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Ginsu 10-26-04 05:45 PM

Outrun 2 ?
The back off the box says no 480p can anyone confirm whether it is WS and 480p or not?

isamu 11-02-04 03:08 PM

No one here is interested in this game other than you and me. You best post at Gamefaqs or IGN. :)

PixyJunket 11-02-04 03:53 PM

My girlfriend wants me to get this.. it's a lot of fun.

jediwicz 11-02-04 04:05 PM

I bought this last week and it's a good attempt. I loved the arcade machine and was waiting for the sequel. Playing through the branching arcade levels was fun but the no custom soundtracks really p's me off. As a whole, I'd say it's a rental. I haven't tried it on my HDTV or Live.

PixyJunket 11-02-04 04:08 PM

No custom soundtracks? On a racing game? Shame on you Sega. :(

bahgee 11-02-04 08:21 PM

I was bummed about the lack of custom soundtracks also, but I picked it up w/ the B2G1 TRU sale. Live racing is pretty good, plus additinal cars, music, and original outrun are unlockable - worth the $40 IMHO.

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