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TAC 07-01-13 11:16 PM

PS3 NCAA 14 facebook private run dynasty looking for a few more MATURE player$
Will be a $20 entry fee that covers the first 2 seasons ($10 a season) If we have 12 players. The National Champ will get $100 and the runner up gets $20. This has yet to be finalized. We are still discussing it on the private facebook page. Most of you will need to re up sometime during the 2nd season because we plan on Multiple seasons again this year.

I've been in a dynasty with most of the guys in the dynasty for years. Looking for adults/young adults who work jobs, or students but can still be active enough to at least get 3 games a week in at minimum. Probably move faster than that but user vs user weeks will slow us down slightly. We talk a little Sh*t but we have a good time doing it. Probably won't start until August but you need to get in now and follow the board and get to know everyone and vote on everything. We are all skilled, sim style players. Not looking for Cheesers please! You will be wasting your time and money if you're a cheeser.

Teams taken are Bama, Texas, Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, UGA, USC. After game is released we will vote on all settings and rules. If you are a sim style player then rules shouldn't be a problem and if you can't take a loss then don't bother. PM me for details.


TAC 08-10-13 07:07 AM

Re: PS3 NCAA 14 facebook private run dynasty looking for a few more MATURE player$
We are in week 12 of season 1. We started with 9 players and are currently down to 7. One guy just plain quit. Saying cpu was too tough lol. He didn't even ask for his money back. Oh well. One long time player in my dynasty's is currently addicted to Fifa and has stepped away for the remaining of season 1. I expect he will return as he is also paid up for season 2. Anyway, I don't know if its ok to post a link to another forum or not. Don't use dvdtalk as much as I use to. I just signed up for one of the fantasy leagues though so I plan to visit more often. Anyway ive posted a link to my post trying to recruit more players for season 2. If interested just get up with me. Im really only looking for adults over the age of 20 at least. Thanks


forgot to add its a sim style dynasty to best of your ability. We use stock playbooks only. You can chose any teams playbook you wish. This has eliminated any connecting problems in the dynasty so far.

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