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Gizmo 05-17-05 09:33 PM

What Next-Gen systems will you be getting?
Which one/s? Now that the specs and pictures (atleast in prototype forms) have been shown, which will you be getting....?

Josh H 05-17-05 09:43 PM

I can't vote yet as I'm not buying any at launch and will hold off a bit to see which one has the most games that appeal to me and the most innovation (sick of the same old same old) as I'll probably only buy one console next gen (have all three this time) as I just don't game that much anymore.

But I will rank them on what I currently know about each.

1. Revolution
2. PS3
3. X-box 360

Before the past couple days PS3 was tops on my list as I enjoyed the PS2 most this go around. But being able to download all the Nintendo NES, SNES and N64 games put the Revolution on top. Plus I have a feeling it will have the most innovation with the rumored gyroscopic control etc.

PS3 should have the best 3rd party games, so it still has a chance to be the one I get if Nintendo doesn't come through. And if I get more into gaming, it has a chance of getting picked up after a couple price drops as a second console.

The 360 has fell to a far distant third. I was excited about the rumored increase japanese suppport, but have seen nothing of that yet other than the couple RPGs annouced by the former FF guy. Limited backwards compatibility really knocked it way back for me as well.

milo bloom 05-17-05 09:45 PM

What Josh said /\

The limited back comp of the x360 really soured me on the deal too.

Nazgul 05-17-05 09:46 PM

I'll third what Josh said.

edytwinky 05-17-05 09:49 PM

I'm sort of different on this one. I'd go
1.) Revolution
2.) XBox 360
3.) PS3

The Playstation 2 and I just never clicked so buying a PS3 probably won't even happen until late in the systems existence. I can see myself buying a Revolution at launch.

The X-Box 360 I'll probably wait until after the first price drop cause one, I don't want to pay $60 for a new game and the limited backwards compatibility is a turn-off but I'd still like to own a 360. With games still coming out for the original X-Box, I really don't have a need for a new system until next year.

Get Me Coffee 05-17-05 09:54 PM

None right now...I'll piss my money away on other things. Maybe in the future... Revolution after Nintendo price cuts the shit out of it and when X360 is X199 ;)

wlj 05-17-05 10:00 PM

360.....i love my current Xbox so there is no reason why i shouldn't love it's successor.


cowboy 05-17-05 10:32 PM

xbox 360 for me. I only play online multiplayer games, so I'm doing it for the xbox live.

darkside 05-17-05 11:16 PM

Originally Posted by Josh Hinkle
1. Revolution
2. PS3
3. X-box 360

Same here. I may not get both the Revolution and the PS3 at launch, but if I go two consoles again next generation its really looking like its going to be the top two with the Xbox360 some time later. I'm pretty happy with the PS2/Cube combo now so the incentive to keep it going is there.

It will come down to software though. I know Nintendo will have must buys, but Microsoft may come through with some personal must haves that move it above the PS3 on my list. Time will tell. The limited backwards compatibility and Wi-Fi being an add on with the Xbox360 is a negative though.

Outlaw 05-17-05 11:17 PM

Originally Posted by Nazgul
I'll third what Josh said.

I'll 4th what Josh said

Revolution > PS3 > everything else

sureAV421 05-17-05 11:32 PM

1st. PS3
2nd. Revolution
3rd. Xbox360 (maybe)

same as this gen. i own a PS2 and a GC.

Noonan 05-18-05 07:13 AM

I'm going to end up buying a 360 just for Oblivion. If it wasn't for that game, I probably won't get one. I will be getting a Revolution, and most likely a PS3 eventually too.

Homer Simpson 05-18-05 08:36 AM

1st - Revolution (absolutely on Launch day)
2nd - Game Boy (have to keep my complete collection going)
3rd - PS3 when Kingdom Hearts comes out or some other compelling game

Not sure about the 360 yet, I won my first XBox and never really played it. We'll see if some compelling game comes for that but nothing struck me on the original XBox.

goLUCKY 05-18-05 08:39 AM

1st X360
2nd Revolution (Depending on the price point)

That's it.

Aghama 05-18-05 08:42 AM

It depends on the exclusives. This was the first generation that I bought all the consoles, and really the only reason I bought the Xbox was for the music and video streaming capabilities. I expect Sony and Nintendo to have a bunch of great games I can't get elsewhere, but I'll probably wait on the 360 unless it has a spectacular launch.

PixyJunket 05-18-05 08:52 AM

Revolution! It's all about games baby!

I'll likely end up with all three at some point, there will be exclusive games I won't want to miss out on each, just like this generation. If I was to guess I'd say PS3 before 360 though a well timed price drop or Blue Dragon could sway that. Honestly, I could probably see myself happy with just the Revolution and PS3 and maybe borrowing an Xbox 360 whenever something interesting slips through the mountains of FPS games.

dvddude79 05-18-05 08:54 AM

Revoulution just cause of the older games i can have. then ps3 and i had an xbox but it sucked

DarthSilentBob 05-18-05 08:57 AM

I've got all three current sytems and I like the XBox the most, but the limited backwards compatibility of the 360, coupled with it's lack of a next gen optical drive and it's push to be this multimedia hub more than a games machine makes the 360 a very iffy proposition to me. Right now it's looking like the PS3 is what I'll probably end up with, unless those controllers are as uncomfortable as they look.

DJ_Longfellow 05-18-05 10:56 AM

I'm sure I'll stick with the XBOX since I've have both a PS2 and an XBOX, and I gave my PS2 away to my brother since it was a dust collector.

I'm happy with MS and the XBOX.

Spiderbite 05-18-05 11:26 AM

I can't vote yet either. I love my Xbox but can't go ahead & commit to the 360 yet. I am definitely interested in the PS3 but it looks like I will have to play the wait & see game. I refuse to support Nintendo (long-time personal ban) so it is between the PS3 & the 360. The PS3 will have to have something similar to LIVE though or I will definitely stay with MS.

I really only care to own one system due to time limitations. Backwards compatability means nothing to me because I never have a desire to play old games. I prefer to use my time playing the most up-to-date games. When I get the rare urge to play old games I unpack my Atari 7800 (which was backwards compatible...weird) or buy/rent a greatest hits/museum type title.

All that being said, I have to admit that the Nintendo announcement of being able to download any game from their past library all the way back to the NES is a masterful decision epecially for the nostalgia of the ever-growing older Generation X & Y.

sniper007 05-18-05 11:29 AM

Sorry guys. but the ps3 is going to kick ass!

Michael Corvin 05-18-05 01:01 PM

I'm surprised at the poll results. With all the posts about skipping the 360 I didn't think the poll would reflect it.

Nintendo first because of the first party games. They can't be matched. But I will more than likely succumb to peer pressure on the 360. All my friends are MS fanboys and we get on Live once a week or so to play, since with families and kids it is hard to have everyone over all the time. So the 360 got a pity vote from me, b/c I'd still like to hop online with them from time to time.

LorenzoL 05-18-05 01:03 PM

My first instinct is to go with PS3 but I'm holding off until all 3 systems are released before making a decision.

Maxflier 05-18-05 01:28 PM

PS3-Definately getting one.
XBOX 360 is a BIG maybe.

Jeremy517 05-18-05 01:33 PM

None at launch, most likely. I'll most likely end up with Revolution + one of the other two.

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