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isamu 10-10-04 07:01 PM

Burnout 3...one month later. Who's still playing it?
Well it's been about a month since BO3 came out. Just curious how many of you are still playing it on a daily basis, or even every other day? Has it remained in your Xbox/Ps2 since day one or has its newness worn off and now collects dust?

j123vt_99 10-10-04 07:47 PM

still playing a bit, although starting to lose interest

Static Cling 10-10-04 09:09 PM

Started it a couple weeks after it came out, and it's the game I still go to when I hit my XBox every couple of days.

young 10-10-04 09:16 PM

well, it's starting to get a little harder. i don't really enjoy the GP's b/c they're so long. also, i just picked up prince of persia and that's distracting me.

i think i'm about 90% done.

Ralph Wiggum 10-10-04 09:36 PM

I played it constantly for two weeks and finished almost everything, but was bored by the end and eBayed it.

TheMadMonk 10-10-04 09:47 PM

Still haven't opened my copy of Burnout 2. (It is on the pile with the rest of them.)

gorgo99 10-11-04 08:32 AM

I'm still on it... as is my wife. I mostly just have time to play it on weekends, so it will "last" longer for me than someone who plays daily, I guess. Last night I FINALLY won an online race for the first time(!). Yes, the World Tour is getting pretty hard, but I'm still loving it. Just created a new custom soundtrack that helps (lots of fast 80s punk and metal). My only complaint with the game is that the soundtrack it comes with SUCKS. Should have gone for more variety like the Hawk games.

Spiderbite 10-11-04 09:22 AM

I love this game but I got Fable about 2 weeks ago & can't tear myself away from it. I hope to get back to it soon but God...I am so addicted to Fable!

Liquid Death 10-11-04 10:32 AM

I think I put about 24 hours into in and got gold on most everything. I stopped around the 94% mark as the last few races seemed nigh-impossible and I was just getting frustrated. Haven't played it since. I did play Deus Ex and Star Wars: KOTOR instead.

Original Desmond 10-11-04 12:47 PM

still playing it but there's new games comin out all the time

jiggawhat 10-11-04 04:18 PM

Next month is going to be a killer on my wallet for games.

Michael Corvin 10-11-04 05:02 PM

Who's NOT playing it? I picked up Battlefront a couple weeks ago, and I'm already back to playing Burnout. Can't get enough. gotta go with gorgo99, custom soundtracks are a definite +. I have a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal that works great with this game. Gets the blood boiling. :)

Mr.Blonde510 10-11-04 09:40 PM

I still play my gamertag is Makaveli510

gorgo99 10-12-04 08:37 AM

So, since Burnout 2 is so cheap, I may get it as a follow-up... does anyone who's played 2 and 3 think I'd like 2 after 3, or would it be a big disappointment?

Spiderbite 10-12-04 10:13 AM

2 is great but it would be a big let-down to me since 3 is so good. It's worth playing if you can get it cheap but don't expect the thrills of the "Road Rage" mode.

I do actually like some things about the crash mode on 2 more than 3. They seemed a little more challenging in places & there were no multipliers (which I think makes the crash modes to easy in 3).

Michael Corvin 10-12-04 11:15 AM

what brian said. Two is a great game, but after playing three, it just wouldn't be the same. But the crash modes are better in 2, IMO. More challenging.

I bought burnout 1 cheap after renting 2. Man, games just don't work that way. :)

gorgo99 10-13-04 08:23 AM

Thanks for the input, guess I should use that playtime to enjoy some of the other games I've bought and never finished... like Panzer Dragoon Orta or Crimson Skies...

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