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Old 01-31-10, 04:30 PM   #1
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Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade (with Pacman:CE) $10

I didn't see a thread about this game...

I saw the disc at TrU today for $9.99...are you freakin' kiddin' me!!! It has 34 games, including:

PacMan: CE
Galaga Legions
Dig Dug
Ms. Pac Man
Pole Position I & II
PacMan Arrangement
DigDug Arrangement
Super Pacman
Mr. Driller
Rally X (bunch)

What's really cool about this (for me at least)...just last week I went to play Pacman:CE and didn't have it. When I went to DL it, it said I had to buy it (I'm not sure why because I have ach points on it).

Anyhow, what a freakin' deal for $10!! Pacman:CE or Galaga Legions alone costs $10.

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Old 01-31-10, 04:52 PM   #2
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Re: Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade (with Pacman:CE) $10

I grabbed it when Gamestop was selling it cheap last summer. Great disc and worth much more than $10.
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Old 01-31-10, 05:20 PM   #3
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Re: Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade (with Pacman:CE) $10

TRU's had it for $10 for a while. Bought it there last June, I think it was, even though I had a few of the XBLA games already. Great value--the XBLA games alone would be something like $65 in space bucks if you were to buy them all separately. 1800 available achievement points, too.

My only complaint was that everything has to be played off the disc, but that's minor, considering what a good value it is. Still, it'd be cool if these XBLA compilations included a code which would allow the games to be downloaded, like how the Rock Band track packs are handled.
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