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Chris_D 12-21-06 06:28 PM

Sega brings Virtua Fighter 5 to 360
Still a few months behind the PS3, but may be good for 360 owning VF fans who don't want to buy a PS3 right now.


Originally Posted by GameSpot
So when Sega announced that it was bringing Virtua Fighter 5 to the PlayStation 3, many had assumed it would stay there. That changed today. Sega announced that it would be bringing the latest installment in its premiere fighting franchise to the Xbox 360 in late summer of next year. The PS3 edition of the game will still beat its new counterpart to retailers, as it is scheduled for a February 20 release in North America, and will be a launch release in Europe when Sony's system debuts there next March.

Anubis2005X 12-21-06 06:59 PM

Wow, does Sony have ANY exclusives left? (Besides Final Fantasy?)

jessecrx 12-21-06 07:30 PM

Great News!!!

Arpeggi 12-21-06 08:30 PM

Fuck yeah, the only reason I thought about getting a PS3!

Brent L 12-21-06 08:55 PM

I'm a Playstation fan, have been since the original, but for some reason even I just can't help but to laugh about all of this. Maybe it has something to do with me not wanting to spend $600 on yet another system.

gerrythedon 12-21-06 11:19 PM

Xbox 360 Gets Virtua Fighter 5

SEGA stunner goes multiplatform in 2007.

In a move bound to get certain fists pumping in the hardcore gaming fraternity, SEGA today announced that its much hyped PlayStation 3 exclusive Virtua Fighter 5 officially will come to Xbox 360 in late summer 2007.

The last game in the Virtua Fighter series was a PS2 exclusive, which sold exceptionally well on Sony's system. Virtua Figher 5 had been hyped for some time as a killer PS3 exclusive for fighting fans, but -- following in the footsteps of Assassin's Creed and GTA IV -- will also go multi-platform.

The PS3 version still retains some level of exclusivity, with a US release on February 20 and with the console's launch in Europe. The Xbox 360 version will ship in late summer 2007, according to SEGA.

Virtua Fighter 5 offers worldwide fighting stages in which as many as 17 contestants vie, including two new characters, El Blaze, a wrestler somewhat like Wolf, and Eileen, who employs a Chinese Monkey Kung-Fu fighting style. SEGA also has implemented a new "offensive move" enabling players to take down opponents from different angles; these moves are believed to set VF5 apart from past VF games. Like in Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, players can customize their characters. They can pick from four base costumes in the beginning, and then choose from a wide spectrum of unlockable accessories items as they progress. By winning more tournaments, players not only earn costumes and accessories, they receieve prizes and in-game money for browsing in the in-game shop.

"SEGA delivers the most technical fighting game experience on Xbox 360 with this installment of the award-winning Virtua Fighter series," said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president marketing, SEGA of America. "Virtua Fighter 5 takes full advantage of Xbox 360's hardware with action-packed gameplay, customizable characters, stunning graphics and highly detailed 3D fighting environments."

"The Virtua Fighter series from SEGA has one of the most prestigious histories in video games," said Jeff Bell, corporate VP of marketing at Xbox. "It's a franchise that has grown an army of loyal fans both in arcades and on consoles worldwide, and is consistently rated extremely high by the media. Fighting game fans have been hungry for Virtua Fighter 5 and we can now proudly deliver this game with Sega to Xbox 360 gamers around the world."

We'll have more on Virtua Fighter 5 in the near future.


Chris_D 12-22-06 08:39 AM

To be honest, I don't think the graphics of VF5 arcade (running on lindbergh board?) are that great anyway, so neither the ps3 or 360 should have an issue with it, 1080p or otherwise. Same for Virtua Tennis, maybe that will be the next announcement? VT3 with live support (no plans for ps3 online support as fast as I know) might actually make it a worthy competitor to Top Spin, although I still think the later has better play mechanics.

boredsilly 12-23-06 05:37 PM

Man, I hope this trend of exclusives continues to die. The only reason I own a PS2, Cube, and X-Box was because each had exclusives I really wanted to play (that and the X-box controller loves me). If the titles are pretty much the same across the board, barring a few titles, I can certainly do without.

discostu1337 12-24-06 12:41 AM

Woot, as soon as MGS4 is officially confirmed (shouldnt be too long), Sony is doomed...I'm so glad I got my 360 after being an avid PS2 fan for years!

Wazootyman 12-24-06 01:45 AM

Well... they still have Devil May Cry. Aside from that though...

PopcornTreeCt 12-24-06 03:01 PM

They still have Tekken which a lot of people love and Gran Turismo.

Chris_D 12-24-06 06:04 PM

Final Fantasy 13 of course. And the sony 1st party stuff.

KnightLerxst 12-24-06 09:30 PM

Fuck yeah.

That settles it. I am buying a 360. I have been thinking about it for awhile since I have a ton of CC points to redeem for gift cards. I bought a PS2 because of VF4 and I was thinking of picking up one down the road to play VF5. Not anymore.

penguin42 12-24-06 09:32 PM

360 wins!

V-ism 12-27-06 06:03 PM

Great news. There are fewer and fewer reasons to want a PS3 now. If it keeps going at this rate, and the Xbox 360 customer base continues to grow. Third party developers will have no choice but port their former exclusives over. I hope MGS4 goes over to 360. That and Final Fantasy are the only big ones on the Ps3 i want to play. However, FF12 and X-2 turned me off FF a bit, so I can probably live without 13. There are enough alternatives to give up Gran Turismo. I will probably miss God of War though.

Jtnguyen12 12-27-06 07:17 PM

I'll pickup Newest version XBOX 360 next spring & i'll get PS3 in 2009 :)

Josh H 12-27-06 07:31 PM

And another bites the dust....

gerrythedon 01-05-07 10:43 PM


zero 01-06-07 03:43 PM

This is awesome news, now if they could just bring After Burner Climax to console I'll be one happy zero!

Fok 01-07-07 01:51 AM

Up until now I've been a playstation only console person.....might change gears now as it's way too expensive and the other systems do have some decent games.

I guess PS will always have tekken though

SteelgearX 01-07-07 09:12 AM

Originally Posted by Fok
I guess PS will always have tekken though

"Always" is a strong word.

gerrythedon 06-21-07 10:37 PM

Virtua Fighter 5 Eyes-On

It exists and it is beautiful.

June 21, 2007 - Since the release of Virtua Fighter 5 on PS3 last year, 360 owners have been anxiously awaiting their turn with AM2's stellar title. That day is coming soon, as SEGA is set to release VF5 in late summer on Xbox 360. It's been a long wait, but from our first eyes-on with VF5, it's going to be worth it for fans of fighters.

While Virtua Fighter 5 is a port of the PS3 version, refinements have been made to pretty things up. The aliasing issues, which were quite noticeable in the PS3 version, are gone from the 360 build. There's no shimmer, no ugly jagged lines -- Virtua Fighter 5 on 360 is beautiful. There are a lot of nice, subtle effects that add a nice touch to the environments, such as early-morning fog rolling across the arena. The backdrops are clean and colorful and the game runs smooth as a thoroughbred.

SEGA wasn't ready to talk about any major additions/improvements to the 360 version outside of the visuals. What we can tell you is that VF5 on 360 supports analogue control (since the 360 D-Pad is sketchy). If you want an arcade stick, you're in luck. HORI is making a new Xbox 360 arcade stick to coincide with the release of Virtua Fighter 5. From the look of the prototype, the stick is small enough to easily fit on your lap and is fairly bare bones. But it appears that it works very well, which is really all we could ask.

The only feature changes SEGA would discuss is a slight refinement to the Dojo mode. You can now choose to start with either an open or closed stance. Not revolutionary, we know, but perhaps just a small taste of the bigger changes to come.

Our time with VF5 was incredibly short. But from what we saw, it's prettier than the PlayStation 3 version. It's still unknown if VF5 will support online play (crossing fingers) or if the 360 version will sport any of the updates made to the arcade version. Fighting games on 360 are scarce, but gamers can rest assured there is one quality brawler coming to Xbox this year.


Decadance 06-21-07 11:14 PM

Allow me to say, "yay."

RichC2 06-21-07 11:38 PM

I'll allow it, but don't let it happen again.

Chris_D 06-22-07 08:40 AM

I wonder how it will do? VF hasn't been a big seller lately I don't think, but the 360 isn't exactly loaded up with a ton of fighting games. DOA4, SFIITurbo, ... ?

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