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mattysemo247 01-05-18 11:41 AM

Gaming New Year's Resolutions
I was just curious if anyone made any gaming related New Year's Resolutions? Anything from trying out new genres that you would normally avoid to clearing out certain games from your backlog.

The biggest one I'm going to try and follow better is to keep myself from buying games on sale through PSN or XBL without clearing out older ones first. I was looking at my digital backlog recently with games I've picked up cheap in the past and I haven't even touched yet, and some of those have been freebies since then.

I also want to try and tackle some of the games I've been avoiding due to the length of time I know they will take to finish. I've been putting off games like Witcher 3 and entire series like Fallout and Dragon's Age due to their length. But I'm sure I will enjoy them once I start.

Lastly I want to hold myself to only playing games that I'm enjoying, not just hellbent on finishing because I started. I recently found myself doing just that with NFS Payback. I spent close to a dozen hours literally hate playing that game so I could return it to the library. With my limited gaming time, I want to be able to walk away from games more easily. And with a third child on the way, I know that time is going to be even more limited soon enough :)

So what are some of yours?

fujishig 01-05-18 11:43 AM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
I will clear out my backlog before buying any new...

wait a second, there's another week of the PSN sale coming up? Never mind. At least digital games don't pile up.

I started last year, but I am going to focus more of my gaming on stuff my kids can watch or enjoy. It's one of the main reasons the Switch (and the much maligned WiiU) have been the system of choice in my house (well that, plus the tv is always in use). My oldest just finished Mario Odyssey on easy mode, and my goal this year is to overcome the fear that she has of playing games like Zelda where there's more fighting involved. I played Puyo Puyo Tetris with her the other day and she smoked me, multiple times (which says more about my tetris skills than anything, but I was still surprised).

I'm also going to try to cut down on my backlog, partly by playing them (revolutionary concept, I know) but also by culling stuff that I would probably run through just because, and not because I'd really enjoy it (similar to what you said, mattyesemo257). JRPGs are becoming like that for me, where I lose interest partway through and then just never come back because I lose track of the controls and stories. But I don't have the time to trudge through 100s of hours of grinding. Heck, if I were smarter, I'd just buy NBA 2K and nothing else until Golden Week or Black Friday, since I can easily spend all my gaming time on it.

Lastly, I think I'm going to cut down on impulse buys of physical media. Early on, I think it made sense to stick to physical... now if not for GCU and sales, I just don't see the point. Granted, it's not a lot of space they take up but it still takes up physical space; for most systems, you still need to take the same amount of HDD space for either version; most games are either reliant on online play or on online patches, so that disk is literally useless once they stop supporting it and you want to install on a new system anyway. So many times, I haven't even gotten deep into a game I bought on physical before the game and season pass are deeply discounted on PSN. I'll still support titles I just really really like, or companies that put some thought into their packaging (or nintendo le's), but especially for kids games I'm way too lazy to swap out a disk or cartridge.

The Questyen 01-05-18 01:42 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
My backlog is fairly small (sitting at 22 games) and most are shorter titles. I'm making a concerted effort to play through them so I should have them knocked out by the end of the year.

starseed1981 01-05-18 03:21 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
One, stop collecting games. There really isn't a point to it, especially when I never ever play anything twice. Even retro games. They just sit in piles in one of my bedrooms when I could've put that money into mutual funds or something more beneficial in the long run. Same thing with collecting current generation titles. I'm never going to play something twice and they are so massed produced that it will take decades for them to even be worth collecting. So no more collecting, period.

Two, continue to play less titles. I did pretty good at this last year. I skipped alot of the franchises that would've been auto-buys for me in the past and also made sure to fully finish what I liked. Also, I've been in completion whore mode for about a decade now. I'm guilty of blazing through titles just to see the credits roll so that I could move onto the next thing. I need to stop that.

Three, embrace PC gaming more. I've shy'd away from it in the past due to the learning curve and lack of things to physically collect. Plus, I have a weak Alienware Steam Machine with an i3. But I'm finding more and more that new & unique experiences are either better of start there.

Finally, abandon ship more often. As with other posters I've hate-played alot of games just to see the credits roll. I'm done with that.

Mike86 01-05-18 03:34 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
Not really a resolution but I think like others I have the issue of picking up new games before Iíve completed my backlog. Need to work through more of what I have before adding more to the pile. I donít really buy a ton of games though and really since Iíve bought my Switch thatís all Iím buying for basically (I downloaded Cuphead on Xbox One but thatís it) and Iíve been playing a lot of it. My biggest problem is I donít play all the time so I tend to take a while to finish games.

Noonan 01-05-18 03:39 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
Mine is to finally start and put a good amount of time into D:OS2. Bought it a while back and haven't started, even though I know I will wildly enjoy it.

davidh777 01-05-18 03:45 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
Darn it, I thought this thread was about how we could game the system on our New Year's resolutions. :sad:

The Questyen 01-05-18 04:25 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
I stopped game collecting a few years ago so that helps. I only own like 10 physical games and 3 or 4 of those I'll trade in as soon as I'm done with them.

fumanstan 01-05-18 05:31 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
No real resolutions here, just try and work on the backlog rather then buying new. Same as any day/month/year for me as a gamer :p

shizawn 01-05-18 06:45 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
My main goal this year is to reduce my unearned achievement list by half. This'll require me to go back and play a bunch of games I had previously abandoned.

After that I'd like to reduce my backlog.

Michael Corvin 01-05-18 09:03 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
I'm so glad I gave up the achievement obsession this gen. Of course switching consoles made it easier. I'll go for the doable ones to spend more time in a game I'm enjoying, but no more wasting time hunting down shit just for a digital carrot.

As for resolutions, just getting through the backlog. I didn't game much last yaer so I didn't get anywhere with the backlog. Fortunately I didn't pick up a ton of games in that time either.

Deftones 01-06-18 04:21 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
Try to play more than the 4 games i did last year. :lol:

mhg83 01-07-18 11:06 PM

Re: Gaming New Year's Resolutions
To finally start and finish Witcher 3 .

Read less about games and actually play them .

And maybe finish Skyrim :lol:

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