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vhgong 06-20-08 09:07 AM

PS3 Freezing Problems
Sigh!!! Anybody here experience freezing problems with the PS3? Picture just freeze and i can only hear ambient sounds. Can't reboot using the controller or anything. Sometimes the sound just stutters.
I've had problems since Devil May Cry 4 and currently its occuring with Grid and MGS4. I've got the 60G version. Just got a new Sony 40inch TV but i doubt its the TV. Even disable the networking on the damn thing but it still happens.
Called up customer service and since i am out of the warranty period, i am being charge $150 for it. I am getting tired of this crap from Sony. This is my 2nd one i've sent for service(First one was firmware install error).
Anybody else has the same problem with a freezing PS3??

Chew 06-20-08 09:16 AM

My PS3 has only froze once, during Lego Indiana Jones. Lost a half-hour of play because of it. :mad:

But, I just turned it off and rebooted. Hasn't happened since.

vhgong 06-20-08 09:21 AM

Originally Posted by Chew
My PS3 has only froze once, during Lego Indiana Jones. Lost a half-hour of play because of it. :mad:

But, I just turned it off and rebooted. Hasn't happened since.

Yeah.....unfortunately for me, i turn it off but problem still persists.
I am beginning to doubt the stability of the PS3. Sigh!!!!!

RichC2 06-20-08 09:22 AM

Try wetting it before you pop it in the freezer.

Stupid comment aside, I haven't had this issue, but it sounds almost like a Hard Drive caching issue. Try removing some installations from your HDD or replacing it altogether, and reinstall a game or two. Devil May Cry eats up a ton of space, and if you have a faulty HDD at all, you may be in the "bad sectors", or maybe not, I dunno.

vhgong 06-20-08 09:34 AM

For a while there, i thought you were serious. :o
But thanks for the suggestion!!

Racer94 06-20-08 10:18 AM

I have the same ps3 and was having a problem with this. It happened a few times with different games. I bought the cooling fan that has temp. sensing and uses 120volts not power to ps3. I have not had this problem since and have played games for hours. I bought it at gamestop. I hope this helps.

rdemond 06-20-08 09:39 PM

I've had my ps3 freeze twice and both times was when I had it running for 5-6 hours in a poorly ventelated area. Never a problem in my usual playing spot.

Sex Fiend 06-21-08 02:09 AM

I've had a few freeze-ups playing Assassin's Creed, but I have the 80GB. I've also had a couple freezes playing some PS2 games on it, but I sort of expect that with BC issues and all.

Have you tried newer firmware? Supposedly the most recent update corrected some stability issues.

vhgong 06-21-08 02:05 PM

Well, i gave up. I just going to bite the bullet and send it in to Sony. If it freezes again, i am going to bug Sony again!!! Life goes on!!! :shrug:

Ocelot 06-23-08 11:05 AM

if i were you, format the hdd and give it another try (backup first of course).

If that doesn't work, get another 2.5" hdd and try it... $150 is still a lot of money. However, i do believe the 60gb original PS3 are the best models out there.

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