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gameover2k2 12-22-05 09:26 AM

Is mario dance dance remix out of print?
Rumor has it that Mario dance dance remix with pad is out of print. Is that true? it's going up on ebay like crazy.. i still have one copy unopen and probably won't play it.. and really tempting to sell or trade it for something else i may used.... is this just a brief Chritmas rush or permanent? anyone know?

PixyJunket 12-22-05 09:27 AM

Just Christmas rush.. Nintendo has said more are on the way.

rfduncan 12-22-05 09:28 AM

Originally Posted by gameover2k2
it's going up on ebay like crazy

I sold mine when I heard there were production problems with the pad. If I were you, I'd sell it before Christmas. The demand for them will seriously drop after that (especially since people are starting to see them restocked in stores).

More detailed info in a thread where I asked the same thing:


gimmepilotwings 12-23-05 10:19 AM

There were some at TRU yesterday when I went to take advantage of the $10 sale.

edstein 12-23-05 10:56 AM

Does the pad work well on carpet or does it really need a hard surface?

Puzznic 12-23-05 11:25 AM

Originally Posted by edstein
Does the pad work well on carpet or does it really need a hard surface?

It doesn't work that well on either. You have to duct tape it down onto a piece of wood so it won't slide around.

Goldberg74 06-17-06 04:55 PM

I just picked one up today at Best Buy.

Been waiting for it for awhile and just haven't seen it. Once I found it I got it. You can get the extra dance pads from the Nintendo online store for $20 a pop.

Supermallet 06-17-06 08:33 PM

It's back in stores now, but they're not manufacturing anymore. A sequel is in the works.

Goldberg74 06-17-06 08:51 PM

Couldn't find the extra mats on Nintendo's website... but there are some for sale at certain vendors like keepgaming.com (for about $26 per mat and about $7 shipping... and they have big ol' $200+ metal mats!).

The Bus 06-17-06 08:52 PM

I've seen multiple of these at stores. I'd buy one but then I remember it's one of those dance-pad games, I wipe the tears of laughter from my eye, and I continue on my way.

Supermallet 06-17-06 09:34 PM

I've seen clips of the game footage and seeing Mario and Luigi dancing is just creepy. I swear at one point they were Riverdancing.

lordwow 06-17-06 09:37 PM

I was at Best Buy today and there was an entire display of these.

darkside 06-17-06 10:59 PM

They sold the extra pads for awhile. I bought one for $20, but it has vanished from the site. This is a really fun party game and I'm glad it got a second printing.

Green Smurf 06-18-06 07:28 PM

I've played this game to the end, and the pad sucks. I was tempted to buy the metal pad, but decided that I didn't want to invest that much into this game. The pad moving around is a pain in the butt, and ended up taping it to the floor so I could finish the game. Nothing like when you are in a dance off and noticing that you aren't even in the same place on the pad anymore and end up losing.

Puzznic 06-18-06 10:14 PM

Has anyone tried using a PS2 pad with a controller converter on this? I want to do that but I vaguely remember hearing about some timing issues when people did that with the Xbox DDR games.

Lastblade 06-19-06 02:41 PM

I saw a copy of this game a week ago at an EB. Is it still rare?

darkside 06-19-06 02:46 PM

Originally Posted by Lastblade
I saw a copy of this game a week ago at an EB. Is it still rare?

No, Nintendo just put out a second printing so the game should be available.

svrasputin 06-19-06 03:49 PM

Anyone know anything about those metal DDR pads? I'm interested, but can't find any reviews of them anywhere.

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