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Tarantino 11-15-13 07:43 AM

Fallout 4
Check out http://thesurvivor2299.com

In the source code, there are images that link to Bethesda's official site, a radio station from Fallout, and the IP address is from Bethesda. The morse code says '11.12.13'. Could they be announcing a new Fallout game on December 11th?

Raul3 11-15-13 09:05 AM

re: Fallout 4
It seems.

Some of the commented code also points to that:


< img src="http://prepareforthefuture.com/static/00_posters/04_poster_pinch.png">       
< img src="http://prepareforthefuture.com/static/00_posters/04_poster_apo.png">                       
< img src="http://prepareforthefuture.com/static/00_posters/04_poster_battlesh_cov.png">                       
<img src="http://prepareforthefuture.com/static/00_posters/04_poster_river.png">       
< img src="http://prepareforthefuture.com/static/00_posters/04_poster_bst01.png">                       
< img src="http://prepareforthefuture.com/static/00_posters/04_poster_bst02.png">       
< img src="http://prepareforthefuture.com/static/00_posters/04_poster_bk_wads_atheneum.png">

In other words, I'm saving apart 300 hours for 2014 right now.

uteotw 11-15-13 09:21 AM

re: Fallout 4
Wow. What a cool way to do it. Next Gen Fallout? Bring it on....

Dan 11-15-13 09:23 AM

re: Fallout 4
Oh man, this would be awesome. The last two were among my favorites of the 360/PS3 generation, and I typically hate RPGs.

MasterofDVD 11-15-13 09:53 AM

I really disliked New Vegas but I'm still excited about a new one being teased.

Dan 11-15-13 10:13 AM

re: Fallout 4
So the morse code MP3 is here: http://thesurvivor2299.com/radio/bri...4ec0d1b93c.mp3
And the source code of the website has another link to this file: http://thesurvivor2299.com/radio/fal...191da7f11n.mp3 (but it doesn't exist yet.)


Osiris3657 11-15-13 11:32 AM

re: Fallout 4
I'm assuming this would come out next Fall. Perfect time to pick up a next gen system.

fumanstan 11-15-13 12:44 PM

re: Fallout 4
Nice, I liked Fallout 3 (despite the ending) and New Vegas was ok. Curious where this will take place.

superdeluxe 11-15-13 12:58 PM

re: Fallout 4
I'm excited. Now if Bethesda will just let Obsidian do FO: New Vegas 2 we would be set.

nickdawgy 11-15-13 01:16 PM

re: Fallout 4
Next gen Fallout :drool:

mndtrp 11-15-13 02:18 PM

re: Fallout 4
Good. Fallout games have been awesome.

MoviePage 11-15-13 02:58 PM

re: Fallout 4
Even though it's been expected for a while, the official announcement would make my year.

nickdawgy 11-15-13 05:00 PM

re: Fallout 4
I agree.

mhg83 11-15-13 06:12 PM

re: Fallout 4
So Bethesda's schedule is Fallout 4, followed by Elder Scrolls VI. I would love if they fit in a different IP after F4 to mix things up.

daniel18 11-16-13 03:54 AM

re: Fallout 4
My favorite series from last generation. If I don't have a PS4 or X1 by the time a new Fallout game comes out, I sure as hell know where my money will be going.

daniel18 11-16-13 03:59 AM

re: Fallout 4

Originally Posted by fumanstan (Post 11910402)
Nice, I liked Fallout 3 (despite the ending) and New Vegas was ok. Curious where this will take place.

The Commonwealth, I hope.

Maxflier 11-16-13 10:00 AM

re: Fallout 4
Why would that be December 11th and not November 12th?

DaveyJoe 11-16-13 10:29 AM

re: Fallout 4

Originally Posted by Maxflier (Post 11911451)
Why would that be December 11th and not November 12th?

Because Bethesda, MD is in Europe.

Music 11-16-13 10:41 AM

re: Fallout 4

Originally Posted by DaveyJoe (Post 11911472)
Because Bethesda, MD is in Europe.

Bethesda, Maryland is in Europe? :sarcasm:

MoviePage 11-16-13 12:17 PM

re: Fallout 4

Originally Posted by daniel18 (Post 11911346)
The Commonwealth, I hope.

Bethesda was known to be doing location research around MIT well over a year ago.

So yeah. It's the Commonwealth.

DaveyJoe 11-16-13 04:13 PM

re: Fallout 4

Originally Posted by Music (Post 11911484)
Bethesda, Maryland is in Europe? :sarcasm:

<--Notice my location.

Drexl 11-22-13 08:47 PM

re: Fallout 4
So, for someone not up on the "canon," why will this be Fallout 4 while New Vegas didn't get a number? Was NV a side story or something?

Raul3 11-22-13 10:20 PM

re: Fallout 4
Just because Bethesda decided that way. They actually didn't code NV, so maybe that's the main reason. Also, the team that did NV basically use the same code used for FO3, with some improvements of course.

Also, it seems the page is "fake". Meaning it's not from Bethesda. According to some blogs that did the research.

Dan 11-22-13 11:21 PM

re: Fallout 4
I call bullshit on them calling bullshit.

Anyway, site has been updated. Now says:

Also, the Morse code has changed.

Have fun with that!

Raul3 11-23-13 12:22 AM

re: Fallout 4
Yeah, when I read the initial posts about the site being fake, one of the things they mentioned was that the Google analytics account was from someone else. Now the website is using Bethesda Google account so...

BTW, Gameinformer was also one of the more "serious" sites to report that the site was fake.


Fake or not Holiday 2014 or earlier 2015 is time for a new Bethesda game, and since the last one was Skyrim...

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