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Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

At the beginning, they called it Dylan. In late 2012 and 2013, while finishing up the Mass Effect trilogy, BioWare director Casey Hudson and a small team of longtime Mass Effect developers started work on a project that they hoped would be the Bob Dylan of video games, meaning something that would be referenced by video game fans for years to come.
Well they at least succeeded with this regard, that's for sure.

Hearing about what a nightmare Frostbite is, I'm very curious to see if Respawn can make it work with their SW title, assuming EA has mandated it's use once again. It sounds like it's been a major issue on all non-FPS games so far. For all the shit EA gets, I personally think this is the single biggest blunder.

Very good read. I'm sure the Anthem subreddit is on fire right now, and I can't wait to go check it out.
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

That was a great read, along with most of his work. It goes to show that even with ample development time and a studio like Bioware, if the foundation isn't laid out early and people aren't clear on the vision for the game, the end product might be very disappointing.
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

I returned my copy last week unopened to Best Buy. I was looking forward to this game but no point in buying an online game that is essentially DOA. I can wait until it hits the EA Access Vault in another 7-8 months.
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

Great read...which left me having mixed feelings throughout. After reading it, I'm frankly almost stunned Anthem actually plays as good as in it's current state. From what I got out of the story....

Basically there was a "Revolving Door" all levels from top down with people leaving and coming. First Casey Hudson left and was the Creative Director for Anthem, who as some said, was The Captain Jean-Luc Picard of The Enterprise Team of Mass Effect....was replaced by John Warner, a new hire from Disney. Veteran Dragon Age writer David Gaider moved to Anthem and his ideas clashed with the original vision of the game. He then left Bioware in early 2016 and a whole new set of writers and new ideas came too. A number of veteran Bioware Devs began leaving in 2018 and the untimely death of Corey Gaspur, one of the lead designers left a huge hole

Frostbite....apparently THE DIRTY WORD at Bioware that caused countless pain, grief and lost sleep with unimaginable stress. A lot of the ideas and vision they had could not be done with Frostbite...or just take way too long and be way to complex to do and try.

No Vision Till Last Minute.....from all accounts of those who spoke, the Leadership really didn't take a hold and make choices along brushing off any concerns. As they say in the be weeks or months till a decision was made. As another put it, it felt like the entire game was actually made the last 6-9 months when Casey Hudson came back and basically said finish what you started...and cut what you can't.

Butting Heads & Family Feud.....with several Teams working at different location, it appears there wasn't this..."Can we all get along and work together" mentality......

EA and other games.....I saw several times in the article where EA just had to meddle and pull people like to finish and help on FIFA

Despite all the troubles and all...I still think Anthem can come back and make it but it might be like with The Division....everything done right and better with The Division 2. Anthem still has a solid map, enviroment, can expand it's territory and even to other continents. The four Javelins..are still fun in themselves to play especially with Matchmaking all over which is a huge plus. But we now know what happened to a lot of the stuff we saw early on and now not in the game. Where will Anthem actually be in 3,6 12 months...we don't know and not sure if Bioware knows...but I hope they continue to work on it....
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

i swear since i uninstalled this game, my XBOX hasn't turned on by itself since. i think it was this curse...
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

Interesting article that not just follows up on the Jason Schreier's Kotaku article...which by the way apparently he has a good book out about the behind the scenes Game Development....Blood, Sweat and Pixels.....but this one mentions that this is not just Anthem and Bioware by any means. Not as long but the Anthem article might have started to peel back the curtain on what goes on with game development....
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

Damn, down to $20 on New Egg with code EMCTYUB67

Anyone still playing this? I finally picked up my library copy but haven't installed it yet. I was able to renew it for a month, so at least I have plenty of time.
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

Even $20 is too much unless you REALLY enjoy the flying mechanics and don't mind pointless grinding added in to inflate the length of a game.
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

Originally Posted by mattysemo247 View Post
Anyone still playing this?
It's been a few weeks, but I might come back to it for a bit. The more time I'm away from the game, the less interested I am, but the new stronghold this month may be an excuse to fire it up again. Flying around is fun. It's still a good time if you have a friend or two to play with. There just isn't much to do once you finish the campaign besides redo things you've already done or cycle through copy/paste contracts, and the rewards you get along the way aren't all that astonishing.

Bioware is trying to fill some Anthem-specific positions, including one focusing on loot. That's heartening to see, although it does suggest that any systemic improvements are a looooong way off.
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Re: Anthem (BioWare) PS4, XB1, PC - 2/22/19

I have a couple still in it...I haven't played in a week with us trying to get up in the Tier Ranking in Division 2 with Tidal Basin released and all the side stuff opened up...and really liking Path of Exile. I think there was a new patch/update recently that was suppose to help in areas. The action and game is still fun everytime I jump in; just don't have time enough for all the games until the weekend.
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