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View Poll Results: Halo or Destiny 2 (comparison of Bungie games)?
Halo 0 0%
Destiny 2 2 66.67%
What are you high? 1 33.33%
Voters: 3. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-19-17, 08:03 PM   #1
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Halo or Destiny 2 (comparison of Bungie games)?

since my self-imposed ban in the other thread, i decided to get creative...

but, as i'm playing the early going on in Destiny 2 it's giving me this itch that i had when i played the original Halo for the first time (as is well documented here). now, i'm only level 3 after a couple hours of play (how you guys are beyond 200 already is crazy to me. this seems like the level progression in Borderlands. steady, but slow. i dunno). anyway, Destiny 2 is really hard, really fun and i know i'm no where near done or have taken advantage of what i can yet, but i still think Halo's simplicity and FPS goodness was first rate. incredible for me playing after what 10 or so years after it came out.

and i guess in terms of online and what you can do i'm sure it doesn't compare to Halo's now online community, in terms of what you can do in D2 and stuff.

so i guess this poll mostly for single player comparison...

we'll see after i finish Destiny 2 in a year or two, but still the one and only Halo for me, for now ...
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Old 09-19-17, 10:15 PM   #2
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Re: Halo or Destiny 2 (comparison of Bungie games)?

I was never as big on Halo as most people.

Multiplayer was great, but SP was always bland.

That's why Destiny to me has much more to offer.

That being said, Destiny's single player is still really multiplayer in disguise.

I'd love to see them do a Halo game with the Destiny format.

And for the record, D2 looks graphically so much like the Halo games.
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Old 09-20-17, 08:33 AM   #3
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Re: Halo or Destiny 2 (comparison of Bungie games)?

To this day the first Halo games on the original XBox were were some of my favorites. Halo itself played a major role on console sales much as did Gears of War which those two were the bookends of the 360 system. But the first Halo: Combat Evolved was unique and different with a solid story and gameplay that really captured everyone.

Destiny is an extension so to speak with it's own story(s) and world that span far more but has a bit of Halo similarities with gameplay, some story parts, campaign, etc...But Halo had and still has one key part that still stands today...Master Chief and that his story alone was worth it.
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Old 09-20-17, 01:00 PM   #4
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Re: Halo or Destiny 2 (comparison of Bungie games)?

I think the gunplay mechanics of Destiny blows Halo's away. It's the only reason I can tolerate the same strikes and scenarios over and over again. I come for it's loot and world design, but I stay and come back for it's solid gameplay mechanic.
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