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ravan 11-24-04 02:53 PM

World of Warcraft game thread - 'official' dvdtalk server inside.
DVDTalk Warcraft server hangout and player info !

Server : Cenarius (Timezone PST)
Faction : Alliance
Channel : dvdtalk

(do a /join dvdtalk when you join!)
<u>Main DVDTalk server : Cenarius / PvE / PST</u><p><table cellpadding=2 cellspacing=2 width=100%><tr><td><b>DVDTalk Name</b></td><td><b>WoW Name</b></td><td><b>Class / Race</b></td><td><b>Level</b> (outdates fast)</td></tr><tr><td>ravan</td></td><td>Ravani</td><td>Human Warlock</td><td>17</td><tr><td>JsphOfArimethia</td></td><td>Aonarach </td><td>Night Elf Warrior</td><td>13</td><tr><td>Belbox</td></td><td>Prncsbutterc</td><td>Nightelf Druid</td><td>?</td><tr><td>Noojimbo</td></td><td>Mehalegexis </td><td>Human Paladin</td><td>8</td><tr><td>Maxflier</td></td><td>Maxflier</td><td>Night Elf Rogue</td><td>6</td><tr><td>Capo2002</td></td><td>Killuminati</td><td>Nightelf Druid </td><td>6</td><tr><td>Copenhagen</td></td><td>Dagolara</td><td>Night Elf Warrior </td><td>?</td><tr><td>Tsar Chasm</td></td><td>?</td><td>?</td><td>?</td></table>
I will try and update this once in a while - post in this thread or drop me a line if you want to be on it..

Hope ya'll will join!

timewaster 11-24-04 03:43 PM

I'm on a PVP Eastern server. (Don't remember the name off the top of my head).

what issues are you referring to?
The only issue I've encountered is the wait time to get into the game and some lag.

Excelesor 11-24-04 04:15 PM

the servers are lagged as hell atm and its going to be like that for first week most likely.

finbogg 11-24-04 04:55 PM

I know that the CD Key is directly tied to the account and therefore one account per CD Key. Any idea if there's a way to transfer an account from one person to another.

I might want to be able to sell the game on ebay if it's not living up to its potential.

NaturalMystic79 11-24-04 06:11 PM

Originally posted by finbogg

I might want to be able to sell the game on ebay if it's not living up to its potential.

Same here. The game is completely unplayable atm. Very disappointing, especially since the actual game itself is excellent.

Joeboo835 11-24-04 07:42 PM

if anyone gets on the server "Hellscream", i'm on there as Lancelot.

I'm also on Laughing Skull if PvP is your thing

Groucho 11-24-04 08:07 PM

I won't be able to play until Saturday, but I'm looking forward to it!

I suggest that we dedicate a semi-regular "DVDTalk Evening" to get together on a server. We can start as level 1 characters, and level up together. Just for fun and to hang out.

As for the issues, the launch of every MMORPG is problematic. These things will sort themselves out.

belboz 11-24-04 09:11 PM

That'd be cool. I've got an undead warlock on Nerz'hul named "ylothrt", but I'd be happy to start another character. Just pick a server and a faction. Any night M-Th is fine with me.

I'm pretty confident Blizzard will get things stable pretty soon. They've been managing Battle.net forever so they're not exactly n00bs when it comes to running a big online gaming system.

ravan 11-24-04 09:53 PM

Unless someone has any issues with it, lets just pick the one I indicated. We probably all have to start over anyway ;) I am level 2 now :o

Summary suggestion :

Server name : 'Cenarius'
Timezone : PST
Faction : Alliance

Game Night : every night ;) Seriously ideas? Try for tuesdays? and weekends ;)

SeekOnce 11-24-04 10:23 PM

Aww dammit! I'm already a Level 10 rogue on Lightbringer. :(

Groucho 11-24-04 10:51 PM

The idea is that your "DVDTalk" character is seperate from your "Regular" character. That way we can group and hang together from time to time, and play our normal characters other times.

SeekOnce 11-24-04 11:00 PM

Jeezus, that's what I get for skimming through the first post. Thanks for the clarification Groucho.

We should start up a DVDTalk Guild if we get enough peeps.

Maxflier 11-24-04 11:31 PM

I have never been into Warcraft and this game was never even on my radar,but i have gotta admit,this game is really starting to intrigue me.I think i will pick it up Saturday morning(at BB so i can get those 10,000 extra reward zone points) and give it a shot.

belboz 11-24-04 11:42 PM

OK. I wanted to try Druid so I started a female NE on Cenarius. Name is "Prncsbutterc."

It turns out you can strip your character down to their undies by moving all the equipment into the pack. That and /dance makes for a surprising amount of fun when you're lagged.

JsphOfArimethia 11-25-04 02:04 AM

Sounds like a good idea to me. I've been on Cenarius since yesterday afternoon so that works for me. :D I'm level 8 NE atm, but if every one is starting out a new lvl 1 I'd be down for that too. I think maybe I'll go Dwarf if we do. The treasure hunt skill sounds tempting. :)

Just FYI, I'd stay away from Archimonde if you're not already lvl'd up there. It's the server that's getting the most grief on account of all the guilds from the beta going there. It just got slammed by them, and I don't think it's gonna get worked out till next week at the earliest. And that's my optimistic opinion. ;)

P.S. If anyone is looking for something to do during the lag times, might I suggest fishing. There was so much lag tonight I just went fishing till West Wing was on and skilled up to 115.

timewaster 11-25-04 08:29 AM

since my server "Skullcrusher" is f**cked, I'll start a new char on Cenarius. So what faction u guys choosing?
some have chosen horde and some have chosen alliance.
we should all be on the same faction if we want to group.

Joeboo835 11-25-04 10:11 AM

Let me know which faction i should be and i'll start a character on Cenarius

Groucho 11-25-04 10:32 AM

If we want to group together, it might be easier if we limited ourselves to Troll/Orc for Horde or Gnome/Dwarf for Alliance...simply because those races start in the same city, but it still allows for some variety in race and class.

Joeboo835 11-25-04 12:32 PM

ya, but which one, horde or alliance?

I was going to go mage or warlock, so either one is fine

JsphOfArimethia 11-25-04 04:11 PM

Well I vote Alliance. But I wouldn't mind be out-voted. I'll take either one. Just give me some advance notice and I can start stockpiling leatherworks or the like, which I can mail to the team. :)

belboz 11-25-04 05:11 PM

I noticed that if you take ravan off your ignore list, he's actually already made some suggestions! ;)

Alliance is fine for me since I already started an NE character and I'm playing Horde on Ner'zhul.

It's possible to travel as a low level character from one major city to another. Here's a FAQ:


So we just need to set a time, decide where to meet, and then create a registry of names.

19K 11-25-04 06:57 PM

How complicated is this game if you've never played before?

I have a friend who raved about the original Warcraft years ago, but I never played (or even seen it being played). This has really peaked my interest.

Groucho 11-25-04 07:06 PM

This game is nothing like the other Warcraft games...it is a MMORPG, whereas the older games were RTS. It is very easy to get into. You can actually "jump in and play" without reading the manual, as everything is explained as you go.

19K 11-25-04 07:16 PM

Thanks!! I'll guess I'll have to go pick up a copy.

ravan 11-26-04 03:47 AM

I'm level 10 Warlock / Human now 'ravani'. Look me up there - feel free to add me to your friends list there.

If you're new I'll be happy to help you get started too as much as I can. I'm not super hardcore or anything, but we can get the first levels fast - especially if you're human, since I know that area fairly well.

Its not a huge deal to get to the other cities once you're level 7-8 or so which is done in a solid night.

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