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Old 11-09-17, 10:45 AM   #1
Red Hood
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EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

If you play EA's sports games often, you know the drill: every summer there's a fresh round of titles that carry new modes, gameplay tweaks and (of course) roster updates. They're often minor and not always worth buying, but what choice do you have if you want to stay current? There might be a more practical option soon. In an interview with Bloomberg, EA chief Andrew Wilson floated the possibility that his company might drop annual sports game releases in favor of updates or subscriptions. The publisher could treat the games as a "365-day, live service," he said. Instead of buying FIFA or Madden every year, you might pay a regular fee or download content to keep it relevant.

Wilson argued that the shift toward internet content made this possible. When sales are moving from plastic discs to online stores, why not treat games more like services? There would be challenges if EA embraced the internet fully by offering streaming games instead of downloads (what does the game look like when it's not on a home machine?), but it's notable that this is even a realistic option.

The executive didn't suggest pricing, let alone offer a timetable. However, it's easy to see why EA would have this not-so-yearly strategy on the table. As many companies have learned, subscriptions are a way to keep money rolling in on a regular basis, rather than hoping users might buy new software. And it's theoretically more convenient for both developers and players alike. EA doesn't have to ship as many physical copies, and you might not have to wait for an entirely new game just to try a mode that could have easily been included in a patch or a lower-priced add-on.

Although in theory this may be a great idea, I can't see EA losing all the profits form the yearly sales of FIFA and Madden. This means that they are up to something, like charging a subscription base of $10 a month for updates, both in roster and gameplay.
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Old 11-09-17, 10:46 AM   #2
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

Yeah, I don't see EA giving up that $60 entrance fee on an annual basis.
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Old 11-09-17, 01:46 PM   #3
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

Not happening.
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Old 11-09-17, 01:50 PM   #4
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

Yeah no way that happens.

EA still sells millions of copies of Madden every year and FIFA is a really popular title for international gamers.

They'd absolutely rather sell discs or complete digital downloads with minimal updates for that season than some cheap $10-15 subscription updates.
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Old 11-09-17, 02:01 PM   #5
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

I think Red Hood is correct in what they want to do. Charge 9.99 a month and eliminate wasteful costs. That's $120 a year, or the full profit of two physical games without losing a dime to the stores/packaging.
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Old 11-09-17, 02:23 PM   #6
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

I can see it happening. I can also see people holding on to Madden 17 & 18 (or even NCAA Football 14) for dear life too. I mean, i used to play football titles, but if I saw a subscription model, I would have ran for the hills.

Heck..I'm more likely to break out an old football game anyway. It's the gameplay and players I remember, I can't even name five players on my favorite team the Eagles anymore. And I should because they are arguably the best team in football right now.
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Old 11-12-17, 02:34 PM   #7
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

Their main business probably comes from FUT, and whatever name they use for Madden, and online play.

So just like MMOs, or even games like Destiny, they can have a really healthy business focusing on that.

Yeah, $60/year is great money, but producing that game is really expensive too.
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Old 11-12-17, 03:13 PM   #8
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

$10 a month seems way too expensive, but some sort of flat fee where a roster update is available for the previous years' game would be nice. Or some sort of connection to EA Access where it's given to subscribers.
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Old 11-14-17, 12:09 PM   #9
Red Hood
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

Judging by the Star Wars Battlefront II thread, there's no way EA does a yearly plan that doesn't fuck the gamers. I wouldn't be surprised that they sell an update for $10 to unlock the "roster*" and the * is for stating that you have to pay $50 to unlock Tom Brady and another $50 to unlock Aaron Rodgers and so on.
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Old 11-14-17, 01:15 PM   #10
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Re: EA may no longer release 'Madden' or 'FIFA' every year

I can see it need to finish first in your conference for 4 seasons of Franchise mode before you can unlock the Playoffs....or, get it now for only $39.99!!!
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