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Old 11-27-07, 07:40 AM   #1
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Join Date: Aug 2004
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Is Jack-Jack finally going down?

Jack is in trouble!

Sounds pretty serious if he is willing to take a suspension. I think he knows he can't win. I for one would be very happy to hear that he has been removed from his position in the legal world. The guy is a total crack-pot.
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Old 11-27-07, 09:54 AM   #2
Michael Corvin
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I don't mind Jack anymore. I think everyone knows he's a nutjob at this point. If you take him out of the picture then someone more intelligent with actual pull will step forward to fill his shoes.

Personally, I'd rather have the nutjob front and center rather than someone who knows what they are doing.

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Old 11-27-07, 03:32 PM   #3
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 383
I just find it funny how this guy is the voice of the Anti-Video game movement preaching things about family values and credibility, and now he is having his "credibility" ripped away from him due to his poor judgment.

If someone can come around with a rock solid argument as to why video games are wrong that isn't based on how games make serial killers or how games make kids homo-sexuals then I think it would be time for a major change.

Anyway, I am not sure if these people know this or not, but the more fuss they make about video games and how "evil" and wrong they are the more people are going to buy them. Ask the recording industry. When Tipper Gore went on her rampage about the parental advisory sticker being mandatory for questionable content on albums how much money was made off the stink she was making? The more fuss and the more people tell you it is wrong, the more the public wants it.
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Old 11-27-07, 11:15 PM   #4
DVD Talk Limited Edition
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I want Jack back in action! What Michael Corvin said is 100% true.

I'd rather some nutball doing absurd shit and undermining himself than someone who acts sane and could change opinion to his/her side.
Cop: Of course. The head of security at Greendale Community College has kidnapped the real dean and replaced him with a "deanel-ganger.”
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Old 11-28-07, 12:01 PM   #5
DVD Talk God
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I haven't followed this at all. What has he supposedly done that would warrant being disbarred? I only ask because it seems darn near impossible for lawyers to get dibarred.
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Old 11-28-07, 12:09 PM   #6
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I just wiki'ed Jack to see what they had to say about him, and it reminded me, that he's the same guy that was trying to get the 2 Live Crew album banned in Florida way back when. Also, this:
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