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Only XBOX 360 "Not Getting One" Discussion

Old 11-19-05, 01:04 PM
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Only XBOX 360 "Not Getting One" Discussion

I'm somewhat surprised that this hasn't been started already but I'll be the "let Mikey" do it person to start it. But before I do let me be clear about this. This is by no means to bash the 360 or those who are getting it. In fact up to two months ago I myself was sold on it. But that was then and I found myself asking more questions and digging for more info The more I asked and and looked the more doubts I had.

There is no denying the fact the 360 is impressive but to what extent. For some it's a must have, some like me a "wait-and-see" and even others a "not- at-all". For those that's "Not" getting one right away they can state their case and reason without the "bash & smash" of course. For those that are getting the 360 best of luck and more power to you. I hope the 360 is a total success.For some of us we'll be on board but not at this time. So why not now you ask? Here's why.......

(1) $$$$$$ - don't have the $$$ then you're out of luck. For system, games and accessories you'll need the dough.

(2) Games- first releases will be there but few choices at first. Plus first gen games tend to only scratch the surface what the system is really capable of doing.

(3) HDTV- don't have one? bad because that's where the 360 really shines. Oh well nee more $$$$ to fully appreciate it.

(4) It's a 1st Gen system that's totallly new - what have you learned from past first releases, hmmmmmm? Problems, glitches, hardware, software and new technology down the road that's what.

(5) What's the heck wrong with what you have now? It's paid for and there's plenty of great games still out there. Plus some of the prices should start coming down making those $50 games even better looking. The Xbox isn't quite dead yet. There's still plenty of life in it till the 360 is firmly set in place.

Kenny J. - Buzz
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Old 11-19-05, 01:15 PM
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I never buy any next-gen console at launch. I always wait at least a year before buying for several reasons. One is that I don't want to buy a brand new system and have it die off quickly ala the Dreamcast. Two is that it takes about a year before the really good games start coming out. Launch games are usually rushed quickly in order to make it out for launch. Three is that there is almost always a $100 price drop within the first year of release. Four is that I am still happy with the current-gen and don't see any real reason to upgrade yet.
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Old 11-19-05, 01:27 PM
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I just bought a PS2 and a N64, I have plenty of games to play until a price drop...or three
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Old 11-19-05, 01:37 PM
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1. I have the $, that isn't why I'm waiting.

2. Not blown away so far with what I've heard about the 360 games (I know they will get better). I'm hoping for more out of next-gen games than simply better graphics. Hopefully these will come out soon. Still, it does look they they have a pretty good launch lineup.

3. HDtv - Don't have one, but I can do EDtv resolutions on my projector. Again, not a big deal, as I'm not going to be buying a system until they offer more next-gen gameplay, and not just improved graphics.

4. Yeah, MS does release some buggy stuff, so I'm willing to wait until they maybe iron some things out.

5. This is probably my main reason for waiting. I still have dozens of current gen games that I haven't even opened yet, on all 3 current systems, and some on the GBA. I'll most likely play these for the next year or so, and see what the 360 has to offer then. And by then, there will be a even more current gen games I want to play that will have dropped in price by then.

Basically, there are just too many good, cheap games right now for the current gen systems that I haven't played, for me to worry about buying a whole new system, and paying $60 each for games that, as of right now, don't seem to offer anything more than better graphics.

*All this could change, however, if some major killer game gets released, I play it at a friends house, and just have to have it. Someday I will own one, that is almost certain, but I don't see a need to rush. Guess I'm getting old.
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Old 11-19-05, 01:45 PM
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Or, you know, to spawn some discussion.

I'm not getting one, at least at launch, for many of the same reasons.
* Never bought a console at launch, except the 32x....let's not try that again.
* Wait for a price drop, if not on the console, at least on some used games.
* First rev hardware is sometimes buggy, I'll let some other folks break in the HW.
* Poor timing--nice timing to give someone one, but it's a rather expensive Christmas present, and I can't justify 500 bucks on myself right now, although I could dig it up.
* Still have lots of PS2 games I'm working on, including a few that haven't even come out yet.
* I haven't seen any 'must have' titles, for me, on 360 yet.

I do have an HDTV, and will enjoy HD gaming, when I get an HD console.

None of those factors should be taken as anti-360 anti-fanboyism, they're just my reasons why I'm waiting.
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Old 11-19-05, 02:10 PM
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I don't have an HDTV yet. also, I want to see if there are any reports of glitches with the first wave. I'll more than likely pick one up sometime next year.
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Old 11-19-05, 02:34 PM
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Not sure if this is the right thread lol, but I am still on the fence.

Like most of you I don't need it. Hell I have an Xbox with one game lol. I tend to rent more than I buy but even that isn't that much. I can justify the cost because it will be free for me since I have giftcards. But I dont have a HDTV. I was looking forward to DOA4 but since it is still coming out soon it may be worth picking up. None of the other games really do that much for me, but then again they rarely do. I guess I just think it is a challenge to find one and wouldn't mind having something new to play around with....damn still on the fence.
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Old 11-19-05, 02:41 PM
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No interest in it at all.

Firstly, it's too expensive. I've never paid more than $200 for a console, and never will. Gaming just isn't worth more than that to me as I'm pretty casual anymore.

There's not a single game in the launch window I remotely want to play. Much like the X-box which I have and has largely gathered dust, the library just doesn't fit my tastes as it's short on platformers, japanese rpgs, good puzzle games and quirky innovative games.

Plus, I just don't have much interest in a next gen console right now. I'm not gaming much at the moment anyway, and I've been spending most of my time on the DS while my X-box, PS2 and GC gather dust.

I may well end up not getting any of the three next gen systems for a few years, but the Revolution will be tough to pass up if it's $200 and the classic game downloads are cheap.

I have no HDTV, and won't have one for years as I don't want to buy a big tv until I'm done with my PH D and settled in a tenure track position both for financial reasons and the fact that they're a pain to move. And I have no interest in buying a small HDTV. So that's one less selling point for the 360 and PS3 to woe me with.
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Old 11-19-05, 03:02 PM
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I can't aford it. I will be happy with my Xbox for a while utill I come into a large amount of unexpected money, or the price comes down.
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For me, it comes down to the games. If they had "must have" games i.e Mario 64, I would probably buy it on launch. With no must have games, I'll just wait when PS 3 comes out to get a 360 because there will be a price drop, plus Halo 3 will be out by then. I might buy the PS 3 on launch if MGS is a launch title, my friend said it's not. So we'll see.
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Old 11-19-05, 03:07 PM
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I have the money for it. But years ago I bought the Virtual Boy at launch...and I promised myself I'd never make that mistake again.
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Old 11-19-05, 03:26 PM
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I wanted to get it at launch, but becuase of funds, I'll end up getting it sometime next year. This year, my xmas money is going to Nintendo. Looks like I'll be picking up a couple more games, and a red Nintendo DS.
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Old 11-19-05, 03:35 PM
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I'm afraid of defects myself. I heard all the horror stories with the PS2 and with all the hardware in the 360 there's bound to be something wrong with it.
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Old 11-19-05, 03:46 PM
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I just got back into gaming and have absolutely no urge to buy any of the new systems with the exception of the Nintendo Revolution due to it's "prob. going to be $200" price range.

These systems are just getting too out of hand with their cost. It really is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I understand why but it still doesn't work for me. It's bad enough you always have to buy a remote control hook-up separately (never initialy cheap either), an extra controller right from the get go, and other accessories that may become a necessity down the road.

I'm still big into my pc gaming even when it means my computer is outdated and the games don't run quite as well as they should.

I took a look at the cost of some of these new Xbox games and they are up to $60.00 - It's almost like there is no sense in even buying the games anymore. Then we have the HD issue as mentioned above......I don't even think I need to elaborate further on it.

It sucks that nowadays most people have to wait a few years to buy a new system because of the price drop - there is something seriously wrong here, well, IMO anyway.
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1. I'm dead broke because of college.
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I will be waiting until after Christmas to buy one. When I get my tax refund check, I will most likely buy one. I'm glad I don't have the money right now. I would be dumb enought to be camping out at some store Monday night hoping and praying I could get my hands on it.
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Originally Posted by Rival11
I just got back into gaming and have absolutely no urge to buy any of the new systems with the exception of the Nintendo Revolution due to it's "prob. going to be $200" price range.
I will be buying a Revolution at the $200 price range also. I'm buying big time into the "download our catalog" hype. But if they want $20 to download Super Mario Bros, I could change my mind.

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There's absolutely zilch on the XBOX 360 that interests me. The closest would be Oblivion, but I can play that on my 3.0GHZ PC. But considering that I have zero interest in FPS, sports or racing games, the lineup is effectively dead for me.
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I'm going to try my best to pick one up at launch because it is new and shiny. Frankly the only game that interests me is PGR3. Also, at this point I'll be using it mostly for its media capabilities (I plan to use it for a Media Center extender) than for playing games.

I can't really fault anyone for waiting until more compelling content is out there.
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We could prob swing the $$ if we wanted it, but to be honest, we only bought a regular Xbox earlier this year. Quite frankly, we probably could have done without it. I do have an HDTV, but there's really nothing impressing me much yet. I also have a PSP that I should have waited on, there's finally some good looking stuff starting to come out, so I'll hang to that.

As for the 32X and Dreamcast, we got both of those pretty close to launch, and while the 32X was pretty fun right off the bat (Doom and Star Wars Arcade were great), the Dreamcast is still a pretty viable system in our house. All the hours my wife spent on PSO notwithstanding, it's still got a pretty good game base to it. I don't see Typing of the Dead on any other system.

You can see the link in my sig for our game collection, you can pretty much tell what systems we do lean towards. The Revolution is pretty much a launch day buy, and the PS3 may be a strong contender if they keep the backwards compatibility.
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For me it's a combination of the higher price (the core system is a joke) than the original XBox debuted at, no clear standout exclusive game (Halo was the game that made me get my XBox, Perfect Dark Zero may be good but I don't know if it's in the same league as Halo was for me), the crazy demand (Don't want to have to bust my ass for the privelege of spending 400 bones) and the fact that my brother is most likely getting one on Tuesday. I've got the HDTV and I sold my orignal XBox already so I'm going to wait until there's a must have game for me, good availablity, and maybe just maybe a price drop (though I don't think I'll be able to wait quite that long). Plus, I'm sure my brother will want to bring it over here to see how it looks in High Def and to play online (I have a spare wireless bridge to use).
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My main reason is that I felt kind of like an idiot after buying an XBox bundle system four years ago to ensure I'd have one at launch, only to see a couple sitting in my local Walmart about two or three weeks later. To top it off, I had a console with one of those faulty drives that led to ever-increasing "Dirty Disc Errors - please restart" as the months went by. Also, I seem to remember that the price had dropped $100 by May after a November release. In the end, I ended up trading in the old console towards the price of the nice $149 bundle deal they had last Christmas. Four years ago, I was going from a PS1 to an XBox, so the leap forward was pretty big and led me to pay the big bucks for the new console bundle. While the 360 looks impressive, it just doesn't look like a big enough leap to justify that much cash and worry about all the bug possibilities that could come from something that might have been on the fasttrack all along in a misguided attempt to beat the PS3 to market. I'm perfectly happy with my current gen and the stack of barely-played games I still have to get through. I look forward to what it can do, and I'll probably be first in line at the price drop, but that's it.
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I'm mainly a PC gamer, so playing RPG or FPS games on a console always seems like a step down for me. And in general, I don't buy hardware until there's a killer app. For PS2, that was GTA3. For XBox, that was XBMC. So basically, I'm happy to wait at this point and wait for price drops and watch to see if any really good games come out.
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I traded in a bunch of games and DVD I didn't want any more and accumulated about $450 in store credit that I was going to use to get to get an XBOX 360 but....I used to get Seasons 3-7 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Fire Emblem (GC), and a Metroid Prime Pinball, Castlevania, Lunar, and Mario Kart for the DS. Other than Lunar (ugh...what a nightmare), I think I probably had more fun with my money that way.
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I'm not getting one because:

-Nothing at launch screams "pay $400 to play me!", even though PGR3 looks good.
-I still have WAY too many current gen games to play. IMO, this gen came a year too soon.

I'll get one next year after Top Spin 2 and Elder Scrolls IV release.
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