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What's the most addicting game you've ever played?

Old 06-01-07, 09:58 PM
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Crackdown for me.
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Old 06-01-07, 10:01 PM
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Counter-Strike for me. Started in September of 1999, founded a clan in February of 2001 and played competitively with them until about a year ago. If my computer hadn't died I'd probably still be playing with them. The one I'm using now can't run it and I haven't felt a strong enough desire to replace it yet.
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Old 06-01-07, 10:43 PM
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I said WoW earlier, but I forgot about Animal Crossing.

That was a different kind of addiction. AC made me feel like I *had* to play each day. It wasn't bad in that respect, it just made it easier to finally quit playing. It kinda felt like work.

I didn't play AC a fraction of the time I've played WoW, but it was very addicting.
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Old 06-01-07, 11:24 PM
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Civilization III
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Old 06-01-07, 11:42 PM
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Another vote for Counter-Strike.
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Old 06-02-07, 12:53 AM
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My very first addiction was: Pokemon Blue version
Then came: Counter-strike
And now: Guitar Hero.
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Old 06-02-07, 01:17 AM
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I'll go system by system...

Atari - defender, asteroids.
NES - Blades of motherfucking Steel! Super Mario 3, Tetris. Special mention to Super DodgeBall and Golgo 13...
Genesis - NHL '93 (which I would have played til my eyes bled, if my parents would have let me)
SNES - Final Fantasy III (which I beat 6 times in one summer...and I even went through without waiting for Shadow! HA-HA!), Mario Kart, Uniracers, Killer Instinct, SF II Turbo, MK II
Saturn - Panzer II Zwei, Virtua Fighter II, Vampire Hunter, Vampire Savior, SF Alpha 2, and last, but not least, Baku Baku
PSX - Devil Dice, Soul Blade, Twisted Metal 2, N2O, Tekken 3< Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Dreamcast - Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur, and...Soul Calibur. Did I mention Soul Calibur? I can and will fuck up anyone on the DC @ SC. Anyone.
Xbox - Soul Calibur II, Panzer Orta, GTA, NHL 2k4, Halo 2, and Fifa 04
PS2 - Bombastic (Devil Dice revisited!)
360 - Worms (I can't get enough), there's a few others, but to get addicted anymore, I simply have too much stuff to play through...hell, I still haven't ever beaten FFVII
Wii - Wii sports, specifically the Bowling Power throws and Tennis.
PC - Worms 2, Quake, Warcraft 2, and Diablo. I blew half my study time in college on those games...
Arcade - Killer Instinct. I spent HOURS upon hours on that. I was the kid that could beat it on .50cents, with random characters, and kick basically anyone's ass that showed up to play. Even when Tekken came out and Soul Edge...I still went straight to that KI machine. I still must play it every time I see one. One day, I will own one...

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Old 06-02-07, 01:40 AM
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Most addicting for me has been GTA: Vice City. All told I probably put around 80 hours into it. It's rare for me to play a game that much, but the whole 80's theme and gameplay dragged me in.
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Old 06-02-07, 02:26 AM
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Super Mario Bros. I would play for hours a day, trying to see how many times I could beat the game in one sitting... then to see how far I could go without dying.

When Super Mario All-Stars came out on the SNES with updated graphics, I was really in trouble.
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Wii Sports Tennis and Bowling.
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Age of Empires (PC)
Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1)
Pokemon Blue and Red (Gameboy)
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Super Puzzle Fighter
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Easily the MMO's win this hands down. The hours that went into these most of you can't even begin to phathom. Grand Marshal in wow was much harder than swg and the jedi grind. In wow MANY others would have multiple people play their guys to gain rank, forcing the rest of us honest players to have to play 16 hours a day or so to maintain our rank. Looking back , doing it was insane lol. So 16 hour days for say 3 months for wow which you couldn't stop because rank is based on everyone elses performance that week, so with it not being a set number or goal forced you to play insane hours. SWG was a cakewalk, you could not play for a week if you wanted no harm done, in Wow if you tried that you would've lost entire levels of rank.

SWG- 1st on server to max Jedi , Rays Hope
Wow- Retired Grand Marshal , Rays
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Old 06-02-07, 02:04 PM
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Advance Wars

Surprised noone has mentioned it yet. I have about 200 hours logged on for AWS. Sure I play other things but every once in awhile I'll come back to it and play again for hours at a time.

Other then that:
Animal Crossing GC and DS. I really like the connectivity of the DS but prefer the holidays of the GC version. If they put both in on the Wii version I'm sunk.
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Old 06-02-07, 02:37 PM
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Easily DAOC. Although my addiction wasn't as crazy as some, the game definitely took over my life for the time that I played it. I would spend entire weekends in the game, and skip classes to play. But it only lasted for three months.

I was also addicted to Warcraft III multiplayer for a while, but I don't think I was as addicted as DAOC. The leveling treadmill is an addicting thing.
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Masters of Orion II -- I still play the game on a regular basis.
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Right now - Catan.
Previously - Lumines
Previouser - Tetris/Dr. Mario
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Originally Posted by dtcarson
Heroes of Might and Magic III.
Here's another vote for the HOMM series. I haven't played much of 4, or started 5, but 1-3 have accounted for at least a year of my life.

Originally Posted by james2025a
Then for my Atari St i was addicted to Dungeon Master and Oids.
Those two games were amazing. Their other ST game, Sundog, was great as well.
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Originally Posted by Trevor
Here's another vote for the HOMM series. I haven't played much of 4, or started 5, but 1-3 have accounted for at least a year of my life.
You aren't missing much. Most HoMM fans say 2 and 3 were the pinnacle. 4 was very very different and most people didn't like the radical change. 5 is ok, but not nearly as good as 2 and 3. After all the negative feedback from 4, 5 went back to the classic gameplay, which was good, but at the same time 5 brought about another problem. Unfortunately, 5 tries to go to the "look at my amazing graphics at the sacrifice of gameplay" route. 5 has literally half the spells, factions, and map sizes of 3. The computer AI turns take forever in 5, and the game is sluggish even on high end PCs.

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Robotron. Hands glued to the joysticks, eyes red and bone-dry. One game leads to another, and I can't even see straight when I tear myself away eventually.
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Black tar heroin.

Oh... Game... OK.

Black tar heroin.

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Rainbow 6: Vegas multiplayer
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Old 06-03-07, 11:19 AM
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World of warcraft...

3 hours can go by without you having ANY idea
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Originally Posted by markwe
World of warcraft...

3 hours can go by without you having ANY idea
Only 3 hours?
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Yeah, HoMM IV and V either screwed with the system too much, or required such relatively massive specs they weren't very fun. With III, between the various campaigns and the random map generator, virtually infinite gameplay for single or multiplayer.
Oh, wasted most of my freshman year on Vincent's Hollow, an LP(I think) mud out of Iowa State Univ, more than once we'd log on at 6 pm when it opened and stay there till class the next day. Sad.
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