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Professor Frink 09-07-05 02:48 PM

Should I bother with GTA III ?
I'm in the middle of Vice City right now (good game :up: ) and I'll tackle San Andreas after that. I never played GTA III, so would it be a letdown to play that after the other two?

gimmepilotwings 09-07-05 03:05 PM


If you want to experience GTA: III, dont play San Andreas until you have played III first.

nodoubt 09-07-05 03:42 PM

there are some minor things in SA that u won't get unless u played GTA 3

Joe Molotov 09-07-05 04:15 PM

Vice City and San Andreas are like the same but better.

DRG 09-07-05 11:13 PM

GTA3 seemed massive and full of features when it first came out, but after Vice City and especially San Andreas, it will feel TINY. Seriously, Los Santos is probably bigger than all of Liberty City combined.

I will say, I think GTA3 had the coolest import/export garage setup of the three. It also had the best rampages.

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