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OldBoy 01-07-05 09:56 PM

Any game stores accept Paypal as payment?
wondering...thanks in advance.

edstein 01-07-05 11:30 PM

Not sure why you would need this. Paypal comes from your checking account or credit card account anyways. Either way, I have never heard of any store, gaming or otherwise, taking paypal.

warcp 01-07-05 11:44 PM

Might be like me: I sold something on Ebay and received Paypal credit. Rather than going to the trouble of having them cut me a check or credit a card (do they charge anything to do this?), I've just been using the credit for purchases on Ebay and Paypal approved sites. Here's a bunch of affiliated stores. Try CD Universe. They have games.

Goldberg74 01-08-05 12:03 AM

Having money put back into your checking account is free... but it takes about 3-4 days.

cheapskate 01-08-05 12:26 AM

Originally Posted by scott1598
wondering...thanks in advance.

If you've been a Paypal member for at least 60 days, you can apply for a Paypal debit card. It can also be used as a Mastercard, and will earn you a small percentage on all purchases. It's free, tied to your Paypal account (so not a "credit card" - but can be used as one) and allows you to spend your Paypal balance anywhere that accepts Mastercard!

I've been using mine for all my gaming purchases, since I sell a lot of my games on eBay. It's great for me, because it's like a self-contained video game account, so I don't have to feel guilty for buying so many games... :D

Read more about it here...

You can also use it to withdraw cash from ATM's... but there is a $1 fee.

BeanDip0001 01-08-05 04:35 PM

BeanDip Says "get a paypal mastercard"

Originally Posted by scott1598
wondering...thanks in advance.

just get one of those paypal mastercard debit card things. i've got one so if i sell things on ebay or whatever i can use it just like a normal debit card. and newegg.com isn't a game store but they do have xbox games and they take paypal.

jarsim 01-08-05 09:22 PM

The answer is yes. You can shop anywhere with a PayPal account. There are several reasons. One is for those eBay sellers and others who carry a PayPal account balance and want to use it, they can. Also it's handy for those who don't want to sign up for another permanent credit card.

When you log onto your account. Look at the very bottom and click on the Shop link. On the right of the screen click on the Shop Anywhere.

After entering or selecting the website you want to shop with, PayPal will create a temporary credit card # with expiration date (mine's been Mastercard when I've used it). When the card # is charged it will take off your account balance.

jw2299 01-08-05 10:46 PM

I have the Paypal debit card. You can use your money instantly online or at B&M stores. It rocks.

BGPu 01-10-05 12:07 AM

www.play-asia.com takes paypal. They're mostly an import shop, but they do carry US versions of games.

Mezzanine 01-10-05 08:30 PM

www.videogameconnection.com and www.unitedgame.com take PayPal, although they are smaller sites/stores that don't have all the latest games.

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