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K&AJones 06-11-08 08:00 PM

Bad Company Demo?
I just DL it today but haven't tried it yet. Anyone play it, good, bad what?

Kenny J - B4EvrYng

kegman 06-11-08 08:14 PM

I didn't play through the whole demo but it seemed ok. Just another first person shooter.

Giantrobo 06-11-08 08:27 PM

Yeah that's the feeling I had as I played it and as I deleted the demo. Same ole same ole.

Kicker_of_Elves 06-12-08 12:13 AM

Flying the helicopter sucks ass. I crashed twice trying to figure out how to fly that thing.

RocShemp 06-15-08 09:06 PM

Really? That's too bad. I was actually looking foward to this one. :(

Decker 06-15-08 09:49 PM

When was the last good shooter from EA? Black?

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