 28 or so damage which kinda sucks.
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Old 02-22-01, 03:18 PM
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Diablo2 I hate... but I got in my first beta test!! I was in EQ, but has no credit card so backed out, but I will be starting on Elemental Saga ASAP when the download works for the game. It looks cool, kinda Diablo'ish, but better. Anyone else here doing that beta?
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Old 02-22-01, 04:08 PM
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Definitely sell it. It's okay, but there are many better weapons.
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Old 02-23-01, 08:08 PM
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Dood, it's crap...sell it.

...and refresh your're looking at 50%
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Old 02-23-01, 11:28 PM
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Thanks for the advice, I guess i just have to keep looking for that ultimate lance, I know they seem to be popular in the trade chanells. The Mana Steal looked like a Good thing but the rest of the mods were no good, I play mostly Sorc. I do have a Low level barb but haven't played him much.
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Old 02-23-01, 11:32 PM
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The problem with that lance is that the damage is WAY too low! Speed is not a problem since you use a barb (you have a lvl20 whirlwind and a lvl20 weapon mastery right?)

Maybe you can trade it for some good stuff. You can't believe what people will trade! I made some crazy deals on USEast!!!
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Old 02-24-01, 05:34 AM
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na, i have a level 13 thats been used mostly as a mule, the damage didn't look great to me either, i play sorc, What i would use as a weapon would be an Arch-Angles staff that does +3 Glacial Spike (got plus 2 now, for a total of 28 when i am wearing Tarn 2 stones, amulet, i guess if i was using fireball i could go one better with magefist)

But have seen these rare lances going for 80 SOJ (okay give me a break, Theyre not really that hard to come by if you know how, but 30 SOJ for a Lance?)

So was just wondering, I hate the chat channels cause they get spammed so bad you can't follow along, so i thought i would post it here first prior to Trying to trade it.

How bout this one?

The Tannr Gorerod


Two-Hand Damage: 14 to 63

Durability: 125

Required Dexterity: 45

Required Strength: 60

Speed by Class: [Am] - Slow [B, P, N, S] - Very Slow

+3 To Light Radius

15% To Maximum Fire Resist

Fire Resist 15%

Adds 12-18 Fire Damage

+60 to Attack Rating

+30 to Life

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