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Old 03-06-08, 09:41 PM   #76
boston george
DVD Talk Special Edition
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Location: Indianapolis
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No particular order....

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (DC, Arcade, PS2)- Love this game to this day. I still play regularly at an Arcade locally, I'm not too bad if i do say so myself haha

Final Fantasy VI- My first RPG, I was 12 or so when it came out, I was just utterly entranced, I couldn't put it down.

Chrono Trigger- Still great.

Dragon Quest VIII- Put well over 100 hours into this.

Lots more but I have trouble picking favorites. One of my favorite genres is SHMUPS but can't pick just one to say is my favorite. I still haven't played Ikaruga but right now Castle Shikigami 2 (PS2) is my favorite, along with all the R-Types, Darius, Metal Black etc. etc.

I also LOVE most 2-D games but especially FIGHTERS. I am currently playing and trying to get at least competitive at Melty Blood and Hokuto no Ken (both PS2)
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Old 03-07-08, 01:09 AM   #77
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1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
2. Final Fantasy VII (PSX)
3. Perfect Dark (N64)
4. Goldeneye 007 (N64)
5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
6. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2)
7. Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
8. Harvest Moon 64
9. Rainbow Six Vegas (XBOX 360)
10. Rock Band (XBOX 360)
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Old 03-07-08, 10:31 AM   #78
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Location: Bay Area, CA
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Goldeneye 007 (N64) - No FPS has captured me like this one had. I played specific levels over and over again, trying to get my time down for those ridiculous unlockables. I remember making gameshark codes for this game that were really awesome (like...enemies stay dead on the ground after you kill them).

WCW/nWo Revenge (N64) - This was the first N64 game that I bought with my own money from actual work. I spent a long, long time with this one and had some classic matches on the hard difficulty.

Rainbow 6: Vegas (360) - Myself and the guys at work would play into the long hours of the night trying to complete the terrorist hunts. Then another friend came over and we completed each one with just the two of us, then each one with just the two of us and pistols ONLY.

Baseball Stars (NES) - My favorite NES game of all time. As a huge baseball fan, I could create my own team, draft players, ect. Oh, and I could scale the wall and nab homers!

Maniac Mansion (NES) - Spent a whole summer figuring this one out and going through the mansion with each kid. Such a great game with some odd twists, turns, and characters.

NHL '95 (Genesis) - The game that actually got me into hockey. I had never really seen hockey, and my uncle sent me this game for christmas. I ended up playing with friends for HOURS.

GTA: Vice City (PS2) - I remember not being able to sleep the night before this one came out. I went out at 10 and bought it and played the entire day. Motorcycles? Awesome.

World Series Baseball (Genesis) - I spent whole summers playing this game and compiling my stats. I thought the graphics were awesome, and loved being able to play as the new Rockies and Marlins.

Call of Duty 4 (360) - Great online multiplayer. I haven't even played the one player game yet, which people love.

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (PS2) - The possibility for over 500 wrestlers, more moves than any wrestling game has ever had, and the deepest create a wrestler on earth. Plus, you've got no rope, barbwire exploding board death matches. Doesn't get much better than that!

Honorable Mention: VPW2 (N64), The Madden Series, GTA3

= J
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Old 03-07-08, 10:54 AM   #79
Randy Miller III
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In no particular order, because I love them all:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) - Along with Super Metroid (which almost made the cut), this one had terrific atmosphere, a solid story and plenty of secrets to uncover.

Final Fantasy II (SNES) - Truly a step up from excellent NES RPGs like FFI and Dragon Warrior, fun all the way through. Corny dialogue, "Easy type", bad translation or not, I've got a soft spot for this one. FFIII came awful close, but I hated how everyone could use magic by the end.

Mario Kart (SNES) - Doesn't hold a candle to Double Dash now, but I played the hell out of this one back then. Battle mode was truly epic.

Actraiser (SNES) - Terrific concept, truly the best of both worlds. Bought this the day the SNES came out (at the tender age of 13, and with my own money!), and it was worth every penny.

Shenmue II (Dreamcast) - Amazing cinematic experience and subtitled Japanese silly English dub on this one, like the X-box port. Tons of stuff to dig through, and most of the kinks from the first Shenmue were ironed out neatly. Pity part III will probable never see the light of day.

Super Mario 64 (N64) - Damn, did this hit the spot when it was released. Probably the first three-dimensional adventure game that got it exactly right. I managed to find all the stars, but not without cheating a little.

Chrono Trigger (SNES) - Tons of endings, fun characters and terrific music. In other words, another SNES game from Squaresoft.

WWF No Mercy (N64) - Sure, VPW2 and Fire Pro were more varied, but I bought this one first. Played it for hours on end and had some truly classic vs. matches. I can use tables and chairs? Sweet!

Castlevania III (NES) - Fun, great atmosphere and just plain hard...but in a good way. Simon's Quest was up there as well, but something about part III just kicks ASS.

Crystalis (NES) - Set the bar high for action/adventure games on the NES. Really ahead of its time and tough to beat.

NOTE: These choices are limited to one installment per franchise, otherwise Final Fantasy, Mario and Zelda would be all over the place.

Runners-up: Xenogears (Playstation), Super Metroid (SNES), Dragon Warrior II (NES), Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64), Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis), Super Monkey Ball 2 (Gamecube) and probably a million more I can't think of right now.
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Old 03-07-08, 11:06 AM   #80
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 716
in no order:

1. donkey kong country series - these games bring back so many good memories, and are some of the few i beat 100% without guides or anything. level desgins were awsome and so was the music

2. diddy kong racing - my first nintendo 64 game, played it at toysrus at a demo station and instantly fell in love with it.

3. conkers bad fur day - i use to hate this game because i was stuck at one point until a friend of mine showed me how to pass where i was. after that the rest was history. ive beat this game atleast 8 times

4. kingdom hearts series - other than pokemon this was the first rpg i played through all the way. i loved the story and idea of meshing disney with real life characters.

5. jet set radio future - my first real hyped xbox game, when i got this game it blew my mind. i had a dreamcast but never knew that the original was on it. the colors and style really made this game, aswell as the gameplay

6. banjo kazooie/tooie - great fun with these two, i put alot of hours into them

7. mario world/yoshis island/mario 64 - still play them 2day, i never get sick of them

8. halo (just part one) - when i first got xbox about 3 weeks after launch i wasnt sure what game to get with it. some clerk reccomended halo saying he read it was suppose to be pretty good. he was right.

9. crash bandicoot 1-3 - so much fun collecting all the gems and crystals, boss battles were fun aswell

10. goldeneye - one of my first shooters (doom and duke nukem being the first) the amount of gameplay i got out of this game is rediculous

Honerable mentions:
jak series, ratchet and clank series, beyond good and evil, battletoads,
prince of persia: sands of time, DK64
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Old 03-07-08, 11:17 AM   #81
DVD Talk Hero
Join Date: May 2001
Posts: 36,080
In no particular order:

Flashback: The Quest for Identity (Genesis/Sega CD)
Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within (PC)
Goldeneye (N64)
Crystalis (NES)
King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (PC)
Super Mario Bros III (Best in the franchise, imo) (NES)
Lunar: Silver Star Story (my intro to RPGs on the Sega CD)
Final Fantasy VII (sucker for the game. PSX)
Quake II (Hasn't held up, but was by and large my most played game next to...) (PC)
Unreal Tournament (PC)
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Old 03-09-08, 09:39 AM   #82
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 558
In no particular order. These games all share one amazing quality: I replayed them multiple times.

Darklands (PC)
An absolute superb DOS RPG. A huge environment, detailed world, and an exciting and detailed world made this one a winner.

Total Annihilation (PC)
An RTS so good that it holds up even today.

Homeworld (PC)
Fully realized 3D space combat.

Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
I hate boss fights. This game, consisting only of boss fights, is so atmospheric and epic in scope that even _I_ love it.

Far Cry (PC)
Open ended gameplay with, at the time, gorgeous graphics. The first game in a long LONG time that I replayed multiple times.

Dead Rising (XBOX360)
Again, open ended gameplay in the greatest genre ever: zombie invasion.

Baldurs Gate 2 (PC)
Two statements: Twisted Rune and my solo LE monk quivering plamed the silver dragon.

Fallout (PC)
Twisted humor in the SECOND greatest genre ever: post-apoc.

Jagged Alliance (PC)
Ivan and Ice for the win! I know that XCOM gets most of the admiration, but Jagged Alliance had the soul that XCOM lacked.

Civ, Ghostmaster and HOMM3 deserve to be on this list also, but I don't know who to kick out. Many many great games don't make the cut because of replay (Fandango.)
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Old 03-09-08, 12:01 PM   #83
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In absolutely no order other than what comes into my head first:

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns
Mass Effect
Fallout (1 & 2)
Civilization 3
Knights Of The Old Republic (1 & 2)
The Sims 2
Diablo (1 & 2)
Jedi Knight

I'm assuming Galactic Civilizations 2 would be on that list, but I haven't had the time to dive into a PC game.
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Old 03-09-08, 12:22 PM   #84
DVD Talk Limited Edition
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No particular order:

Tomb Raider
- Wow, a real adventure game AND a hot chick...sign me up!!

Halo: CE - My first real multiplayer game. We use to system link so 16 of us could play, good times.

Intelligent Qube - The only game I play on my PS3

NFL 2K - Wow, you can see their breath when they play in the cold

NFL 2K5 - Best. Football. Period.

Oblivion - More hours spent than any other game, and I just started a new guy last we go again.

Age of Empires 1-3 - The only game I play on the PC

Super Mario 3 - The only Mario game I ever liked

Halo 2 & 3 - Fuck the campaign, can't stop playing online

Project Gotham(1)/Gran Turismo(1)/Burnout(3 & Revenge) - Best driving games ever.
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Old 03-09-08, 05:28 PM   #85
DVD Talk Special Edition
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 1,237
10. Resident Evil 2 - i remember being blown away by the graphics when i first saw mynieghbor play this game *at the time i all i had was a genesis with the original sonic* then realized this was a horror game that acually had creepy moments. *also see those effin dogs in re1 opened up my love of horror into videogames.

9. Duckhunt - first videogame i remember playing while knowing what i was doing. simple yet addictive as hell. one of the few games i ever recall my family playing.

8. Street Fighter alpha 3 - im a big fan of fighting games and well had to bring my list of favorites down to one representative. prolly my most played fighter next to guilty gear series.

7. Silent Hill - while Resident Evil brought me into the survival horror world...the Silent Hill series made me its red headed step child. creepy as hell, awesome story, amazing art style....cant even pick a favorite between 1-3...the room however sucked.

6. Socom - first online game i ever played and damn near played it daily for over a year straight and made some awesome friends thru which one let me crash at his house with my friend when we were driving thru chicago and our car broke down. still my favorite online shooter as im not big on fps and waiting for a ps3 reincarnation.

5. Jet Grind Radio - was the game that sold me on a dreamcat at the time and well the sequal sold me my xbox. fun and addictive gameplay, awesome art design, badass music...loved the damn game.

4. Animal Crossing - i should of prolly been the last person o ever have a desire to play this game, but it sucked me in like a kid in the candy store. i played this game more then i care to admit. i stopped playing when my brother in law called me one night and asked if i wanted to go out for a beer and i told him ill pass and his reply was "your playing that fucking berry picking game arent you"..then it hit me...i turned the game off went for a beer and never touched it again..well till it came out on DS

3. Wii - Im not picking any one games, but the simplistic mini games from this console have actually gave my family something to do together other then argue. simple games anyone can pick up and play and short to hold anyones attention. a couple weekends witht he wii and most of my family actually got together and went out for the night to go bowling.

2. God of War - I got out of gaming for awhile but i remember getting sick and going to rent some movies and my friend reccomended i try out the game so i did i sat straight thru and played it in one sitting was damn addictive and got me back into gaming.

1. Goldeneye - I HATED this game and have no clue why eveyone loved it so much but this tops my list bc this is the game i ALWAYS played in school bc we would all hang out after classes and play this game every winter for god knows how many years.
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