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bdshort 10-13-19 12:41 PM

Any other sim racers here?
1st off - I'm amazed this forum is still alive and kicking after 20 years!!! (since I joined anyway), and it's kind of neat seeing a lot of the same names still around. I haven't really participated here in years but the other night I had a random thought to check to see if this place was still around, and here it is!.

Anyway, my new hobby and addiction for the past year+ has been sim racing. I'd done it on and off over the years, but kind of got re-interested back when the PSVR came out and I was able to play Driveclub VR, and loved the experience. So earlier last year I built my first PC in over a decade, got an Oculus Rift, and subscribed to iRacing, and that's about all I've played every since. I've also built a cockpit and picked up some fairly high end pedals and a wheel. Just curious if there are any people here that sim race, what you play, what you have for hardware, and all that.

Also, good to be back here! I'm going to try to be more active as this still seems like a great old forum from what I can see.

mattysemo247 10-14-19 07:52 AM

Re: Any other sim racers here?
I thought they already shut the servers down for Driveclub? Or maybe that's next year? I think it's already been delisted from the PS Store though.

The closest I can get to sim racing is the Forza series. I tried Project Cars and absolutely sucked at it.

bdshort 10-14-19 12:47 PM

Re: Any other sim racers here?
They could be shut down now for all I know - I haven't actually played it in at least a couple of years.

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