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kegman 12-09-07 12:12 PM

360 headset question?
When I play Halo 3 with a guest online. The headset he uses does not work the sound just comes through the TV. But mine works fine. Is it possible for the guest to use a headset. Or do you have to have an Xbox Live account.

tonyc3742 12-09-07 12:25 PM

Are you both playing on the same machine? I believe if you're going to play online over Live, he has to have a Gold account. Also, someone in Audio or Headset settings is an option to hear voice through the Speakers, through the Headset, or both. Default option might be Speakers, whereas your profile is set to Headset.

kegman 12-09-07 12:31 PM

Yeah we are playing on the same machine. I could not find any settings for the Guest account to change the voice option to headset only. I thought he might need to have an account to be able to talk online.

metalhead212 12-10-07 07:09 AM

No "guest" can use the headphones online or talk through the mic. They have to have their own gold account. If your friend has a gold gamer tag he can import it onto your box and then you guys can log on together and play and he will have full access to the mic and all the other options.

kegman 12-10-07 03:29 PM

Thanks for the Info

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